Do you think this will help?


Okay, so I’m pregnant with my 7th child, and I’m desperate to maintain some degree of strength because, basically, there is no muscle tone left in my tummy or legs.
I’m not a fan of working out, so I’d like to know if you think this will help…
I’ve strapped 5lb. weights to my ankles, and I just do my regular walking around (running around) the house in them…
They are on all morning, I take them off to head to daily Mass, back on for the afternooon and evening, off if I have to go anywhere of course.
Naturally, I’m noticing that they are there and it’s not “comfortable”, but I wonder if anyone thinks there will be any benefit to this “exercise”?


No, that won’t do anything for your tummy or leg muscles.

Instead, why don’t you try doing some stability ball exercises. There are some good videos for pregnant women to tone your abs.


It is the worst thing you can do. It puts unnecessary strain on your limbs and your whole body. You are carrying a baby, that should be weight enough without 5 lbs ankleweights.
In fact, you have a very simple option: WALK. As much as you can, but without weights and at a comfortable pace. The best exercise I can think of.
Also, consider doing some simple pregnancy yoga poses, you can find books or internet sites enough about this.
And please have plenty of rest, I know I shouldn’t preach to an experienced mother, but your body will benefit more of getting some rest than from being pushed to extremes.
I hope all will be well!


Swimming or even walking in a pool is good exercise without putting strain on your joints… Could you join the Y?


I am pregnant with my 4th and have not been able to exercise due to the fact that my husband is relocated for work in CO and I have to take care of the house and 3 kids. So, with the first 3 pregnancies I was able to walk everyday, and I did in fact wear 5LB ankle weights and it helped tone my legs, and it did not have any negative effect on the pregnancy either. I wish I had the time to walk on the treadmill now, but it is in my bedroom and I can’t walk in the morning because I have kids sleeping in there (at least 1 always ends up in there) and it would wake them up too early. And at night, I am just too exhausted. During the day I am chasing a 4 yr old and 2 yr old. My 2 cents is that it WON’T hurt you, especially if your pregnancies are pretty easy. However, I am not a personal trainer by any means. But it did help me gain more muscle in my legs, I don’t think it made a difference in my tummy though.


wooo hooo… I get to share some of my “secrets”…

Truthfully, the only time in my life that I have accepted advice from my mom was on this very topic. She is 5’6" and a whooping 110# after having 6 kids. After my first one she gave me a few hints on getting my shape back that really worked for me. Some you can do while pregnant and others… I would wait.
*]never use your hands to help get yourself out of bed or off the couch… use your back and stomach muscles… this might take practice.
*]After baby you need to bring your hips back in quickly or they will stay put. So wear the tightest pants you can get on your body even if only for an hour… (this one starts about a week after childbirth), increase length of time each day.
*]use baby as your weight to exercise and bond. Lay down on floor and lay baby on your thighs and lift our legs (again without using hands or arms to brace you)
*]when you are sitting on a chair or couch cross your legs and straddle baby on your foot that is up in the air. Hold baby’s hands and swing baby using your abdominal and leg muscles (baby has to be able to hold head up to do this).
*]watch your posture. when you are more aware of your posture, you are more aware of your muscle tone!
*]practice good lifting technique…use your legs not your back!!![/LIST]I have a million of post partum exercises that you can do with baby… I used to teach a post partum exercise class.


Nobody liked my suggestions??? They worked great for me… promise…


No, they sound great :slight_smile: I think they’re great suggestions because you just incorporate them into your everyday life (you have to get up and down from the couch anyway, might as well make it an exercise!) :thumbsup:

I was in size 4-6 clothing before my most recent pregnancy and now I’m finally getting back into some of my size 6-8 stuff. But the area that is keeping me back is my tummy. I just have this flabby little roll by my tummy that makes wearing my old pants uncomfortable. What do you prescribe? Sit-ups I guess (:(), but do you have any other advice?


I was told by a trainer at the gym to never wear ankle weights because it will pull too hard on your leg and it will cause harm to you knee. Brisk walking for at least a mile a day will tone legs and lead to overall weight loss.

Good Luck and Congratulations!!!


