Do you think this is wrong?

I am frequently around this person who, in a crowd of usually about 5 people or so, will say “JC!!”… only as a swearing thing, not with reverence (to say the least)…

He knows i am a Christian, not necessarily that i am Catholic. I just told him some months ago that i live like a nun; that’s all he knows… So anyway, he probably knows i don’t want to hear the Lord’s name usedthat way, but keeps doing it.

I never say anything, but i am thinking of saying something next time…

Do you think i should?

Do you think it is long over-due?

I don’t know why i haven’t said anything. I guess i figured he would just think i was some kind of wacked-out religious nut (which he probably already does anyway, didn’t want to confirm it :o )… and it wouldn’t do any good except he would have the excuse he needs to attack me, verbally, which excuse i think he is looking for (???)… I guess i kinda figured that already knows he shouldn’t be using the Lord’s name like that… so whatever i say isn’t going to make much difference…

What do you think??? Have you been in this kind of situation before???


I’ve had to work briefly around vulgar and offensive people, but this seems a little different. He probably doesn’t even realize how offensive it is to Christians. It’s certainly one of my pet peeves, too, but fortunately I don’t think particular thing has come up at my office before. I’d go ahead and let him know how offensive it is to you. If this just encourages him to do it more, you might try going to his or your supervisor.

i heard rosalind moss tell a story on the radio once.

when she worked in a diner, the rest of the staff would JC! all of the time and it really bothered her too. i can’t remember if she said she didn’t like that at first… but after a few months she finally thought to say “I love him!!” to every time she heard it in the diner. she would just shout it across the room.

at first they were like??? what? she said, you said Jesus Christ and i love him so i just replied (or something like that…). i think this went on for a few more months and finally they stopped JC!-ing.

just an alternative to telling somebody you don’t like what they’re doing and they know that it bothers you…

The owner of the company I work who is a Buddist doesn’t realize she is saying something offensive because it is common place with her Evangelical friends. They say it and she just picks it up. When she says the offending term, I usually said blessed be his name.


I ws going to do that… justj don’t really want to hear his rebuttal… this guy can be really crude sometimes… and hateful and stuff…

but oh well… i am reminded of what was done to Jesus… :frowning: My problem is a walk in the park comparatively speaking…

Good advice… not sure why i didn’t think of it… distracted, i guess…

she doesn;'t know it is offensive…?? Hmm… why does she say it? :confused: i mean, if someone just says JC… without there being a complete sentence… its kinda usually assumed to be a swear word…

I’m starting to find myself more agitated with this issue around myself. Even to this day, I still catch myself on these things and sometimes I really have to kick myself to stop.

I used to be the worlds worst for saying “Holy Mother of God” and “Jesus Christ” and several other statements in offensive manners, even as a Protestant (in the process of converting to Catholicism). However, I am being humbled more and more by the Holy Spirit to realize just how much doing this is like walking on dangerous ground and hurts the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. When I think on those things, it begins to pain me.

I am definitely going to use that phrase when someone shouts, “JC!” I am going to shout out, “I love Him!” and the same for Mary, the angels and saints, and the Holy Trinity.

I would encourage you to pray about it and ask God to give you the right words at the time and you’ll know what to say.

I mean, really, is it a bad thing for someone to think you’re a religous nut? We are sold out for Christ right? He was for us(and still is).

When I was not even close to being Catholic(I’m still technically not, I’m in RCIA) I was not even a good protestant at the time and my college roommate would say GD a lot. It bothered me even though I wasn’t living in a manner that you’d think it would bother me. Anyway, one day I just said to her that I understood that she wasn’t a fan of God’s (she claimed to be agnostic) but could she at least respect that I was and not use His name like that. She looked at me like I was a moron but she did stop saying it. Your coworker may or may not respect you or Christ enough to stop, but it will be ok if he thinks you’re nuts for asking. You’ll be honoring Christ and who has ever gone wrong doing that?

So anyway, he probably knows i don’t want to hear the Lord’s name usedthat way, but keeps doing it.

You never know, your friend may not know that you don’t want to hear it. Before I entered the Church I said it all the time. I had friends who said they were Christian and I still said it. At the time I just didn’t know any better. I looked at it as just another way to swear, which to me was perfectly normal and acceptable. :o

God bless

i usually don’t give a rip who thinks i am a fanatic… It is still a mystery why i responded to this guy the way i did… by not really responding (He probably expected me to… probably said it just to get a response)… but anyway… it could be the Holy Spirit wanted me to remain silent in this particular case (for the time being)… One never knows about the ways of the Holy Spirit… maybe silence said more to him than any words i could say…

One interesting thing is: He has NOT said it lately… :slight_smile:

I’m currently in RCIA and I asked about this very same ordeal because the people around me love to use the Lord’s name in vain.

I was pointed to a website that recommended this:

when His Name is taken in vain, the Catholic in the room will (or at least should) make reparation by crossing himself and praying “Sit nomen Dómini benedíctum!” (“Blessed be the Name of the Lord!”), to which another Catholic who might be in the room replies, “Ex hoc nunc, et usque in sæculum!” (“from this time forth for evermore!”) or “per ómnia saecula saeculórum” (“unto ages of ages”).

(This was taken from

I started doing this and it ended up encouraging my co-workers to use the Lord’s name in vain even more. I’m a guy that works in a very blue collar area, and the other guys will yell out the Lord’s name because 1) they don’t agree with my conversion and 2) they are testing me and like to see me cross. The owner of the company has been out of the area for the past week, but I plan on talking to him about it on Monday.

I see no reason why we should be targets because of our faith, and we have the right to work in an environment that is respectable of everyone’s faiths and beliefs.

Good luck with talking to your co-worker.

wow… that’s amazing… and diabolical… but probably done out of ignorance… I mean, i sometimes wnder how i would have turned out if not raised Catholic (and now self-catechized Catholic)… Still,you are right… that this kind of disrespect should NOT be tolerated. If you were gay and “persecuted” for it, the boss would have reprimanded those people in a heart beat… or if you had been Jewish or Black or whatever…

May Jesus give you the right words to say…

and if you haven’t thought of this… a lot of good has come from this… All that crossing of yourself (etc) may have more of an effect on those people than you know… (they aren’t going to admit it… at least not until thye are converted themselves…).

God bless… :slight_smile:

In response to someone constantly saying ‘J____ C___!’ or "G_d!’ I heard someone quip ***“Maybe you should call on someone you know better?!” *** I don’t know if it helped the situation but it was a witty comeback and maybe put the person in their place.

You don’t want to be mean or get into a verbal back and forth but depending on the situation and the person, it just might work… :twocents:


good one… :slight_smile:

I’m usually not terribly shy, and a lot of times I try to use a little humor to try to get my point across.

For example, someone says, “JC!!”
I might say, “WHERE? WHERE?”
Oh, I’m sorry, you were using his great name so intensely I thought you might have seen him somewhere. :wink:

“Holy Mother of God!”

I’m not afraid to shut people down, but I never want to alienate anyone, or come across as an evil fanatic. So I try to be a little clever and then maybe be like, “Oh please, isn’t there something else in your vocabulary you can use?”


That’s a good one… :smiley:

I love this response! Talk about giving them something to think about. :slight_smile:

I think you have a wonderful opportunity to stand up for His blessed name. Go for it girl!!! :thumbsup:

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