Do you think the government should take care of people with "pre-existing medical conditions?


Government health insurance doesn’t destroy private insurance or the ability to pay out of pocket. You can still get private healthcare in countries with national health systems.

Also, for most americans, your only option for insurance is what your company offers. You may have access to multiple policies; you may not. Generally the better off you are, the more likely you are to have access to multiple policies or to policies that cover more. But it’s not like your average american is shopping around to find the policy that best suits their needs out of the entire market.


Considering that my brother is in health insurance (sales) you are wrong on a number of fronts; but it is off topic (and I am as much fault for that as anyone).


You have a brother in the industry, that’s a relevant perspective. What does he (and you) think about the whole health care issue. What does he (and you) think could be done to help fix the whole issue?


The United States is the best country in the world. I believe the health care all of our citizens should be taken care of.


I believe in saving as many lives as possible. Often times for it becomes a question of economics- who will pay? When I lived in Italy they took 47% of my income for taxes. The defense is that if anybody goes to the hospital, its free. But all lead up appointments in clinics and the subsequent tests are out of pocket until you become a senior citizen. The lines are long and there are rarely appoinments. Dental care is on you. The key in the US is to regulate medical costs once more. President Nixon deregulated them.


It scares me that you think government is the solution. Government does nothing well and to put our healthcare totally into their hands, would be a disaster.


Well, first of all, who said “put our healthcare totally into their [the gov.'s] hands”? Not me.

“disaster”? Maybe. How do you define it? high mortality rates? high infant mortality rates? low cure rates? In case you haven’t noticed, the US ranks at or near the bottom of all developed nations in all those categories right now.


Ain’t no such thing . . . :sunglasses:


As those wonderful Italian taxes showed me!!!

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