Do you think this is child abuse?


There are more complicated physical reasons for a gender dysmorphic thought. But they must be individually reviewed. A hermaphrodite has choices to make. A few enjoying their unique state. Probably, a YT video, on which I stumbled.
Whatever unhealthy situation that we have, should receive concern & empathy. It must be solved GOD’s way, following RULES OF NATURE.
I may have your position wrong but it is like you are trying to make excuses for this victim & make him happy, giving him, WHAT HE WANTS & NOT WHAT HE NEEDS . WHICH IS TO HEAL IN GODS PARAMETERS.
IM calling on us to rethink this journey we took on a wrong path. We are to love everybody & bringbthem to healing THROUGH JESUS TO SAVE THEIR SOUL…
Political correctness has us hypnotized. It’s OK to say, SHARIA LAW WILL NOT BE IN AMERICA. Honor killings will not be in America. AND someday our Freedom of Religion will ban any religion w blood sacrifices. I’ll admit we can’t quite pick & choice but causing death, might be a good parameter. God knows for sure.
Anyway, the church was out of order to accepts sciences analogy that homosexuality is normal. God’s call is correct. Sex is not to be a god
Holy Spirit, I give this to You to clarify. We may have lost souls.



Can you point to any documents regarding this?



First of all no need to shout. Even though I’m 60 I can hear perfectly well. I am not making “excuses” for this child, I am speaking generally about transgenderism. FWIW I do think this case is “abuse”, at least on the surface as I don’t know other than the details the media reported. A Russian media outlet BTW so I take it with a grain of salt. It appears to be a classic case of a mother trying to feminize a boy, mixed with the typical tug-of-war of divorce where a child is the pawn.

That said, I should give a caveat. I am the father of a transgendered child. Well, not really child, she came out in her twenties. She is an adult, and thus has free will. I have been guided by a wise old Benedictine monk through this. My first instinct, which turned out to be correct, was to tell her I loved her unconditionally, and accepted her as-is, where-is. I pray for her daily. There is one thing I will not do is antagonize her by telling her she is delusional. Moreover, you cannot pray this problem away. I can say that it causes great suffering.

Honestly I thought my child was lost until she came out. She is much happier, more open, and more communicative since coming out and we have been much closer since. It is an awful burden to have to carry. She was living in complete solitude until coming out.

Jesus, if anything, came to alleviate suffering. Since the science is still incomplete on this subject, our goal should be to alleviate the suffering of these individuals in the best way we can, even if it is imperfect.



God bless you richly for participating in your daughters suffering. We know these conditions create a lot of suffering and the suicide rate is much higher because people just want to stop the pain. Unconditional love is the only thing that can heal this, and you have been a vessel of this much needed balm.



Read your scripture. It never changes. Even if the church today, may still thinknscience has it right, what does God say? Why did He say it? Why did we get physical rules of diet & cleanliness & Spiritual rules? To keep us safe & healthy & Holy in fellowship w HIM.
I would say this to the Pope. Scripture is living water that moves but never changes course.
Holy Spirit, let my words be Your Words to bring about Truth & healing. In Jesus name. Amen

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So very, very, this…
And so many teens are falling into this trap, with the adults around them hog tied as to their options to help them.

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Teens are strange creatures. A loving child, one day. THEN, they go to dchool & pop in at home an alien. Where did my child go? The advertising of this topic exposes it to the curious, experimenting TEENS. They’ll try stuff. It used to be cigsrettes & beer. Then, cigs, beer, sex & drugs. Now, different forms of sex & gender! Well,! Today I’m a girl who is heterosexual. But that makes HIM, HOMOSEXUAL w a dress on…
WE ARE ALLOWED TO SAY NO! Explain sex via the Bible. Teach the Spirit journey to heaven is our life, not physical, carnal, sinful journey. Political Correctness is a lie from the pit of hell! Love someone, if they continue sinning after you share your Spiritual Love, let them go. Don’t hang around kids challenging the rules.
We’re goimg through something now. A good friend could have parents that smoke marijuana or more. Some are drunks. Why are we letting our kids get exposed to this?? It’s so bad now, keep them home w DVD movies that show lives you’d like to have. IDK. You give birth to this beautiful baby, that is precious till 12…
God help us all.
I’m Jesus Name


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