Do you think the Democrats are petty and vindictive?

Do you think the Democratic s are petty and vindictive?

I think that elected officials who execute the particular pettiness and vindictiveness that their voters want to see played out do better at the polls than elected officials who are above that regardless of the political advantage that can be had.

If we want our elected officials to conduct the business of our legislatures and executive branches with propriety and decorum, then we have to be willing to withdraw support from those who do what we want in a way that is not in keeping with how we want politics to be conducted.

Voters do not do that any more. They criticize the improprieties of their political adversaries, but they do not execute negative consequences on their own elected officials when they are guilty of the same thing. They make excuses for them, instead, or else rationalize that other priorities of their party are too important to penalize partisans for not following niceities. Voters are far more lukewarm in their support of candidates who are dutiful, honest, humane and “boring” than on more flamboyant candidates who fail to conduct themselves in a way becoming to their office.

We can thank ourselves as voters for the pettiness, vindictiveness and gross behavior in politics. Because of us and how we vote, it works. It is a recipe for a career in politics, and we made it possible.

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What in the heck kind of uncharitable click bait title is that?

I’m a staunch prolifer, a republican and conservative on many, many issues, and I’m thoroughly offended on behalf of my democrat friends.

…although, you did get me mad enough to reply, so jokes on me…I guess


I’m a 3rd Party member and I am also offended on behalf of my Democrat friends.

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I believe the democrat party is showing its ugly side because they are losing power.
I was a democrat 25 years ago. The past 25 years it has changed greatly and now I find it frightening to say the least. Losing this last election, really caused the whole party to
he come unhinged. I guess they thought Hillary was entitled to be president, whether the
American people wanted her or not! Petty and vindictive? Most definitely.

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Petty and vindictive is an understatement…
The party powers that be,not necessarily all registered Dems😌

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It appears that the end justifies the means…

And justice has died in out society

… Cheer up, dann.

Quite right, it’s the voters, and that explains why both major parties are so bad.

Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory?
Rip off the masks and let’s see.
But that’s not right – oh no, what’s the story?
But there’s you and there’s me…

from Crime of the Century, by Supertramp

No, I think humans in general are often petty and vindictive


Some of them, I can also say the same thing about just about any political party.

It is astonishing where our culture is because of "social media"
There is no hiding!!

While the GOP is no bastion of virtue, I see democrats as having a very low integrity bar. They will push whatever it takes, in spite of the facts.

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