Do you understand the 7 gifts of the holy spirit and?

Do you understand the 7 gifts of the holy spirit and recognize or spiritually decern it operation.

Catholics are taught the 7 gifts are given at confirmation . ( or an increase) or fullness?

Were you able to tell the difference in your life?


I was confirmed 2 years ago as an adult. In my gradeschool years, I missed confirmation. Can I tell a difference?

Between spiritual discipline and physical discipline, I would say, without a doubt, spiritual discipline is so much harder. Doing my darndest to stay away from sin takes a lot of fortitude. When I compare what’s needed to stay away from my sins to eating foods … no comparison, staying away from sin is so much harder than staying away from pizza.

Physically, after confirmation, I wanted to get healthy, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, that kind of stuff. In a matter of 3 months after confirmation, I lost 50 pounds. It has changed my whole physical paradigm, I eat healthy, exercise, and have trimmed down to less than 10% body fat (that’s a huge accomplishment).

I joined an aposolate for evangelization. I’m a catechist for 6th grade at my local parish. I’ve gone on an ACTS retreat. I’ve brought an agnositc and a protestant to a Mass. My wife, as a natural Buddhist, saw the love in my family between my dad and brother and, at the confirmation Mass, she looked upon us and realized that she wants what we have. That was then, this year, my wife is in RCIA and just accepted the faith and is now officially a “catechumen”, yay!

As a final note, please don’t limit the Holy Spirit to 7 gifts, those are the classics, but God can give you graces, charisms, talents, and a whole host of other gifts that are way beyond the 7 listed. The Spirit has filled with me with so many gifts, I just offer all my talents to ultimately work for the Will of God.


Thanks for sharing;)

Yes as this is taught by catholics. A person would think more people would understand its application in their life

It seems to be a catholic teaching.

Yes. I still have the same temptations to sin, but it is much more infrequent. It is also easier to be a transparent witness of Our Lord’s work in my life.

Here’s a good explanation of the effects of Confirmation and how, if we don’t experience them, it is through extinguishing the Spirit through sin:

St. Robert Bellarmine, On Dying Well:

The sacrament of our Confirmation does not bestow the gift of tongues nor the gift of miracles, since these were necessary, not for the advantage and perfection of the, Apostles themselves, but for the conversion of the infidels. But it bestows the gifts of spiritual wisdom and of charity, which is “patient and kind;” and as a sign of this most rare and yet most precious virtue of patience, the Bishop gives the person about to be confirmed a slight blow, that he may remember he now becomes a soldier of Christ, not to strike, but to endure; not to do injuries to others, but to bear them. In the Christian warfare, he fights not against visible but invisible enemies; for thus did Christ our great commander fight and conquer, who being nailed to the cross, conquered the infernal powers; thus did the Apostles fight, only just confirmed, for being severely scourged in the council of the Jews, they went forth “rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer reproach for the name of Jesus.” The grace of Confirmation then effects this, that when a man is unjustly injured, he should not think of revenge, but rejoice that he suffered reproach unjustly.

Let him then who has been confirmed enter into the chamber of his heart, and diligently inquire whether he has kept in his heart the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and especially wisdom and fortitude. Let him examine, I repeat, whether he possess the wisdom of the saints who esteemed eternal goods, and despised earthly ones; whether he has the fortitude of soldiers of Christ, who bear injuries more willingly than they do them. And lest he should possibly be deceived, let him descend to practise and examine his conscience. If he shall find that he is always truly ready to bestow alms, not to heap up riches; and if when injured he thinks not on revenge, but very readily and willingly pardons the injury: he may justly exult in his heart as having in his soul a pledge of the adoption of the sons of God.

But if, after having received Confirmation, he perceives himself to be no less covetous, avaricious, passionate, and impatient, and if he with difficulty allows any money to be distributed for the relief of the poor; but, on the contrary, if he sees that he is ready to seize every opportunity of lucre, that he is quickly excited, prone to revenge, and when requested by his friends to forgive an offence is inexorable what is the conclusion, but that he has received indeed the sacrament, but not the grace of the sacrament?

What I have said is intended for those who are adults, when they approach the sacrament; for they who receive it at an age incapable of sin, receive, it is to be believed, all its gifts and graces. But these must stand in fear, lest by sin creeping upon them gradually, and deferring to do penance for a long time, they extinguish the spirit received that is, lose the grace of the Holy Spirit. Thus is to be understood what the Apostle saith: “Extinguish not the Spirit.” (1 Thess 5:19.)

Yes you are right

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