Do you watch EWTN?

I usually watch some of their shows here online…

Yes I do, in fact I record some of the shows on my DVR when I am working. Some of my favorite shows are “The Journey Home”, “The World Over”, “Rome Reports” and I love movies about the saints.

My favorites are EWTN’s live papal broadcasts. There are also encore repeat programs of this. I also watch Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s “Threshold of Hope” on Tuesday nites. Thanks for reminding me to check out their scheduling on the website!:thumbsup:

:thumbsup: i love ewtn

me and my roommate love the catholic channel!! it’s actually what got us interested in becoming catholic.

Yes, mainly the Daily Mass and also the international rosary, and also there have been some good programs about saints etc that are very good too.

I would watch EWTN if it wasn’t so costly to get it.

Yes, I routinely watch “The Journey Home” on Mondays, “EWTN Live” on Wednesdays, “The World Over” on Thursdays, and “Sunday Night Prime” (although it liked it better when it was live and people called in, and there is often an interesting movie on TCM at the same time!) and “G.K. Chesterton: Apostle of Common Sense” (part of the humor comes from the host being so obsessed with Chesterton!) on Sundays. And I usually watch “Mother Angelica Live Classics” and “Life is Worth Living” (that show was definitely a classic) on Saturdays and sometimes “Life on the Rock” (honestly, I find it to be rather boring most of the time).

I love the Journey Home and Mother Angelica classics. And I used to follow the Fr. Corapi Catechism series but we all know how that ended. I ocassionally turn it on and watch whatever is on schedule. I find most of their shows interesting.

I like “Women of Grace” and “Web of Faith”. Any movies about saints are good too, although the movie they showed about St. Rita was not quite accurate, from what I’ve read about her life. Still, good CLEAN entertainment :slight_smile:

Yes I do, mostly the coverage of things going on it Rome and films about the saints.

I regularly check EWTN’s youtube channel -

I recently watched this show - it was really awesome.

Not yet, but I am hopefully getting EWTN next week, excited.

I love Threshold of Hope, Crossing the Goal, Life on the Rock & several other programs. I especially like the Spiritual Legacy of Arch-Bishop Fulton Sheen. Great channel. My television rarely leaves from that station.

Watching the daily mass, the daily rosary, and other shows on EWTN taught me about Catholicism before I decided to make the dive into RCIA. I am always uplifted when I watch the programming. I also really enjoy watching broadcasts of the Pope’s activities.

Absolutely! I love The World Over and Life on the Rock.

“The World Over” is a great show! But you actually like “Life on the Rock?” I find most of the episodes to be a little boring.

I still will watch some of Mother Angelica’s reruns…sometimes it’s just as up to date as if she taped it yesterday. I wish they would show the old shows with guests, edit ones that mention things that have passed, but she had some great people on.
I also love Fr. Groechel’s show and sometimes depending who is on, I watch Journey Home because it increases my faith to hear about someone else discovering it.

I used to watch Life of the Rock back when Fr. Francis was on, my kids were younger, but now it’s just when they have on sisters from certain convents or a show about their new priests.

Yeah, a lot of the recent episodes on “Life on the Rock” are a little boring.

Yes, when possible. Awesome movies about the Saints. Great resource to learn more about your faith.

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