Do you think this is a sin?

Hi all,

I have something of a dilemma. I know that a priest is the best person to ask about these things, but I will not have a chance to ask a priest about them in the near future.

So, the problem is thus:

Today, I was walking home, with some money in my pocket. The money belonged to my mother, who had given it to me for a haircut (the money was the change left afterwards). I passed a homeless man (or someone who resembled a homeless man), who asked for charity. I had no money of my own on my person at the time. I decided, after some hand-wringing, to give him a few Euros. When I got home, I admitted what I had done to my mother and paid her back the few Euros out of my own funds.

Do you think this is serious? I would seem to have made amends with my mother, as I have restored the money to her. But did I have a right to use it in this way?


If you had no intention or capability to pay her back, then it might be a venial sin. Seeing as you intended to and had the capability to pay her back, I highly doubt that it could be considered sinful.

If it was venially sinful at first, I would imagine that all is well now. Since venial sins are not nearly so difficult to receive forgiveness for, I think that the way you handled the situation would resolve the sin. But it sounds to me like you did have the intention to pay her back all along, so it is probably ok anyhow. Especially if you had reason to believe that your mother would be ok would the whole situation.
Anyways it is venially sinful at the very most, but I doubt it is that.

If charity is a sin, I am a sinner also.
If social justice is a sin, I am a sinner also.
Therefore, Mother Teresa is the biggest sinner of our generation. Amazing! The Church calls a sinner blessed and thousands upon thousands of people are helped by her heroic example.

No, it was not a sin.

And then there is the story of the humble woman who broke a jar of expensive ointment and put it on the feet. . .

Not really.

Indeed it does.

The money was entrusted to you, to be used under your discretion. You’d only have been wrong in using the money in a way in which your mother would expressly disapprove.

At most it would be a venial sin for disobeying your mother, and only if you are under the age of adulthood. (Adults are not obligated to obey their parents.) Say sorry to God and say an Act of Contrition. Many of the saints did just as you said. They were entrusted with money by family or friends for some purpose, but instead gave it to the poor or opened a hospital or some other good purpose. Some of the saints were ostracized from their families over this.

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