Do you think most suicides go to hell?


There is no simple answer but private revelation has revealed that many suicides are in Purgatory and that they now bitterly regret their actions.

All the more reason for us to pray especially hard for anyone we knew who committed suicide. Our prayers will get them released from their torments. Like many other people, they did wrong, regret it and now must atone for it.

Do not write suicides off, they have a chance of salvation.



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Hello James, Thank you for your input.It has indeed been of value. Yes, I am familiar with Matthew 7:13-14 and Philipians 2:12, but I guess I want to believe that many will see the Way and make it through the narrow gate.That is my prayer.You are correct when you describe the journey as not being a simple one .The last point is one onto which I clung when my friend did commit suicide.I was so thankful he had never given up on his faith.Once again I cannot argue that only in heaven will we know these things for sure.I think I reacted strongly because of my fairly recent experience with suicide and as we humans do ,I put a face ,my friends face on what I was reading. It made my response perhaps different and a bit stronger than it should have perhaps. Thank you .I hope Bilop will read this . God Bless. NLM


NLM. Your friend may very well be in Heaven, or purgatory, I never meant to imply otherwise, and sorry for any hurt I caused. I'm sure there are many suicides that are saved.

James explained my point very well. We should pray for all (we are all sinners), even if many, if not most, are lost.

God Bless



Bilop, Please don’t give it another thought.Of course you had no way of knowing my situation.I guess my emotions, in regards to my loss, are still close to the surface which caused me to react in that fashion.It’s not my usual way of responding I assure you.
I guess James ,the "middle"man in this situation served us both well.God Bless you both.NLM



Out of curiosity, which private revelations are these?

:thumbsup: Agreed!



Depression is a spectrum illness. There is mild, moderate, and severe with or without psychotic/delusional features. There is also more than one kind of depressive illness. Unipolar and bipolar are two of the most serious, especially if they progress to severe. When the illness has progressed to the severe stage the loss of rationality is great. Minimally there is distortion of reason. Maximally, there are delusions or even psychosis or pre-psychosis. This is different from “despair.” Suicide, unless performed for cultural or religious reasons (samarai honor, idiots flying into buildings) or to save life (throwing ones body on a grenade), is the terminal ending to a very serious illness.

So do I think most suicides go to hell? No.



I also forgot to say that physician assisted suicide is now legal in OR and I think WA. This is a grave, horrible thing because those who are old or in poor physical health are also often unable to think clearly either. They are manipulated to kill themselves regardless how subtly. I also don't believe these people, for the most part, go to hell.



A third state has passed PAS too; I should have looked it up to make sure - sorry - but I think it's Montana.



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A third state has passed PAS too; I should have looked it up to make sure - sorry - but I think it's Montana.


this is a very frightening thing and I think it's worth a separate thread........ just to educate the masses so to speak. I hope someone does that. I am overwhelmed with hockey tournaments right now...... perhaps after Christmas. :shrug:




That is a wonderful story, and I suspect that many who commit suicide are in the same case.
Regardless, we should all remember to pray for these sad folk, many of whom may have no one to pray for them. At the same time, it might be well for us all, to think to pray for those who are depressed, mentally ill, or who for whatever other reason, are considering suicide, for them to find strength & help before they do die at their own hands.



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I think we can all agree that suicide is disordered and given that, mercy abounds, I once read in St. Faustina's diary the Lord's conversation with a despairing soul. He comes to the soul, but the soul withdrawls, despairing, feeling unworthy, again, He comes and is rejected, again the same. I think it was 3 times He comes, but numbers can be elusive. Finally, if the soul despairs and continues to reject, He leaves that soul in that state. You would have to think that facing the illuminating light of Truth and Love in Christ before your face, you would reach out to Him, but I think the souls reacts to its nature or state, not it's mind.


I think that you bring up an excellent point here. The issue of dispair.

If one dispairs of life, dispairs of their worthiness to live, for whatever reason, this is certainly effect how they go to meet their Lord. However there may be particulars of their dispair that can mitigate their judgement.

St Cathereine, in the dialogues, talks about how the soul, at the point of death, reaches out for that which it desired most and built up in life.

If it has built up Love and is perfected in Love, it will reach out for that Love and be drawn into heaven.

If it has been bulding up love, but is not perfected in that love, it will reach out for mercy and be drawn into prugatory that it's love might be perfected.

If, however the soul has rejected Love and built up evil, it will reach out for that evil and embrace it as it's own.

If one considers the above one can readily see how difficult it is to "know" with any certainly about the salvation of most souls for we all would seem to fit most readily into the second option, imperfected in Love. That we have good and bad traits. However we cannot truly know what is in the core of any individual.




James and TOP
Thank you for that; beautiful.
I tend to think of those severely depressed as being emotionally and mentally handicapped at the time. The brain scans demonstrate as much…but that the soul “sees” more clearly… similarly to a person physically handicapped… “the soul reaches to God” perfectly or imperfectly… like the rest of us. What a beautiful phrase. what a comfort to those who have lost one through suicide. And how in line with the catechism.



I will not consider the final judgment of others. I will consider the effects of suicide as it concerns me. There have been times when suicide was a consideration in my life. I believed at those times, and still believe, that the outcome to my soul would be far worse than my life. I would end up wishing for my life back. That it did it for me. :slight_smile:



If they did, I don’t think it would be because of suicide. To commit a mortal sin you need to do it willfully and deliberately, someone who commits suicide is likely suffering from severe mental illness and that takes away from their ability to make a moral choice.



Leif E. wrote:

Out of curiosity, which private revelations are these?

Maria Simma, the simple peasant Austrian woman, during her life was visited almost nightly by souls from Purgatory begging for her prayers & intercession.
Many of these were suicides.

"Get Us Out Of Here"
Is a book by Nicky Eltz recounting how Maria Simma spoke with these souls.


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