Do you think that non Catholics have the same holy spirit


That does not say what you believe is different.


But, wouldnā€™t the Holy Spirit descend on anyone that God wills?


First of all, both the links are the same thing, on Baptism. Secondly, you need to express what it is that you think is differentā€¦ the language, the teachingsā€¦ what specifically is different???


Why didnā€™t someone tell me there was more than one Holy Spirit!



So after i spend all the time reading the Baltimore Catechism teachings on Baptism and Confirmation, then what do i need to read? All the Trent documents and the current Catechism of 1986 (or whatever yr it was) and guess what you find different?

No thanks. If you want to remain vague, thats your choice. I thought id ask about something specific.

Really, its ok.


Ok, sorry im reading some of your earlier posts now. I came into the thread a little late, and didnt realize you posted those things.

You do know that the Church has recognized that, with the division of the reformation, those who are being raised into churches which only offer Christian Baptism but not a valid Confirmation, are not always able to be faulted for not seeking Confirmation?

I agree that it makes for a complicated mess. Thats the ugly truth of the Reformation. Its the devilā€™s hand in rupturing unity, and he used faults of Church members in all sorts of positions.

I think God does call every individual to the Catholic faith. But the faith has different levels of understanding. I think the leaders are always more responsible for what they preach and do. Protestant leaders are responsible for keeping the genuine faithful from Communion with the qhole body of Christ! And some Catholic leaders shrink away from boldly reaching out to their flock caught up in sins.

The Holy Spirit is offered in full measure. But receiving Him in full measure is the challenge of us all. To deny Confirmation is definitely rejecting His Spirit, for those who have been made aware.

But there are so many doubts about the Catholic Church from those who were raised hearing litle to none, or even bad information about the Catholic Church. Sometimes it may be lies. Or sometimes it may be terrible abuses that are true.

We are dividedā€¦ and the Holy Spirit suffers and endures because of His Holy sacrifice in Christ! This is why His Eucharist is so cherished by us. We know that this meal means so much more than a kind gesture of thanks. Its a participation which brings us so intimately to Him who suffers to draw us to Himself!!

The Holy Spirit, without Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread in a community, is a community lacking.


I agree completely. Rcwitness


There is only one Holy Spirit.


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