Do you think that Allah is the same God as Jesus?


They don’t believe the person Jesus is God.


Where are you getting this from? Not only is what you say incredibly cynical, if not willfully mean-spirited, it’s factually false. Jesus is a major figure in Islam—believed to be the penultimate prophet and a worker of miracles. And, as I recall, Jesus is the most mentioned person in the Koran.

While as a Catholic I believe in the divinity of Christ and thus part ways with our Muslim brothers and sisters on this point, to twist the facts and speak ill as you have done here is beyond the pale. May you be treated with more respect and charity than you are showing adherents to Islam here.


Monica83 is absolutely correct. Muslims believe Jesus was just a prophet. They outright reject he is God.


That is not what he/she said. He/she said Jesus is only minor prophet, which is untrue. It’s possible this was an accidental mistake from ignorance (although the rest of the post suggests otherwise and if he/she is thusly ignorant to post in the first place on the issue seems odd). It’s also possible this was to suggest that Islam slights Jesus when in fact Islam holds him in great esteem.


And neither does Judaism, but yet clearly they are of the Abrahamic line.


We do hold that Jesus is a great Prophet, but I think Moses is mentioned the most in the Qur’ān. Muslims generally believe that the five greatest Prophets were:

Although Muslims are also discouraged from comparing Prophets if it leads to diminishing the status of other Prophets.


Yes, but those 9000 Protestant denominations, or whatever number, plus Catholics, plus Jews, are all people of The Book, albeit not all accepting the complete Book as we have it. When was the last time a Muslim was quoted as citing the Bible in his worship, as opposed to the Koran? Or having anything at all to do with the Bible? Painting “Cow” on the side of a horse doesn’t make it a cow. Citing Abraham and claiming to be an Abrahamic faith doesn’t mean it is so.


I don’t see much of Jesus in this.

And it is their religious law so it must be inspired by Islamic teachings. They must not have known Jesus as merciful. Look at history to see how pagans, Christians, and Jews were forced to convert.


It’s possible I’m misremembering, so I appreciate the response. :slight_smile:

That said, I just did some checking online, and everything I’m finding suggests that Jesus is the most mentioned (148 times to the 136 times Moses is mentioned).


Oh, nevermind then. I seem to recall a scholar saying that Moses is mentioned the most years ago.


Nice red herring.


Muslims hold parts of the Bible to be divine revelation.

Out of curiosity, since you posed a similar question, how often do you attend Muslim worship to hear what is said?


I appreciate the challenge. It got me to read more about something, and learning is always a good thing! :slight_smile:


You do realize that the Torah or first 5 books are also a part of Islamic scripture…


How is that a red herring? Islam totally ignores who Jesus was as person and God.


With all due respect, I think the one ignoring the model of Christ here is you. You are casting aspersions, looking for ill, and demeaning the faith of others. I can only imagine what people of other religions would think of Catholics if they assumed your words and views were representative of us all.


It’s a red herring because it’s hardly relevant to your point that Islām doesn’t hold Jesus in high regard.


Yes painting cow on a house doesn’t make it a cow.
Unless it gives you milk?


So prove me wrong with your actions. Sign up with me to take this free online course and show that your words aren’t rooted in hate and ignorance.


The model for Christ is also mark 16-15-20

These signs will follow believers .
It seems plain to me?

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