Do you think its a sin to play some kind of game


There’s a game called shin megami tensei
where basically the final boss is God
Do you think its a sin to play those kind of games?


I don’t know if playing them is necessarily a sin, but much of the content in the games is undoubtedly sacrilegious (although I won’t accuse the creators of overtly malicious intentions). I avoid entertainment that is so blatantly disrespectful of God and religion in general.


This is a problem in most Eastern areas. Christianity is, at best, a novelty to most Eastern developers. They use it in much the same way you see Buddhist and Hindu symbols used in America (as decoration, rather than out of understanding of the nature of those religions and what those symbols mean.) Shin Megami Tensei’s use of God and Christian symbols is equivalent to seeing a lucky Buddha statue in a Chinese buffet, it’s set dressing.

That said, the degree to which it is problematic is sort of up to you. I honestly don’t see the “God” in those games as even remotely representative of the true God. They’ve just kind of borrowed the name and the symbols. If it bothers you though, I wouldn’t play it. It certainly isn’t respectful, which is terrible, but then I’ve had enough experience with Eastern Games that I’ve kind of just come to expect it. They just don’t get Christianity.

If you’re a fan of the series, they’re actually releasing a new mobile game soon. I installed the beta like, just now. Looking forward to trying it out. Those games are definitely for hardcore RPG fans though, I can never get very far in them. Steep learning curve and punishing difficulty.


In reviewing the game’s lore some more, I definitely see some issues with it. They really do try to paint God in a bad light… probably not the best series to be playing.


Sounds like a pretty disrespectful rendering if you’re supposed to defeat God in the end. I would think it’s better not to play that kind of thing due to the irreverence involved but it is up to you to make your own informed choice on the matter.


It’s a game. It’s fiction. Unless the game makes you more likely to turn away from God, consider it fiction. If it makes you turn away from God, then stop playing the game.


Learn to play Chess.


Which, if done correctly, is a life long endeavor.


Yes. They’re sacrilegious.


The ratings make this game less than what I’d want my teen to play!


A game where you must defeat God?

That sounds like a game Lucifer tried with a third of the angels of Heaven, before Saint Michael gave them a kick out of the VIP Section of Heaven


I did some reading, and came across this:

The game was bold enough to even include the Name of God (Yahweh). The wiki even states that the game portrays YHVH as ruthless and cares little for humanity. This is the complete opposite of what God actually is like. Since the game seems to be making a mockery out of God, I would strongly advice you to not play it.




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Don’t waste your time on childish games yosi11 -

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I think you already received good answers. If the descriptions above are accurate, it’s not a game I’d waste any time or money on. There are far too many games and entertainments out there for me to waste time on something like that.

Is there some reason you are still thinking about this? If it were me, I would have taken a hard pass and simply moved on to something else. Play Zelda instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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