Do you think priests should be allowed to marry (stay in priesthood)?

I would like to know if you think priests should ever be allowed to marry while staying in the priesthood? Why or why not??


To my knowledge this has never been practiced. (Ordaining married men, however, has been and is practiced)


I know one priest who thinks married deacons should be able to become priests.

As a former seminarian and one who still leads a celibate life. I am still discerning God’s call. I will begin teaching Theology at the local Catholic high School in August. I can state having lived in a parish on summer assignment that there is no way a Priest could effectively function with a family and marriage. Celibacy is to give everything to Christ, a marriage would only take away from it and pull the Priest in a million different directions. Celibacy is a beautiful thing, to give everything to God and trust in his divine will.

In a word, no.

They are already married to Holy Mother Church. They have already dedicated their lives to God. Distractions like wife and family would be just that, distractions.

No, priests should not be allowed to marry after ordination, nor IMHO should deacons be.

Currently, neither are.

There are many married Priests in HMC, who were married before ordination. Some Anglican Minister-Converts, for example, and many Eastern Catholic Priests.

There are very many married deacons in Latin and other Rites.

These Priests can be very effective. That being said, I definitely see the reason the Latin Rite has chosen not to ordain married men priests in the ordinary course of events.

All the Deacons in my Church are ordained. I feel I can relate to them, because they also have families. The serve God well.


I find this insulting to our eastern brethren (and the occasional married Latin priest).


Nope for me:nope:


Nicely put. I hope your discernment continues. We need good Fisherman!:tiphat:


On a side note…

My last optometrist was Roman Orthodox. To his credit, he wore his collar while he examined my eyes.

Married priests may find it impossible to live on the small salary most Priests recieve, and may have to find additional work.


Not insulting. A married priest has to function differently than a celibate one because he has family obligations. In my diocese we have many churches with only one priest. I see how busy my pastor is and I don’t think he could be fair to a wife and kids as well.

i am still undecided on whether a priest should be allowed to marry & stay a priest, but i do think they should be allowed to marry and leave… and it shouldn’t be as difficult as it is… It seems it is virtually impossible for a priest to legitimately leave the priesthood…

I won’t by-pass the Church on this, we should all know what were getting into whatever vocation we choose in life.

There is a saying that “youth is wasted on the young” meaning that the decisions we took in youth wouldn’t be the same as we in our adult years would choose.

So no vocation is to be entered into lightly, which is the reason our Parish has a marriage guidance course you must attend before they marry you.

I’m sure priests have more time than most engaged couples to decide if they want to go ahead with it or not, they already know the conditions.

They have years of studying, so can pull the plug before thay take the final step.

So like I said, it’s up to the Church.

without having much time to think about it, i would agree with him… maybe more men would enter the deaconate… Only problem is, many would probably decide not to be priests if that were the case??

i think a million is a big exaggeration…

Celibacy is a beautiful thing, to give everything to God and trust in his divine will.

Yes, but forever is too long… to be celibate… (my opinion)… I believe in being celibate, evern for long periods of time, but not absolutely forever, esp if the person meets someone and can’t leave that person alone… It happens… then they just live in sin…

frankly, i wonder if maybe all men should be encouraged to be priests for awhile… celibate for awhile, but then, after awhile, they should be allowed to be open to marriage, say, after maybe 10 yrs or so…

I think there are ways it could be done… the wife can help… she can work outside the home… etc… but even if not, i have seen families raised on the income a priest makes… americans are spoiled w/ all their material possessions… and don’t know how to budget $… Again, my opinion…

Celibacy is to give everything to Christ, a marriage would only take away from it

why can’t a man who is married “give everything to Christ”?? In fact, from what i have experienced in relationships… the opposite sex causes meto run to Jesus probably more than anything else… :eek: :smiley:

Give everything to Chirst??

If he was married, he would have that much more to give to Him…

I would suppose that’s rather part of the point.

Thank the Lord for Pope Benedict!!

Function differently – No doubt.

Function ineffectively – Bah. How is that *not *an insult to our eastern brethern and to the married priest who serve them?


Having known a few married priest I would have to say that you are incorrect. It is possible for them to effectively function with a family and marriage. However I do think the Church should be very selective in which married men it allows to be ordained. Many men could not handle it, but some can and do in the Latin Church and many do in the Eastern Churches.

However as to whether or not priest should be allowed to marry…this has never been allowed, well at least not allowed for them to continue functioning as priests. I’m not for letting priest get married, but that is a different thing from ordaining married men.

If the Pope decided to allow priests to marry and continue in their official duties, I think it would have to be done on a very specific case by case basis. The bishop would have to take great cares in judging the situation, before allowing such a thing to happen, and because this has just not normally been allowed. Even in the Eastern Churches.

*side note, I know quite a few married priests and their families so that’s why I say I know it can work…but remember I’m saying it can work in some cases, definitely not all cases. They bring different gifts to the priesthood, but they also have their troubles. I think Latin Catholics have a tendency to focus on the the troubles they see, and therefore won’t even consider the idea.

The reason I know several married priests is because my Latin priest is married, and my son’s Godparents are Orientals, the Godfather is the son of a priest and is a deacon himself, this has then lead me into a lot of contact with Oriental families, both Catholic and Orthodox (often half the family is the corresponding Orthodox church…and “scandal of scandals” they’re even allowed to communion in the respective Churches, granted this is a special thing worked out between the syriac orthodox and catholic Churches*

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