Do you watch and hour with Christ? And How?


I think it is important to designate some time to watch with our Lord, everyday (whether it is an hour or whatever we can give). I am sure that there are many ways to do this. I find my time being structured and formal. I feel that I need to spend some contemplative time with him. I am reminded of Mother Teresa and the importance of silence in prayer (listening to God). I desire a greater intimacy with God through my prayer, but my prayer time does not always feel intimate. And what makes this a greater challenge is that I enjoy the prayer life that I have. I am not sure I should give up some of it…I think I just need to add or do something different.

My Prayer Life (I think it totals an hour - but I do this throughout the day):
• Morning - Some scripture reading and morning Liturgy of the Hour (and Morning Prayer with family at the start of the day). {I do Liturgy of the Hours in community after morning Mass 3 times per week, the rest of the time I do it on my own, at thome}.
• Afternoon/Evening - Either at one or both of those times Liturgy of the Hour
• Night- Rosary and Liturgy of the Hour (and bedtime prayer with family and short prayer with just husband, as we go to bed, ourselves)
• Sometimes I journal at some point in the day.
• Ist Friday and 1st Saturday devotions to the Sacred Heart ot Jesus and Mary – I do those in community at Church (once a month).

I have been trying to just talk to God throughout my day. I have (as we all do) much to do and it makes sense to let Him be a part of that. But I sometimes forget to do this for days. And when I do try to just listen, quietly, my mind races with things that I need to do. I can’t seem to empty myself and that is why I resort to structured prayer because it helps keep me focused. Any suggestions?


You said, “my prayer time does not always feel intimate”. Can I firstly point out something that I have learned recently: Prayer is totally independent of feelings.

What really matters is that you persevere in prayer irrepective of how one feels about it, during it or after it.

Some of the most efficacious prayer has been offered in the deepest dryness of soul. One immediately thinks of St John of the Cross, St Faustina Kowalska and in more recent times Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Think of it this way. When we ‘feel’ good about the prayer we are offering or have just offered, because the Lord has allowed us to feel an intimacy with Him, then we should certainly thank Him and be joyous.

On the other hand, when we offer Him prayer that is bereft of any feeling or emotion, indeed it may even be tinged with a feeling of discomfort or anguish, He will thank us.

Please, please remember that it is not exactly prayer that is pleasing to God but your perseverence in prayer imitating Mary’s perseverence in prayer.

For what its worth, you have a wonderful and pleasing daily prayer life and if it is only the emotion behind your prayer that is uring you to contemplate a change in your ‘routine’ then I would say banish the thought.

It is good sometimes to change the ‘routine’ if you feel that the ‘routine’ is stale. Simply change the order of the events you practice throughout the day.

My day is structured somewhat as follows: Morning Rosary, Intercessory Prayers, Holy Mass, Morning Prayer from the LOTH (all completed in the Parish Church or Convent Chapel) Angelus, some Spiritual Reading and a reading of the Gospel (during the day at home) At about 8pm I pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and pray the Evening Prayer from LOTH (in our local Hospital Chapel) and then some short Night Prayer before I retire. When I go back to teaching in September, the structure changes slightly but still contains the same elements.

There are days when it is wonderful and I walk on clouds.
There are days when the flesh and soul battle fiercely and my prayer is dry and difficult. It is in these moments that I must remember that the outcome of the battle it totally dependent on me.

Of course behind all of this I have a loving wife who allows me the time to fulfill my promises to the Almighty God.


Your prayer life sounds great! What you need to start doing is adding in mental prayer, or quiet interior prayer, as St. Teresa of Avila taught.

For my wife and myself, after we’ve finished evening prayer, the LOTH, we close our eyes and in silence, go to the depth of our being and rest in the presence of God. For me, I just say the short prayer words, “Lord Jesus,” and I repeat it, when I find myself distracted. We spend from 10-20 minutes in quiet prayer.

Eventually, you’ll prayer the Rosary and other prayers, with the same focus, i.e. the presence of God within.

Hope this helps.

God Bless


I tend to forget Jesus throughout my day at work. To discipline my short-memory, I rely on my cell phone. :smiley:

I’ve started for almost 2 years praying the Divine Mercy at 3:00pm. Setting the alarm at 3 has never failed me to remember to pray. After 2 years, although I am still setting the alarm clock, I get used to remember to pray the Divine Mercy at 3.

I recently also set the alarm to go off every hour starting from 8:00 til 5:00pm… Each time the alarm goes off, I am reminded of Him.


Awesome! I need to start doing that. :thumbsup:


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