Do you think the same phenomenon explains both possessions and alien encounters?

Ever since I was little, the UFO and alien abduction and encounter phenomena have frightened me - mainly because (1) they are freaky (and I’m a wimp) and (2) aliens pose serious questions for the Christian faith (and would shake some key Christian concepts).

I know plenty of CAF users will poke fun at UFO and aliens. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything like that, but I am not so willing to simply dismiss all those UFO videos, UFO encounter stories, alien encounter stories, alien abductions, etc.

However, I also realize plenty CAF users here will willingly accept the existence of demons, possessions, and evil encounters.

My question is: if these alien encounters are real, do you think they are related to ghost and demonic encounters?

On CAF, you will find most folks on here do not believe in this sort of thing, but I do personally.

If you are interested in this connection, there was a catholic priest that wrote a book on this very topic, and found the two are almost identical in every way. although I cannot think of the name, Google will know though.

From a psychological point of view, both “possession attacks” (a psychological disorder, not genuine demonic possession) and “alien abduction experiences” have been conceptualized as dissociative disorders, often arising from a combination of severe childhood trauma and later life events in a poorly integrated personality. :slight_smile:

Even exorcists recognize that there is a line to be drawn between genuine demonic possession / oppression and mental illness. However, I’m not familiar with any exorcists who have pronounced on “alien abduction” experiences.

It’s called mumbo jumbo in the case of alien abductions. Makes for a good story, but that’s it.
There are such a thing as people who need an exorcism. Not many, but it is a real thing.

So no, not the same phenomenon.

I don’t believe UFO phenomena are demonic possession or influence. I just think they are frauds or psychological phenomena.

I’m probably a bigger wimp than you are!

Sometimes it’s the effects of drugs or alcohol. Which could open a person up to the demonic anyway.

Sometimes it’s psychological/neurological. Studies have been done stimulating human brains, and there appear shadow people/greys, in a university lab.

Sometimes it’s just downright fraud. Malarkey. Attention seeking etc.:eek:

Sometimes it’s demonic.

But, because it’s occasionally demonic, we shouldn’t be seeking it. I’d leave this stuff alone, except so many pop culture references are leaning towards UFOs. Kid shows, tv shows, movies, books.
I’ve even seen people try and say Fatima’s miracle of the sun was demonic/ufo influenced. (I believe it was as it is told to us by the Church.)

What about all the UFO videos and Area 51 and such?

So I just switched to the weather channel because there’s a show on tornadoes, which I’m interested in… And OF COURSE UFOs are brought into it. I’m watching it and it’s sort of interesting. It seems UFOs are sometimes seen around the time a tornado strikes. It’s showing videos of them on the weather channel right now. Creepy stuff.

I feel like this kind of phenomenon has to be more than human psychology or faking. It’s something really seen, even unexplainable. Aliens? I’m not sure. But it’s weird.

The two are not connected , demons are not physical beings. ( not that I’d Know )
And Aliens. (. Which I’d never seen ) Come from way outa town ,

It’s Feasable both exist , but not really Feasable that either Phenomenon are related

Ghosts rattle me more than aliens.

Personally, while I admit that the enormity of space (all those planets) makes aliens more than possible; that same enormity (all those cubic miles!) makes it laughable (to me) that we are being “visited” all the time. Consider the emptiness of a desert road hundreds of miles from town. Multiply by 10 to the sixth. That’s our corner of space.

In any case, aliens in no way threaten our faith. Ghosts are more troubling because becoming a ghost forms no part of Christian eschatology.


I think Mikekle and myself are the only weirdos here that think UFOs are demonic. That is, if UFO’s are real, they are not from another planet. They are from another dimension: Hell. Most of the big names in UFOlogy now think they are inter-dimensional and not physically real. They occupy the spirit realm and are very deceptive and malicious. Sounds like demons to me.

The demonic could easily simulate alien abductions and thus get people either to abandon their faith, engage in otherworldly New Age cults, or otherwise trick people into substituting science fiction and fantasy for religion.

A triplet of interesting books on the subject in freely downloadable pdf format are Passport to Magonia, Dimensions, A Casebook of Alien Contact, and Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts And Cults, all by Jaques Vallee.

This is a quote out of Dimensions in The Case of the Oxford Scorpion-Man (page 24 in the pdf):

