Do you watch news programs that present the "other" viewpoint?

For those of you who still turn on the news (I know some of you have given up on all news media), how often do you watch shows that present the opposite perspective from your own, conservative or liberal? Why or why not do you do so?

Here in the Far East, the liberal-conservative dichotomy does not exist in the media outlets in of itself. o:
Last time I checked, the dichotomy exists mostly in the West such as in the United States of America and in Canada (CBC vs. Sun News).

I no longer watch television news except for local news and weather. This is mostly because I find it beneficial to read my news on the internet (which comes from a variety of sources). I’m interested in facts and not opinions aka. “viewpoints”. I save articles, on a news story I’m following, to my computer and compare them as the story develops. Video information is collected the same way (or noted in a text file).

I get most of my news online, but occasionally watch regular news on TV for local info. The major stories are on my start page from a few major outlets, which shows me that often they are all from AP and often almost word for word the same as each other. That is why I mostly don’t bother watching any MSM on TV. It is the same stuff with the same viewpoint, and often approximately the same words.

This is an interesting question. I am a conservative who watched Buckley’s Firing Line [when it was aired], the Buckley 2-hour debates, and the PBS MacNiel/Lehrer Report, which changed to the MacNiel/Lehrer News Hour which further changed to The News Hour. I watched it religiously for about 20 years. About 10-12 years ago, it went hard Left when they got rid of all their conservatives and filled their reporter line-up with liberals. A typical interview would go something like, the time is taken up by questions of interest to liberals, and when one of interest to conservatives would finally come up, and the reporter would say something like, “Well we’re out of time for this segment and will have to leave that for a future one.” Of course, the “future one” never came. I stopped watching it.

Firing Line was significantly different. It started out as an hour-long discussion, but was cut to a half-hour and moved from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon to have compete with other activities most people do on Saturdays [after all, we can’t have too many people getting brainwashed by conservative thought].

But there was an interesting aspect of the Firing Line and the debates that few noticed. They were labeled conservative news programs only because Buckley was a conservative, but if you watched any of them, you would notice that liberals [and there were always liberal guests] got a full 50% of the time to air their views. So was it really conservative?

Currently, I watch mostly Fox News, and I’m fully aware that liberals consider it Faux News. My conclusion from all this is that “real” news for liberals is that which has no conservatives, and “fake” news is a program in which a conservative gets to express an opinion. I will agree that there are a lot of worthless “shout-shows” on Fox, and I don’t watch them but concentrate on a 20 minute segment of Special Report with Bret Baier called “The Panel” which has both liberals and conservatives. It starts at 3:38pm, Mountain Time [for a change, you East-coasters can calculate your time zone]. A particular favorite is Brit Hume. These folks all get a turn to give their take on an issue without shouting and interruptions.

Why or why not do you do so?

There is a syndrome called The Law of Group Polarization, observed by Cass R. Sunstein of the University of Chicago Law School []](]) which states that groups of individuals who support /oppose a particular point of view will move to a more extreme position after deliberation with no opposing point of view present. So the “Real” News that has banned conservatives is the extreme, not Firing Line and not Fox. This Law of Group Polarization has also been observed in our universities which are overwhelmingly dominated by liberals. See “A Crisis of Competence,” a report on the status of higher education .

I’m more of the conservative type. I watch Fox mostly, and HLN on the side, whenever I do put the news on. A large reason for this is my liking of Glenn Beck, who despite being constantly dogged-on still easily shot down every attack he received whilst airing on Fox. *The Five * is extremely annoying, but the News Hour Sedonaman speaks of is usually good.

Can you name a few conservatives they have ? Just asking.

I quit watching network news regularly in large part due to Dan Rather. The blatant dishonestly during the Killian document scandal pushed me over the edge, but I was already fed up with him after election night in 2000, when you could see the tears in his eyes when he announced Bush had won, which was then followed up by his smug, overjoyed retraction a short while later. For someone who was so eager to take up Walter Cronkite’s mantle as the most trusted man in America, his flagrant bias and dishonesty really turned my stomach.

The complete avoidance of the March for Life, the biased and dishonest coverage of the HHS mandate and the Holder scandal, and the blind acceptance by the media of some of Obama’s overt attacks on the First Amendment (including the press) have kept me from giving the mainstream media another chance.

I watch Fox News and CNN/HLN. I also view the websites for both. I also watch CBS News and ABC News in the morning while getting ready for work.


I consider myself an Independent, and my viewpoints coincide with Catholic social teaching. My husband is a local TV journalist, so broadcast (and now online) news has always played a large part in our lives.

I watch (and read) a variety of news sources: Fox, MSNBC, CNN, the local paper (as long as it lasts), the New York Times, Wall Street Journal. I like Bret Baier, and Neil Cavuto, and I think that Rachel Maddow is brilliant. Chris Matthews is a loudmouth who drives me nuts. Mary Matalin and James Carville are certainly entertaining (and proved to be very nice folks when we chatted with them at the New Orleans airport).

It’s important to know what the “other side” is thinking, and to maintain an open mind on issues in which we aren’t conscience-bound to follow Church teaching. I think we do ourselves a disservice if we don’t expose ourselves to a variety of viewpoints. The area where I live is populated with too many folks who never watch or read anything that could possibly challenge their preconceived and often willfully ignorant notions.

I can barely tolerate any news programs any more. Even the better TV news programs are barely nothing but short short summaries which are better covered in a newspaper. Newspapers themselves are getting worse as far as actual news coverage goes, and the news magazines like Time and Newsweek are now reduced to mere opinion blogs.

The Wall Street Journal, which in the past was a business publication, now has pretty good actual news coverage.

Take the transcript of any actual “one hour” minus commercials news programs, and it could likely be printed on the front page of any newspaper. TV is increasingly just a time-waster.

:thumbsup: Where the News Hour used to excel is that they would spend a good 20+ minutes discussing one subject, and but only if there had been a major development … then they went hard Left on us.

I don’t watch it often enough to remember who everyone is - I’m better at recalling faces than names. I’m pretty sure there are a couple people from The Five that participate sometimes though.

I listen to talk radio a lot my favorite in Michael Medved. I do turn to liberal radio once in a while to try and see where they are coming from, and to exercise my logic skills:p
All my sibling are extreme lefties. I even have a sister who is a prof at gasp Berkley.
I feel like a fish out of water when we are all together.

I watch any news that isn’t of American origin(Fox CNN etc) Mainly because it’s so simplistic and biased it’s impossible to take seriously. I’m open minded apart from that.

Tell them all to read Animal Farm by George Orwell. In case you don’t know the story, it’s about the animals taking over their farm and kicking out the humans. The pigs take over; they produce no wealth but end up controlling the other animals and all the wealth produced by them. They even convince a mother dog to turn over her litter for care so she can pursue fulfillment in work. The next time they are seen, they are grown up and have been turned into attack dogs to protect the pigs’ power hold on the farm. It is a short, easy read.

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