Do you think the Pope ever watches EWTN?

Do you think the Pope ever watches EWTN?

I think he is too busy. It’s amazing what he accomplishes at his age. Even if you disregard his being a wonderful Holy Father, he has my respect for his work ethic alone.

I agree. He is a busy man. Being pope usually doesn’t mean you can flick on the TV and watch your favorite shows. (That’s why I could never do it. Wouldn’t want to miss Sportscenter)

That’s true. I just saw an image of him on EWTN and I was thinking it would be nice of he could see lol.

The Pope is certainly aware of EWTN.

Not sure about EWTN but I’m convinced he’s a Trekkie and also watched the Manny Pacquio fight! :smiley:

As everyone’s said… He’s very busy.
Like, busier than I could ever fathom being.

They showed the papal apartments once on a show I saw. I don’t recall seeing a couch or a TV… :wink:

Well, he’s done more than watch (on one occasion anyway)… :slight_smile:

Don’t know about EWTN, but I have heard he spends downtime watching DVDs with the Papal Family.

EWTN has done great things for the Church- the Holy Father knows that. I’m sure he appreciates it for that reason. Since he’s already very highly educated in the Faith, he’s already very holy, and he could have personal access to whatever living spiritual directors, theologians, & inspirational preachers he could want (and he could get all the writings/recordings of all the dead ones that he could want), I am not sure EWTN has much to offer him personally.

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