Do you think that the Michael Jackson news coverage

… is a bit excessive?

Three years later, the answer is still, sadly, yes.

It can be measured by ratings. If the extra Jackson coverage gets higher ratings than the shows it displaced, then it is not excessive judging by a standard of revenue maximization for the TV station. If the TV station bumps Days of Our Lives for Jackson, so what?

When Elvis Presley died, for weeks you couldn’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV or radio without hearing bumping to stories about him.

I was too young to be an Elvis fan, and was annoyed by the unending hoopla. Michael Jackson may or may not have been as big as Elvis, but I think the pattern is the same.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary as the same thing happens for almost every well-known figure, such as Princess Diana or Pope John Paul II. It’s a piece of news most people in the world can relate to and gossip about so of course you should have saw it coming.

Well, but I don’t remember the endless and nauseating schmaltzfest with JPII that we saw with Princess Diana, and that we’re now seeing again with Michael Jackson. The problem is not merely the wall-to-wall media coverage (although that’s completely annoying in itself). The real problem is that Michael Jackson is being portrayed as a saint. The truth is that for all his talent and success, he was a very pathetic and abnormal human being who needs to be prayed for rather than lionized (much less imitated).

Pathetic and abnormal? There but for the GRACE of GOD go any of us. We cannot understand the motivations that led to his life pattern.

What is happening with the news coverage is perfectly understandable. The man had been in and out of the news for years, in various situations, and the media had capitalized on his fame. Now he’s gone, they are playing on his name one last time, for all it may be worth. That is how celebrity capitalism works.

Be patient, anyhow, Once he’s been properly mourned and the monetary impedimenta of his life have been fought over, MJ will leave the screen, this time for good. If you just can’t stand it, turn off the set and catch up on your reading and prayer life. MJ, too, can use our prayers.

About every night this week, it seems that Nightline on ABC has been burning time on this.
It’s nauseating to hear about it, so I have mostly avoided TV altogether (except for Wimbledon). But I can recall when Anna Nicole Smith died, (an insignificant gold digger), it was a non stop media circus.

I recall a Famous U.S statesman. (for the life of me i can’t recall his name. It’s on the tip of my tounge, i can picture his face and everything. He was very important and is still well known, dispite being retired or dead i don’t know which But meh… it’s late and i’ll probably remember his name as soon as i hit the pillow in a few minutes time) Well anyway. he was on a plane with another politician. Allso on the plane was the rolling stones. And he said to his companion Indirect quote" if this plane goes down. Tomorrow headlines will read. Rolling stones die in plane crash" end indirect quote. Micheal Jackson was very famous. wether you like him or not. I for one liked him, he was a massive talent. Like my mum said the other day. “he was one strange man. But damn he could sing and dance.” I wouldn’t call him "very pathetic " at all. judging by tabloid papers/shows it seemed like a sad life. void of a lot of human contact. But you/me don’t know the full story. And i don’t know if he is guilty of all the things that they said he was. Going on the verdict of the media makes one “very pathetic” in my opinion. I think i’ll let God judge him. Since he doesn’t need to rely on tabloids for his information. And i’ll judge him on what i know.
Henry kissenger. was the statesmans name. Phew i’m glad i thought of it. man that bugs me to no end, when a name is on the tip of my tounge.

It is interesting that you don’t think Michael Jackson’s sad life, void of a lot of human contact, plus the fact that he was very strange, are grounds for considering him very pathetic. It is also interesting that you feel bound to refrain from judging the manifestly bizarre conduct of Michael Jackson, but do not think twice about passing judgment on me for speaking the truth about him.

Aren’t we all?

But for the grace of God…

For his upbringing and childhood, he did quite well. He was very talented and gifted with music and dancing.

A lot of people live lonesome lives for whatever reason; and “strange” is in the eye of the beholder. To an extent, everybody is strange.

The ultimate in pathetic is death; and we are all headed there. It therefore doth behooveth us not to call anybody pathetic.