A letter from a British woman begins:
At the lecture by Jacques Vallee at the London A.A. [Architects Association] on the 12 th of
December I was surprised by one of the slides of a Phoenician seal showing a winged sphere
held up by two creatures which he described as “Scorpion men.” Perhaps I have seen such a
man myself…
It was the summer of 1968, about 4:00 P.M. She was driving from London to a place near Stratford
to visit friends for the weekend. She had a companion in the car with her. Just outside Oxford they
both saw a shining disk in the sky. They slowed and then stopped to watch it as it darted and
dodged. Another car stopped to watch it, too. Eventually it sank behind the trees. They resumed
their trip, but the really striking events took place after the disk had disappeared:
During the drive between Burford and Stratford I had some startling, and to me, novel
insights into what I can only describe as the Nature of Reality. They were connected in some
way to this shining disk, and have had a profound effect on me, causing what is commonly
known as a personality change. I won’t try to explain what those insights were since almost
all the religions of the world have tried to do this and have failed. (In that afternoon I
changed from an agnostic to a gnostic, if that means anything at all.) However, these insights
hit me like bolts from the blue, as though from outside, one after the other. I’ve never had a
similar experience since.
The letter continues with a description of what the woman saw that evening after supper, a
description that seems to come straight out of a John Fowles novel: the guests were in the sitting
room, which had open French windows leading out onto the lawn, and the woman went over to the
window to get a breath of fresh air. The weather, she wrote, was “very hot and close.”
The light from the room shone in an arc of about ten feet around the window. In that area I
saw, as soon as I came to the window, a strange figure. My perception of it was heightened
by the state of frozen panic it produced in me. It was for me without any doubt, a demon, or
devil because of my Western oriented interpretation (I imagine) of the vision or creature or
animal or man, or whatever it was I saw. Like the “Scorpion man,” as well as Pan, it had dog
or goat-like legs. It was covered in silky, downy fur, dark, and glinting in the light. It was
unmistakably humanoid, and to my mind malevolent. It crouched, and stared, unblinkingly,
at me with light, grape-green eyes that slanted upwards and had no pupils. The eyes shone
and were by far the most frightening thing about it. It was, I think retrospectively, trying to
communicate with me, but my panic interfered with any message I might have received. If it
had stood to its full height it would have been about four to five feet tall. It had pointed ears
and a long muzzle. It gave the impression of emaciation; its hands and fingers were as thin
as sticks.
Eventually, convinced that I was hallucinating, I went and sat down for a while, until the
panic had subsided. Then I went to see if it was still there. It was, except that it had moved
further into the shadows on the edge of the arc of light. I made sure I kept away from that
door for the rest of the evening, and left the next day. I told no one. That it may have been
connected with the shining disk I only realized when I saw that slide.
I have other reports in my files of such forgotten observations that the witnesses only recollected
when their memory was triggered by a slide, a book cover, or a lecture.

It is very possible that what we think of as visitors from other planets may not be that at all, but something very old that has been with us for as long as recorded history.

There are many other very odd (and very old) accounts of similar phenomena in those books.

There is also this: it has been reported that sometimes, when people are at the beginning of an ‘abduction’, they invoke the name of Christ to get the ‘abduction’ to stop, and it does. Question: why would aliens care about Christ?

long ago (hundreds of years) all the stories concerned demons, then as science advanced, they morphed into aliens. Yes, more then related, they are the same thing. Maybe some people are more sensitive to certain phenomenon and, effectively ‘see’ more than the rest of us, I don’t know, but I think both with demons and aliens, it’s mostly ‘in their heads’ - doesn’t mean they aren’t real to them though.

I would think aliens capable of crossing the immense distances of space would probably be more forthcoming than kidnapping Joe-Bob from a trailer park in the Ozarks and imparting the dire warning to stop eating moon pies and building bombs!

If they were created long before mankind, its entirely possible they would have figured out a way around the distance problem, even our modern experts are speculating worm holes may be one way to lessen long distance space travel, now think about a race of beings who were created 100s of 1000s of years before us…Yea, I think they could figure out a way to do this.

Besides there are just way too many reports over the years from highly credible people, Personally I liked Dr. Mack from Harvard.

Im not entirely sold on the idea they are demons, but I do think its very possible, it would be a perfect way in the modern world to draw people away from God (convincing people mankind was created by a race of aliens rather than God), we are already primed to believe in this sort of thing anyway thru popular media and culture (aliens are very popular right now).

I will say though, I think this may explain why no one seems to be able to get a good video or picture of them, they may not be ‘fully compatible’ with our world or technology, this would explain all the blurry out of focus pics.

Fakes. And poor fakes at that.

When they aren’t out & out fakes, sleep paralysis explains many cases. It isn’t uncommon - I’ve experienced it twice - but even when you know what’s happening, it’s very frightening. Google sleep paralysis - there’s a lot of information about it.

I’ve had that too. But while I was unable to use or move my limbs (beyond wiggling of my hands) until I went back to sleep, I didn’t see any aliens.

Hypnogogy does explain a lot of what we “see” that’s not there.


Ephesians 2 calls Satan the Prince of power of the air…I wouldn’t laugh the whole UFO phenomena off as the delusions of a bunch of kooks…there are those who believe that alien beings will be the saviors of mankind before we blow ourselves up…one example how Satan can manipulate people away from the truth that Jesus Christ will be the one who will bring peace to the world…not aliens…there are more than a few parallels between UFO phenomena and Bible end times…Jesus said that many are going to be deceived in those days…much of the UFO phenomena is also like a riddle which seems to only cause confusion the more the subject is studied…another trick of Satan perhaps…there are many cases of those who have had close encounters…even abductions that have left many of those people deeply traumatized by seemingly psychic (demonic?) phenomena that follows such encounters…it’s not so easy to brush them off as just delusional people…then you have retired military personnel… some of them high ranking…who come out publicly and say they were involved in UFO cover ups…or their family members have come forward and said their husband/father…had told them what they were knew about UFO’s before they died…you have to ask yourself why would all these people expose themselves to ridicule especially when they have nothing to gain…are we being manipulated by Satan to a point in time where the Bible says he will be released and given authority to deceive as many as he can for a short time…personally I like to keep an open mind on what might or might not be…at the same time I also know that God is in control no matter what might or might not happen

There have been no alien abductions. There have been no alien encounters. Aliens have not visited the earth. All that is simply fantasy.

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