I hate sit-ups don’t you? They do work however, but the getting up without hands really helps alot too. Are you eating and drinking enough? You do know that is important right? You are doing good if you are in a 6-8! I know we all want to be that pre pregnancy weight/size right away, but we have to weigh that against what is best for baby, and baby always wins!!! You are nursing correct? That will mean that the weight will come off very quickly, like it did, but that stupid roll needs to go now. Try #3 above and work the baby down towards your ankles. Obviously, you will not be able to put baby that far from you until about 6-7 months, but as you work your way down you are increasing resistance.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, it is important…


Thanks for the suggestions! I’m definitely not on a diet, but although I’m eating the right *amount *of food, I know I can improve on the *type *of food I’m eating. And I also don’t drink enough (but that’s convenient because less water=less trips to the bathroom :D) I’m going to try going back to my old habit of having a glass of water every time I nurse.

I just don’t remember having this stubborn roll after my first pregnancy :banghead: But I did get more belly stretch marks this time around and I’m 2 years older, so maybe that’s part of it too. I guess I’m just tired of wearing the same 3 outfits all the time!


I think wearing pedometer is a great way to increase your activity.

When I wear mine, I try to top 10,000 steps. It’s fun. I park back in the lot. I’ll take an extra little walk a couple times just around the back yard.

but sometimes walking when you are pregnant can be downright painful. Ugh. I hate remember: joint pain, back pain, feet pain.

Maybe you should just wait until you have the baby.

I like to do light exercises with hand weights. If you put them on the kitchen counter, you can do a set or two everytime you are in there. It takes all day that way, but it gets done. Just hide it behind the bread basket.


Well, my “great” idea about the weights is way off. Darn, I thought I had found an easy way out!
Blest One, your suggestions are good, no doubt, it’s just that post partum is not my focus right now.
I’m about 15 weeks along and I’m really starting to show already. I"m a size 8 normally, but I cannot fit into large maternity slacks! The legs are too darn snug, and my disporportionately large butt makes fittings difficult. My butt isn’t so bad when I’m in an 8, it almost looks good and curvy, but when my body starts to spread out with pregnancy I think it is disgusting!
How do pregnant women stand the clingy pants, it feels awful!
Perhaps I think I’m getting big faster because this is #7? Have any of you found such a pattern?
The weight has come off fairly quickly and consistently with each pregnancy, so I’m not too worried even though I’m a bit older each time. It’s just that I slow down so much during pregnancy that everything physical seems like an effort, although I do know it wasn’t that way with the first few babies.
Can anyone else share their pregnancy weight gain experiences?


I look cute for a two weeks in my fifth month. before that, I look fat. And after that, I look like a whale. People stare. It’s not fun.


How about theses?

I have a pair of these weighted shoes and have found that they really tone the legs and increase the heart rate. I wear them around the house, while out walking and while doing aerobic DVD’s. (But not as much as I should! :o ) As the weights are in the shoes and properly balanced they don’t put strain on the ankles. Unfortunately these are sold through a “network marketing” style company (which I HATE with a passion) but I was intrigued by the idea of these weighted shoes so broke my rule of not buying products from these types of companies. The shoes are a bit pricey but I was able to get them wholesale as my Mum works this business - I am hoping they will last a long time.

My favourite type of exercise is pilates. It really works for getting back one’s pre-baby body - or close to it! :stuck_out_tongue: And I can’t believe how fast I saw results. I brought some second hand “Winsor Pilates” DVD’s on e-bay - they were not expensive. I believe there are specific pregnancy pilates DVD’s available - but not from “Winsor Pilates” I don’t think.

You are so blessed to be expecting your 7th child! Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Exiled… Have you ever seen those big exercise balls? They are about $10 at Wal-mart and you can do some great toning exercises with them… after I had back surgery they wanted me to use one to strengthen back and abs. I put it in front of the TV and only used it while watching (Forcing me to exercise during TV time or get up and walk).

I don’t know about the weight loss being harder after this many but I can tell you that I am struggling a bit right now because I just miscarried, I just turned 44 AND I am limited because of a broken leg… I about had a cow yesterday when they weighed me… back to exercising for me as soon as the leg is better!!!


Try Pilates.

These exercises are geared toward your ‘core’. Abs, lower back, glutes. etc. Most of the work is done on a mat. The movements are slow and deliberate.

It is unbelievable how well it works. I feel like I am 2 inches taller after class. :thumbsup:

Most community education programs have it, you can get CD’s as well.

I would recommend that you take a class to learn the proper form before trying to do it at home.


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