Do you think Popes JP 2 and B16 should have done more ruling than writing


I didn’t know how to answer this. Here’s what a fellow Catholic said to me.

“The Catholic Church is the true Church but its culture is that of monarchy and secrecy and its culture of constant self praise and self defense is what is wrong…not its dogma nor its liturgy nor its store of graces from the saints. It’s culture is arrested just like Toynbee hinted it was several times in Study of History. Right now Pope Benedict is doing a series of catechesis on the Fathers to the people who attend his audience.”
“Sorry. We don’t need authors. We have them up to our gills. His audience will never read the Fathers actually. I know. I’ve read most of Augustine and I see no knowledge of him on the blogs when the moment is appropo for someone to know him.
We need the Pope to be ruling by looking into all the things that these blogs are complaining about: abortion speakers at Catholic Colleges/ gay centers at Catholic colleges/ nuns in Canada thinking Mary is God/ a curia official getting caught in a gay meet from the internet.”

“WE DON’T NEED AUTHORS WHICH IS WHAT POPES HAVE BECOME INSTEAD OF ACTIVE RULERS…because authoring is more peaceful than ruling is. Every manager chooses the nice part of being an exec and avoids facing talking to the angry customer. Popes do the avoiding by writing exclusively…and attending a myriad of ceremonies while the blogs have to face what results from their wasting so much time on visiting groups and visiting symphony musicians and visiting choral groups. Momma Mia. If a consultant examined the papal year, he’d find 90% of it could be skipped so that the Pope could clean up the speaker rostrum in Catholic colleges and revamp the Jesuits.”

“But since the Popes never have to face cross examinations by anyone including tough reporters (only they and the Queen of England have done this in the West) therefore they can live in the dream world of authoring books on peaceful subjects while the blogs will be filled with controversies for the next 20 years that should not exist if POPES WERE RULING INSTEAD OF AUTHORING. The canons give them power that is “supreme” and “immediate”…and they would rather write. John Paul wrote the Theology of the Body while he should have been taking drastic measures until there were no more pervs in the clergy…and now Benedict is writing about the Fathers and the gospel while he should be investigating the speakers at Catholic colleges…and ruling as to who is right about Plan B for rape victims: the Connecticut Bishops or the Bishops who denounce it. Where is the ruler? He’s writing. And so you’ll have Plan B in Connecticut and Plan Z in Seattle for the next hundred years.”



While I fully sympathize with that Catholic on most of what he says, we do NOT need the Pope monitoring blogs, that is the LAST thing we need. That is just as bad leadership as basing government policy on polls.

The fact is the Church is just coming out of a big storm, instead of jumping ship we need to be the group of faithful that remains in the boat. Slowly things are changing, the Motu Proprio is a huge step. I think B16 is doing his best, sure you could ALWAYS argue it “isnt enough” but you got to remember YOUR not in charge. That fact is what separates Catholics from Protestants, the realization that WE are NOT in charge, we are subject to those above us.

I feel what that Catholic is saying and I agree a lot could be done if the Pope pulled out his whip and cleaned house. The fact is though we dont know what is going on in the inside and how tough his job really is.

As for the comment “But since the Popes never have to face cross examinations by anyone including tough reporters” that is juvenile and even Protestant. The Pope is never subject to anyone, much less popular opinion and punk journalists, any Catholic with their head on right knows the words of Jesus, “to whom much is given, much will be expected” which means the real issue the Popes must keep in mind is the Final Judgment.


I just told him that no pope is perfect. :smiley: But he never listens to me.



I know that’s what I said to him. Some people just refuse to hear the truth.


Is the Pope too distracted with his catachesis series? Perhaps. Is the Magisterium not doing enough to “clean house” and uphold Catholic Tradition? Likely. The Church is certainly still authoritative (and not authoritarian - although we sometimes wish they were). The fact is that the Pope’s task is a daunting responsibility that none of us will probably ever fully understand. Still, through good Popes and bad Popes, God has been faithful and the gates of hell have not prevailed.

Nonetheless, there is still much room for improvement. What can we do? Firstly, we can stop pointing the finger and start folding our hands to pray. Prayer is the singlemost effective way of changing the world around us. And by all means, speak up about it if God has pressed it so ardently upon your heart.

I don’t think a pro-abortionist should be allowed to speak at a Catholic college, but when these types of issues arise and we have no control over it, PRAY. Perhaps, God will use the situation to His own good purposes. Remember Romans 8:28 - And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.



Just maybe the Popes are asking themselves WWJD anjd have noticed that Jesus did not join in stoning the adultress, nor did he condemn the woman at the well and so on and so on. I guess I would have told the complainer to get a life and what was he doing to solve the problems besides p***ing and moaning.


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