Do you think this is appropriate attire for Mass?


there has ben alot of discussion about clothing worn to Mass. here are some examples of what i have seen people wearing to Mass, and to me, it is highly inappropriate to wear these types of clothing to Mass. What is your opinion? Do you think people should wear more conservative clothing to Mass out of respect fo rour Lord? I do. the photo of the devil type thing is like a t-shirt i’ve seen in Mass.


None of the above. Come dressed fit to meet the King of Kings, to show Him you have respect and awe for His divinity.


if it was a hot summer day in Vegas, the dress would be fine.

but the rest of it… not only is it inappropriate for Mass, it’s innappropriate for anyone at anytime from a bad taste point of view.


Unless you are so poor that you can not afford ANYTHING better, this is total disrespect. :mad: I would not go to “Bi-Lo” dressed like this let along Mass.


that dress is about a little over the hip, but above the knee. i’ve seen these types of dresses before. they are very tacky and very trashy. not something one ought to be wearing in the presence of our Lord. You’d never see the Blessed Virgin wearing a dress like that!

people can actually get very modest clothing at goodwill for very few dollars.


I’m not usually the clothes police, but it’s definitely inappropriate to wear something like that in the house of God, especially the devilish shirt.


No, I don’t think they are appropriate…but I have seen about as bad…:frowning:



None of them are appropriate, even the Dress - which seems far too low cut on the chest to me.

If people cant afford decent and respectful clothing, then things will be different.

Would you wear them when you meet your American President? So why on Earth wear them when one meets the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords at the Holy Sacrifice? Would Our Lady wear that dress at the foot of the Cross?

Somehow… I don’t think so.


No, but I guess I’m a bit prudish - I don’t think those are appropriate things to wear ANYWHERE!




I agree with you;) I think you miss understood my post. When I said unless you have nothing better, I meant it. It is true that very decent clothing can be found at Goodwill or any low price clothing stores. For example ladies can even get a brand new skirt or dress slacks and a top both for under $15.00 at Kmart. (believe me I know;)) “Poor men” can also get a nice pair of slacks $9.98 and a “golf shirt” for $4.99 all new! (Why I know these prices is my son wears this as their required “uniform” for public school.)
Unless you are homeless and so dirt poor there is NO excuse to wear clothes like this.


let me say this. i have had a friend tell me that anything goes for attire so long as the person is attending Mass, and that Jesus would not be upset or reject anyone based on what they wore to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

I then said, well that is not necessarily true because God would not approve of someone showing their cleavage or
wearing a jacked up dress, or really trashy clothing to His
house would He?

The friend then said, well, what if all you owned was a pair of ratty old jeans and a ratty old shirt, and went to Mass, would Jesus still reject you? That was a very good point! I said no,
because if that was all you owned and you had no other money, and no means at all to get modest clothing then why would Christ be offended?
the friend then went on to say, well, what about the dress?
i said, do you not think it would be better off if the woman just did not go to Mass? the friend then said, Christ accepts everyone true? I said yes He does, and the friend then said, would Christ be offended if that was all she had to wear and could afford no other clothing at all? I could only state to the friend that i was not sure, because that type of dress sends the wrong message and is a distraction at Mass.

The friend told me that regardless of what we wear, we all ought to be accepted at Mass. I then said, what about the satanic heavy metal t-shirt i saw the teenager wearing at Mass? the friend said, unaccapteble! i said, well, if Christ accepts us all regardless of what we wear, then it should not matter if this teenager was wearing a devilish t-shirt shouldn’t it? the friend had nothing to say to that.

where do you draw the line? is it ok for those to wear the dress, or the pants and shirt, and draw the line at the t-shirt?
i would draw the line at all of it. why? because a woman who owns only that dress and no other can always ask social services for a dress fund, the teenager does not need to wear a satanic t-shirt to Mass! the other thing too with the jeans and t-shirt ripped is that the same man could always ask social services for clothing. so actually, i draw the line at all of it.

one note i had on the pants and ripped shirt, is that i think this would be acceptable to a certain degre because it is not truly immodest, but the devilish t-shirt and dress are. i gues it makes me look like a hypocrit because i told the friend that Christ would not likely reject someone who wore jeans and a shirt that were ripped if that was all they owned and could not get ANY type of access to other modest clothing. it is a hard thing to answer because the dress is trashy and it sends the wrong message, and the devilish type t-shirt is satanic and i definitely draw the lines at both of those, but what about the pants and shirt?


The dress is totally unacceptable and the “satinic t-shirt” unless the teen wore it inside out (which I would ask him to please do so) is also without a doubt totally unacceptable. It doesn’t cost much to dress decent for Mass;)


That type of clothing are inappropriate. I don’t have a picture–but young women wearing those low cut jeans to Mass–that barely cover the backside—well you get the picture.


the heavy metal t-shirt i saw at Mass was satanic, and the teenager wore it out in the open and no one said a thing. :eek:
and to think i used to wear led zeppelin t-shirts as a teenager! :eek: i never went to Mass either at that time…


It is highly unlikely that these clothes are the best that most all individuals in the US can afford. As has been pointed out numerous times there are thrift shops, clothes giveaways, church rummage sales, etc, where one can pick up a decent shirt, skirt or pants. I am a social worker. I know my clients (whom often have very little) still had at least one “good” set of clothes for funerals. Usually they had more than that due to the abundance of thrift shops, garage sales and the like.
I have lived in a tent next to an irrigation ditch and picked fruit to survive. I still found it possible to have clean clothes with no holes in them to wear when my work clothes were not sufficient.
I find it very difficult to believe that in the US anyone must resort to wearing these garments to Mass.


The shirt and jeans would be appropriate if one were doing hard, dirty manual labor and had the opportunity of attending a daily Mass during the working day. . . I’ve seen kids who’ve put in a full morning of doing hard landscaping work at the parish as a service project and have squeezed in Noon Mass on their lunch hour. As long as face and hands are clean in that situation, I wouldn’t want them turned away because of how they’re dressed. But in general, the clothes pictured are inappropriate. . . .


well, i don’t know where you live, but where we live it happens quite frequently.:rolleyes:


The shirt and the pants are more than appropriate if you are at Church giving thanks for just having survived an attack on your way to Mass.:smiley:


Wow… that’s scary… I’ve thankfully never seen anyone wear the scary shirt like that or the majorly torn pants…

The dress could look decent depending on how it looked ON a person…
I guess living in FL we get a lot of short sundresses at Mass, and that doesn’t bother me so much, as long as it wasn’t totally revealing…

I usually NEVER pay attention to what anyone’s wearing at Mass (I’m usually concentrating on Mass… or attempting to with 2 young kids! :smiley: )… and I’m certainly not totally prudish… but those scary looking shirts would definitely be inappropriate, IMO!

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