Do you veil in an NO Mass?


Hello all!

I was wondering how many ladies veil when attending an NO Mass? What type of covering do you wear? If you attend the TLM, do you use the same covering, or do you have different ones?

I have a lovely mantilla from Halo-Works that I wear to both, but I am considering a chapel cap for NO Masses, since veiling is not common, and even after 6 months of it, I still get funny looks :smiley:


I personally don’t in a NO Mass but we have a couple of ladies that do. One lady who is from Africa I believe wears a type of scarf made from satin or something like that that stands up pretty high. Usually its very pretty. She makes a lot of her clothes and many of them are made with material that has some sort of Catholic image on it. We also have a few who wear a lace mantilla but I think its entirely up to the individual. I’ve thought of wearing one but haven’t yet.


Oh, but do make sure to wear a veil if you attend a TLM mass!! They might have some that they provide depending on the parish.


As it is not a common practice or required, to veil at an NO Mass, it is a moot question and the thread is now closed.

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