Do you watch prime-time tv?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. sometimes

It's getting to the point that I don't watch any prime-time tv at all except 1-2 shows and that's it.

How about you?


No, I don't. I tend to like to watch HGTV or Discovery or the History Channel. I couldn't tell you what's on prime-time anymore.


We DVR a few of our favorite comedies... The Office, 30 Rock... but that's it...


What's the difference between "Yes" and "Sometimes." Yes, I watch primetime TV sometimes. ;)

There's only a few shows I watch on primetime anymore. But we always DVR them and watch them after the kids are in bed.


After Lost ended, I haven't followed any shows, but I try to catch certain ones when I can...I'm big on Food Network and Travel Channel, so normally wind up watching either of those.


Nope, never watch the alphabet channels ever. Not prime time, not any time.

Waste of time and brain cells. Opiate for the masses.


*As little as possible. Actually watch alot of sports. Once in a while some other stuff. Swamp people.....Deadliest Catch......stuff like that.


DVR.... its the best thing ever! my wife and I watch NBCs thursday night lineup, the apprentice and some other shows. Once our sweet kids are down, and we skip the comercials.


Nope, no primetime and very little of any other TV. But I’m here wasting my time on the internet, so not much better. :smiley:


I have probably not seen a network TV show except occasional local news in years. We deliberately exclude HBO and the other movie channels because we realized there are perhaps 1 movie a month we would even consider viewing, and the programs they produce themselves are abyssmal. Watched TLC for a while, now HGTV while we were fixing up a home to sell and shopping for and fixing up the new one. NatGeo/Hist/Disc/A&E have not had programs that actually deliver on the promise of their various names in years. The programs I record are old movies, Hallmark/HMC movies, EWTN, a couple of HGTV which are now all in reruns. Bravo and Ovation at one times promised, like A&E to actually be arts oriented but now when they are not PPV they are, shall we say, pushing a socio-political agenda that is contrary to our values. If I was interested in movies I would use netflix but there are very few I would consider paying to see. If it were not for sports, the addiction of the other resident of the home, we would not need TV at all. I don't have it all summer and don't miss it.


[quote="TheRealJuliane, post:6, topic:241421"]
Nope, never watch the alphabet channels ever. Not prime time, not any time.

Waste of time and brain cells. Opiate for the masses.


Well, consider me sedated, then. LOL! I love shows like The Office, Bones, NCIS, Community and several others.


Not since LOST ended. Oh, but I do watch the Office.

Now mostly use Netflix. Booyah!


No I dislike what's on there more and more everytime I turn it on.


DVR is my friend. I DVR Law and Order, Project Runway, and maybe some cooking shows like Chef VS City. I only watch when my little one is asleep and skip commercials.


I love Bones! I’m watching it now (well not at this moment) but I’m watching it streaming from Netflix. Rarely have the time to watch it during the broadcast.

Ever since we moved to Eastern time, our watching is down. Eastern time is awful. Shows are not over until 11:00pm and we have to work in the morning!


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