Do you think we will ever see another

… Traditional Papal Mass? I mean with all the old trappings and customs. Do you think we will see one ever again?

Maybe in the future as soon as they get over all the crazy innovations and some of the hippy priests\bishops\cardinals die off. Some hate anything faithful to the Church so much that they will resist it to their death.

I am sure Pope Benedict is helping to clear up some of the confusion and mess, maybe we will see a reflection of that Sept 14th.

When they had Pope John Paul’s II funeral it seemed like the Bishops and Cardinals suddenly remembered how to act Catholic for a few days, it was beautiful.

God Bless

definitely. the pope is bringing back the traditional tridentine latin Mass for all to participate in :slight_smile: you’ll probably see some in your local area if it’s big enough. but dont worry, the vernacular wont go anywhere.

It is sad to say, as this seems to be the mostl likely outcome, but I think you are correct in this statement. It will take much effort for the next generations to recover from the damage done and help Christ rebuild. Hopefully there will be little liberal resistance years from now…hopefully the apostacy will dissapear…God save us!

Seeing this actually helped bring back a group of sedevacantist nuns. Beauty has a power to move hearts.


Why not?

The monarchial trappings of the old Papal Mass would come as too much of a jolt to most modern people, including some traditionalists. The media would distort it and it would not be worth the trouble that it started.

Chatter163 said it, clearly and concisely.:thumbsup:

Additionally, the Popes would have to reinstitute things like the Palatine Guards and all for a complete return to customs. Not to mention umpteen elements of prelatial vesture. He could just celebrate a Pontifical High Mass and it would go down much better, add a stamp of Papal authority and enable people to perceive the beauty of the liturgy without worrying about his supposed “agenda”

(which, on another forum a few months back was described as zer Panzerkardinal-and-former-Hitler-youth wanting to bring back the bring back the simony, feudalism, anti-Semitism and the Crusades of the Middle Ages. And the package caused by his “dull, mindless administration of the Church”. Among other things)

I hope and pray…

Laudater Jesus Christus
Instaurare omnia in Christo

At JPII’s funeral all were agreed that the see of Peter was vacant. So there was no longer any cause for dispute.

I think the day will come when Catholics will be allowed to practice their true faith openly. Until then just add to the many Crosses Traddys have to go through. The next Pope will be so important, it will determine I truly think the future of traditionalism and liberalism.
You will not see a Pontifical Mass :harp: until the Church has taken an open stance with regards to traditionalism. That why I say there might be one but not with Pope B XVI. :signofcross:

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