Do you think this verse from Micah supports purgation?

*Micah 7:9 I will bear the indignation of the Lord because I have sinned against him, until he pleads my cause and executes judgment for me. He will bring me forth to the light; I shall behold his deliverance. (full context of verse)*What do you think?

I see no inconsistency with the other verses used in support of forgiveness in the next age. I would keep it in the context of verses 8 and 10, as they are part of the same prophecy.

Thanks, po. And just in case this thread got lost in the database error shuffle…

Do scholars, saints, commentaries, Church Fathers, etc.,shed any additional light on these verses?

I don’t have the Haydock commentary, but someone can post or link it.

There is no Haydock Commentary on verses 7,8 and 9.

ScriptureCatholic (see link below on Purgatory re scripture and early church fathers) does not cite Micah regarding Purgatory.

Theodore Bishop of Mopsuestia (d. 428) wrote the following on verse 9:As a sinner I experienced wrath and the ill-effects stemming from it; but he will provide me with a change for the better, personally judging in my favor for what I suffered from all those wrongly hostile to me, and especially according me justice in his judgment and thus investing me with the splendor of his characteristic goods. So God’s verdict will be clear and beyond doubt to me, by which in his concern for justice he freed me from the troubles besetting me, and rightly punished those wronging me without cause (the meaning of I shall see his righteousness).So this does seem to refer to temporal effects from sin (what he calls “ill-effects”) as well as God granting him “change for the better”. So even if this doesn’t refer to purgation in the afterlife per se, I think the passage does support the need for purgation in the life of a child of God.

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