Do YOU think witchcraft should be made illegal?


As Christians, do you feel witchcraft should be made a punishable crime again? Standpoints from other religions appreciated to.
For the record, I don’t think it should be, 'cos if it was, I would have been jailed A LONG time ago.


Funny that you don’t think it should be :smiley:

I don’t think the practice of witchcraft or any other religion or religious philosophy should be outlawed, apart from anything that might be directly harmful to adults, children or animals.

Not that I’m making assumptions that you’re running around sacrificing goats or anything. Then again, I guess I don’t know that you’re not, either :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, God did ban it in the OT.


Witchcraft IS illegal for Christians. You are free to practice your beliefs however. But for me, I choose to follow the Christ, the Son of the living God.


Umm … no. She didn’t say illegal, she said CRIME. As in against the secular criminal law.

Certainly there is canon law, which can be breached with serious disciplinary consequences. But this is not criminal law, and such breaches are not crimes.


No, you are free to practice your religion, even witchcraft, assuming that you don’t break other neutrally applied legal principles (i.e., no one is allowed to commit murder and claim as a defense that it is a free expression of one’s religion because one believes in human sacrifice).


**In no way. **

**Banning a religion tends to help it - & if the ban is the work of believers in another religion, they can’t have very much confidence in the abilty of their own to survive on its own. ****Besides - if a religion is banned, what is to happen to its followers ? They are hardly likely to say, “Thank you so much for forbidding me to practice my religion - I so much wanted to follow yours anyway.” If believers in Something-Elsianism had wanted to be Christians, they would not be Something-Elsians; they would be Christians already. As they are Something-Elsians (whatever that S-E. may be), they don’t want to be Christians, & must not be pressed into being Christians. **

**If Christianity can’t get by without banning the competition, that implies it is so feeble it needs the help of mere earthly powers - which is absolutely contrary to how it spread when it began. **

**Besides, if Wicca is a delusion, banning it simply gives it a reality one is supposedly denying it. Why should Christians be afraid of what they, we, say is a delusion ? Only people who believe in a tiny, powerless God are afraid of delusions of any kind. Besides - the religion that bans, may eventually find itself banned; a religion that bans, is very foolish, as it takes for granted that it will always be in a position to do so: which is not a very intelligent or wise idea :slight_smile: **

**I have no respect for Wicca - but then, plenty of followers of Wicca think just the same of Christianity, Catholic or not; so there’s nothing to complain about. I do think that persecution is profoundly immoral; even though there is a fine line between persecution ****& banning ****something really repulsive. I’m glad Aztec religion is defunct, as it allowed human sacrifice; a religion which allows that, is IMO not entitled to same freedoms as religions which don’t harm others; but it’s a difficult issue. The short answer to your question, is “No”. **


The obvious answer is ’ no’. If they can declare witchcraft as illegal, then what would stop them from outlawing Christianity or any religion?

Freedom of Religion, with the usual constraints is the best way to go.


No-they are harmless


As a general rule, no. However, if it can be proven, according to our modern legal standard, “beyond a reasonable doubt” that a person’s witchcraft has injured someone else, then an appropriate punishment should be applied.


In which case wouldn’t it be classified as a crime such as assault or battery or attempted murder etc? The actual weapon, whether it was witchcraft or a knife, would be less important than the damage done.


No. Not unless they do something against the law.

First They Came for the Jews

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller


Of course not, however…

There are plenty of cultures arounbd the world that do treat malignant spell working as a capital offense–though in this day & age it occurs very informally–including within the United States.

Don’t believe me? I refer you to the Navajo (Dine) Reservation straddling the 4 Corners region. Some anthropologists estimate a yearly average of 3-4 murders each year on this huge chunk of land are from their killers believing the victims were “witches”. The Navajo cops know this and don’t pursue these cases very often or very hard–despite Tony Hillerman’s fictional detective’s efforts


Thanks for posting this. I haven’t seen it in ages. I realize this is the original quote, but the one I saw had been altered quite a bit and included Catholics, gays, and other groups on it as well. No, witchcraft should not be outlawed.


Generally speaking, no.

But certainly there could be occasions in which this kind of stuff is perceived as pyschologically oppressive and threatening, even if someone is physically unharmed.

There may also be a case that it be credited less public accord because it is SO unscientific. We know, for instance, that chanting won’t make it rain, so it would be a misuse of funds for a public entity to support, say, this kind of rainmaking. This is a roundabout way of saying that with Christianity, we generally know how to treat it, but a paganistic thing would be hard for society to deal with since it is (a) so less well-understood, and (b) usually taken in a highly individualistic manner: one man’s pagan style might well be different from another’s.

For my dime, the synthesized, made-up paganism that’s being trotted around today is an affront to anyone with a sensitivity to history.


No -except for any practices that are injurous to humans or animals(which in that case is already illegal).


Since I don’t believe it exists any more, why would it be made illegal? Also, what would you think if someone told us our religion would be made illegal because we use images in the CC (or something of the like)?

Not fair for us, not fair for them…


As Christians, we are called to defend people’s true rights. As Man cannot have any true right to such errors as those involved in witchcraft, I would be open to laws criminalizing its practice.

It seems to me that the modern concept of “freedom of religion” stems from a form of moral relativism. As such, the general public is educated, through the culture, to view spirituality as though it were the menu at Burger King. The lie we are trained to believe is that when it comes to religion you can “have it your way.”

Laws and legal limits have the power to teach as well as punish. Currently, the law teaches that no-fault divorce is fine, with the consequence being that the institution of marriage is in shambles. Stemming the tide of the repugnant secularism that is now en vogue may well require the use of a prohibition here or there and we Christians ought to welcome them.


Are you suggesting that it be made illegal because you don’t believe it’s a real belief or a belief that fits into your moral sphere?


Yes, I do believe that such things as witchcraft should be made illegal.

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