Do you think it's wrong for Catholic converts to watch protestant bible studies?

Strong catholic converts from protestantism.

Do you think it’s wrong also for them to reccomend online protestant bible studies to Catholics ?

Yes. I do.


If the intent is to learn error, then have at it.


There isn’t a hard “no” to this.

Your first responsibility is to learn what the Catholic Church teaches, and be strong in your own faith.

That being said, I sometimes listen to a Protestant radio station in my car (the Catholic station is my first choice, but has a smaller and more limited broadcast range).
One of the preachers does Bible studies where some of his stuff is totally in line Catholic Church teaching, but a lot of it is from his denomination’s theology and diverges from us. When he “goes there”, I tune out.

Another of the preachers does Bible studies more about making good life choices, and how to interact with our fellow man, and forgiveness and turning our problems up to God. His stuff is more what all Christians believe, good life advice from a biblical perspective. He’s also funny. I rarely tune him out.


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Yes, it is absolutely wrong. Catholics should be studying the faith of the Catholic church and reading Scripture under the guidance of the Church. It would always be wrong to advise a Catholic to watch or attend a protestant Bible study. You never know what that preacher might say.

Protestantism is just that, protesting the Church. It can lead a Catholic away from the truth of Christ and put their soul in danger.

Also, if we study protestantism and it’s view of the Scriptures it will make it difficult to bring others in to the Church, which is something Christ commissioned us to do.

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I see your point, but I this an official church teaching? As far a s I know, we can even attend a protestant service, but we can’t participate in their sacraments.


There’s different ways to study the Bible. Like there’s a verse by verse study people can do.

There’s studying the Bible historically such as who were the Babylonians and when did this book Jeremiah take place.

I mean that kind of studying can’t leave too much error can it?

I’m not talking about going to a Protestant Bible study because it could end up being like a wrestling match of a group of Protestants against the Catholic. :grin:

I mean just watching it online

Surely it depends on the quality of the study. If you’re talking about something based on the work of, say, N.T. Wright, then sure, that’s first-rate scholarship, it doesn’t make any difference that he’s an Anglican bishop. If you’re talking about some fundamentalist ranting I doubt it will be of any benefit.


It is an official teaching from Christ to spread the faith. It is also an official teaching to attend Mass every Sunday. If you are attending a protestant service, be sure and not miss Mass on Sunday.

I was raised Catholic, started following protestant bible studies and was led away from the Church and during my protestant years did a lot of bible studies and I can say for certain, even line by line and verse by verse protestants and Catholics do not see eye to eye on what the Scriptures mean. As a matter of fact, most protestants do not see eye to eye on what Scripture verses mean. Not even in a historical way. For one reason most protestant preachers are interpreting those individual verses themselves and coming up with what ever they think it might mean, rather than what the Church, the Church Fathers, Saints and Tradition, the Holy Spirit teach us.

There is a lot to watch on EWTN to help you grow in your faith and Biblical knowledge.

God bless

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Sure go ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

Only if one is not secure in the teachings of the Catholic Church. My wife attends a non-denominational bible study on occasion and she is keenly aware of what they are teaching. Everything they say she weighs against the gold standard of the Catholic faith. She goes mainly for the Christian fellowship, not the particular dogma’s that they preach.

Have you watched the bible study yourself? Did you find it beneficial? Do you plan to discuss the study with this person you recommend this study to?

If you answered yes to all of these I don’t believe you would be doing anything wrong.

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I have known people who were very secure in their faith be led away. It isn’t taking much today to pull people out of the Church.People who are normally very strong Catholics.

If your wife is going just for fellowship and very strong in her faith, perhaps she will be okay. I am sure she is being very cautious, praying for spiritual protection before she goes and doing what she can to be a witness of the truths of the Catholic Church but I would never advise anyone to attend a protestant Bible study. You never know how strong or weak one might be in their faith.

I don’t know what these “online Bible studies” are that they are recommending, but some of the best books in the NT studies field that I have read are by Protestant authors. These four, for instance, I would recommend to anybody:

• Joachim Jeremias, The Eucharistic Words of Jesus
• Helen Bond, Pontius Pilate in History and Interpretation
• Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses
• Martin Hengel, Paul Between Damascus and Antioch

Jeremias and Hengel are Lutherans. I don’t know about Bauckham and Bond.

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If you want I can message you what I watch. You can give me feedback on it if you’d like. @BartholomewB

I’ve taken a number of courses from both. Very little different, other than the lack of Apocrypha in Protestant courses; the latter part of John 6; Paul on justification etc. but the RCC essentially agrees with justification by faith alone (see section 3 of the document).
For someone who’s well formed in Catholicism, I see no great danger. Perhaps different for a recent convert.

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There are far more commonalities than differences anymore. There are even liturgical Baptists and Real Presence Calvinists.

Protestants are not the enemy. Satan is. My main issue is with those who have largely abandoned the teachings of Moses and Christ for secular “progressivism.” There are plenty of Catholics in that camp, too, sadly…

And one thing I really like, is the general high Christology attitude of Lordship salvation. I’ve taken classes from Catholic programs where there was no significant teaching about Jesus as Lord, God, and ultimate Judge. More like “SJW Jesus.”

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