Do you think Pope Benedict XVI may be beatified?


When the Holy Father passes away, God forbid, do you think that the Church will beatify or even canonize him?


It’s way premature to begin speculating on such things - he’s got the rest of his life (please God it will be a long one!) to live yet.


As Lilly has said, it’s way to early to be thinking about this. I hope the Holy Father has many years ahead of him before the Good Lord takes him home.


This may be a very good question in a decade or two . . . :wink:


There is no way to judge a person’s sanctity for beatification or canonization while they’re alive.

That being said, we can always admire people’s holiness in life. There is no reason that we cannot do so with Benedict XVI as we did with John XXIII, Mother Teresa or John Paul II.

When Francis of Assisi and Mother Teresa were alive, people would touch them just to have touched a living saint.


JR :slight_smile:


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