Its like coming across a bad wreck on the Highway-you know you shouldnt slow down and look closley but you just can’t help yourself.

So did you see where his ex-wife wants the kids…

Don’t forget this is very cheap for the TV guys to produce. They send a few cameras, stick a sympathetic talking head behind a desk, and get great ratings. Its a windfall for them, when they really need one now.

Well, no, we can’t all be abnormal. If we were all abnormal, then “abnormal” would cease to have any meaning.

As for “pathetic,” don’t you have to be rather hard-hearted not to be moved to pity by the sad case of such as Michael Jackson?

I said he “seemed” to lead a a sad life void of human contact yes. But i also said.“But i and yikes… even you don’t know the full story”. Maybe he felt as though he had enough family and friends around him. How many family and friends does a person have to have, in order not to be thought of as “very pathetic” by you? And what is "mainfestly bizarre behaviour’? Is it because he owned a chimpanze? heck I’ve always said i think it would be fun to own one of those things. Is it because he had an amuzement park in is his back yard? Well. To be honest i wouldn’t mind one if i could afford it. The clothes? maybe he would have thought your style was “pathetic” and unimangitive. I wouldn’t wear those style of clothes. But you know…So what? thats me.Was it the face lifts? well i’m quiet happy with the way i look. But if he isn’t whom am i to say he shouldn’t do it? And the child molestation charges… Do you know he is guilty? if you do you should have spoke up during the trials. I don’t feel Bound to micheal jackson what so ever. I didn’t know him. I just liked his entertaining abilities. I wasn’t passing judgment on you. I was just pointing out that you didn’t know the truth. And still don’t. And that i felt that people who rely on tabloids papers and tv shows for their “facts” are pathetic. Maybe, you’re upset because i don’t agree with you. Instead of feeling upset try using this as a lesson. That different people have different views on what is “very pathetic” and what is just a little strange or different.


Yes I think it’s a sign of a celebrity-dominated “sick” culture that makes all media focus on our “stars”. They are like the new secular saints replacing the old.

Case in point: U.S. launches massive campaign against Taliban in Afghanistan, soldiers’ lives at risk, BIG NEWS. NBC Nightly News leads off the news with what? you guessed it: “Michael Jackson”. A little mention of Afghanistan then later. (And this was already a day or two after Jackson died). Even the BBC World News started their newscast with the Afghanistan operation. A sure sign of displaced priorities on media’s and peoples’ parts.

I think considering his influence on the music and entertainment world, the coverage is not excessive.

I’ve been chatting with various figure skating (ice) fans and athletes, and we’ve been analyzing how many figure skaters and teams have skated to Michael Jackson music over the decades. It’s amazing how many skating programs we’ve come up with, especially in the discipline of synchronized skating. And almost every skater has skated to Michael Jackson music at some time in their life, even if they haven’t taken their Jackson programs to national and international levels. Mr. Jackson was a major influence in the sport of figure skating, and I would say provided a perfect model of highly-synchronized dance for synchro and dance teams to strive for.

And that’s just figure skating. So many other areas have been influenced by Mr. Jackson’s music.

He was also a major influence on breaking down color barriers in the entertainment industry.

No one is forcing anyone to watch or read the coverage. I can see why someone might object if a school teacher required students to watch it all (most schools in the U.S. are closed in July, but not all). But it’s optional. Turn it off or close the newspaper/magazine, or switch off the radio.

I think that the coverage is making all of us think about our worldview, our religious faith, and our mental and physical health. Although we would love to have his talent and showmanship, most of us would not want to be like Michael Jackson. We want to be healthy in all areas of our life.

It’s also showing us that all the money in the world (which he had at one point in the 1980s!) cannot buy happiness, normalcy, health, and a loving family.

I sort of feel sorry for the other ‘celebrities’ that have died right around this time. Due to all the MJ coverage there hasn’t been much room for coverage on these other people. Even in death one person is more of a celebrity than others.

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