Do you think the news tries to scare people?

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I admit, I’m not an avid news watcher. I keep up with things happening in the world–but the local news especially, is so depressing.:frowning: It is 9 times of out of ten–bad news. The news/media also acts like they are the great rescuer–trying to help people in case gas gets so high, that we all need to be eating rice.:rolleyes: I remember when the weather forecasters predicted recently about a tornado coming through where I live (a few months ago) and it rained…um, hard. It was windy, but nothing like they were alarming everyone about. The biggest thing that they have gotten right, is their coverage of the real estate crisis in Florida***–that, is not an exaggeration***.

The latest thing about food prices–well, I don’t really need to watch the news to figure out that food is going up. But…truthfully, I have been spending around the same amount for around 5 years now. Gas wasn’t this high 5 years ago–so is the news exaggerating? How do you feel about the media–do they try to inflict worry on us, and if so, why?

I have learned oodles by watching the news, don’t get me wrong, but they seem to want to scare people into thinking that things are worse than they are. I dunno…maybe I’m just rambling.:stuck_out_tongue:

Curious as to your thoughts.

If I want that, I go to the OilDrum’s “DrumBeat.” It will scare you.

Hi Whatevergirl,
Happy Sunday to you too. Yes the news does scare people. If we allow them. They try to effect change of our policies, get people angry. They present only one side of the story. Let’s take some examples: Gun control- we only hear the bad stories,the school shootings, murder rates, old west mentiality, death of innocent people from gang shootings etc. But when do we really hear about crime being stopped by a person with a gun,people being protected, property saved, or criminals flee the scene because they don’t to be killed. Immigration- They come down on the side of the poor migrant people, how they are only trying to get work, and many more related topics. The media doesn’t define it as an invasion (Look in the dictionary for other definitions of the word), they don’t go to the day laborer sites, home improvement centers,paint stores, U-Haul, furniture stores to see that the men are falling over each other or peeing in public etc. The news media won’t report on the negative effects of MASS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION has on the native population. I could go on this one subject but that’s not your intent of this thread or my response to it.

Other areas the media (main stream) likes to distort, tell lies, only do partial or no research, not show the other side, put down, surpress. The war in Iraq, abortion, holocaust. Question: Which has caused the most deaths? Does the media use those comparsions when talking about the sanctity of life. The Cold War,we survived that one. Global warming-32 yrs ago, it was a new Ice Age, now global warming, and some say again we are heading for an ice age. So which is it? Climate goes in stages, it always will. The news media likes to elevate so-called experts on topics i.e. Al Gore (didn’t he claimed to start the Internet?). But they fail to report on the hypocrisy of those same people. Bird flu. Terrorism-we are slowly losing our rights and freedoms for hyped-up fears. There is way too many incidents to bring out and to comment on.

No, you are not rambling on, in fact maybe you could continue on and alert other people to take a more critical view. That’s one way to keep them honest. Another way is don’t turn them on, they will lose viewers and revenue. Then maybe they will go back to being the defender of free speech and government watch dog. Not the government or big business mouthpiece. Yes, today’s newscasters are not investigative reporters anymore, but pretty boy and girl news readers. They are only reading what someone else wrote. Another thing they act like we are stupid. Sometimes,unfortunately that part is true. Nobody cares anymore.

For it might as well be,our constitutional Republic be damned.

They’re not scaring people. The gas prices ARE too high already. Forcing the prices of everything else too high. If we can’t handle the truth don’t read it.

I am afraid that it is a realistic possibility that hundreds of millions will die of starvation next decade. Also, I am afraid that human innovation might fail and lead us to the road to the Olduvai Gorge. Of course, I cannot say that scenario will happen with absolute certitude, but I have some hope in human ingenuity.

While I see the connection jim between high gas prices and rising food costs (again, the news isn’t shedding any new lights on that, just magnifying an already bad situation, maybe is more my point) I wonder how people survived the great depression? People used to stand outside, lines wrapping around blocks, just for a bowl of soup. The news at times, paints the picture as grim as that. Now, I do know people who are barely making ends meet, and the rising gas prices might cause them to not be able to work…but, the news has always had a tendency to want to create nervousness …I remember the bird flu. Did it wreak the havoc they predicted? No. There are many scenarios like that–I guess I wonder when did the news turn from truly relaying newsworthy information, to a harbinger of negativity? CNN did a stint recently on how vitamins can escalate mortality. OMG. Give me a break, but the FDA puts its stamp of approval on viagra, but not vitamin c. Why? There’s no money if people are well in this country…so, the gov’t is out to warn us about taking vitamins? hahaha Our Mediterranean and Asian counterparts have been living off the earth for years, with little if any medications like we have in the US, and their life expectancies are far greaters than ours here. That is what I’m talking about…it’s like they (media) think we are all stupid, or something.

jim–I can handle the truth, by the way. I just think the negativity is overkill.

Actually, they should be reporting that oil companies in the country are greedy, and that is actually more of the real reason we are seeing the staggering prices at the pump, and thus elsewhere. Maybe they can’t handle the truth.:wink:

I would say overall yes. The media is not the “5th Estate” with public responsibilities but just a capital creation arm of a couple corporations. When news went from non-profit to profit, it became the lowest common denominator, whatever it takes to get the most eyes at a given time. Public Radio (and by extension similar outlets in other countries (BBC, CBC, do their best but can only go so far to present detailed discussions of issues which society needs.

Of course they try to scare people. That keeps people coming back to their shows/websites/whatever in order to hear “the latest,” and that in turn makes their sponsors happy. After 9/11, I quit watching the news for several months. I would go on the websites and read the headlines, but I refused to pollute my mind with all of the hype. My biggest beef is the health-related stuff. The media’s coverage of SARS, bird flu, MRSA, and all of that would have you think that certain doom is just around the corner. :rolleyes: I am an RN who worked in ICU for 13 years and dealt with all sorts of atypical respiratory bugs, and I can’t tell you how many times I was in close contact with a new patient, only to find out later that the person had MRSA. Guess what? I’m as healthy as ever, but if I were to believe the media, I should have been dead 15 years ago. I choose to walk by faith and not by sight, and to take reasonable measures to stay healthy such as eating right, exercising, controlling stress in my life, and getting enough sleep. Part of the stress-reduction is limiting my exposure to the over-sensationalized news media. :twocents:

The news services, unfortunately, seem to rely on sensationalism rather than fear. If they really wanted to be honest about scaring people, they would broadcast every single abortion, and how many times a day this happens and what happens and the killers and distraught Mothers that are involved.
They would print news about the silent killing of our elderly that happens non-stop everywhere in our nursing homes and palliative care .
They would tell us about the scourge of drug use that kills, maims and destroys societies and families daily.

No they really don’t want to scare us…just feed us rabbit food, harmless rabbit food like lies about global warming and gay whales being hunted.
I only trust Zenit, VIS and here for reliable info!!

There is a global food crisis, there are some countries where people are actually starving. The food pantries (At least here in NY) are running at 50 % lower than they have ever been, There are families who are going to these food banks for food (working families) who have never been to the food pantries in their lives before… This is not the news or the media scaring people, I know this for a fact, I pick up donated food, I know many who work in the pantries and food Kitchens. There is a definate crisis in this country and others, and it is only going to get worse.:frowning:

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