Do you watch soaps?

i was a big fan once. do you watch them?

When I first came to the US, I had to watch it almost every day :smiley: My sister wanted to learn English, and she had it on all the time. We lived in an efficiency apartment; thus, I had nowhere to get away from the TV set. :smiley:


I used to. My Grandma babysat me when I was little, and we watched Days of Our Lives every afternoon. :slight_smile: I kept watching it while I was a teenager, but real life got in the way. Then a couple years ago I was also forced to watch Young and Restless, because everyone I worked with insisted it had to be on in the breakroom every day at lunch time. :shrug: Now I don’t even have TV. :smiley:


Back when I was in junior high and high school. Then I got sort of annoyed at how they stretch everything out, like a day lasts two weeks or something. Seriously, you could miss a week and they wouldn’t have progressed at all. I decided it was a total waste of my time.


I used to. But I have to work and I’d rather spend my leisure time reading.

when my kids were small I would watch the Watergate hearings while they played and had lunch. Then the TV somehow stayed on and I watched the soap that came on right after (All My Children, I think), and it was so easy to get hooked. Before I knew it I had soaps on until 4 pm. I quit cold turkey the day Delia on Ryan’s Hope got kidnapped by an escaped gorilla who held her hostage in a tower. That was so over the top and absurd I just got disgusted. Then when I was trying to learn Spanish they told me to watch novellas to improve my vocabulary and listening skills (it is good advice by the way), oh boy I thought US soaps were bad.

I do watch General Hospital once in a while. I haven’t for several months, though. Real life just gets in the way.

I have watched a few episodes here and there, but I can’t say I was ever interested in them - all the “good” women seem to be airheads, all the really intelligent women are either sleeping around or embezzling money from their employer/boyfriend/etc., and any of the men that aren’t complete jerks are dying of some horrible disease, or else they’re the victims of some kind of awful crime.

It seems like they just can’t win.

What would life be like if we all lived in a soap opera? Most of us would have had 5 or 6 husbands or wives, several boyfriends, affairs on the side, children by different people. And most of us women would have been kidnapped a couple of times by now, stranded on desert islands, in jail for something we didn’t do, and of course, always wondering “who is the REAL father of my child?” Is is contestant #1 or contestant #2. And do I tell them who the father is, or do I lie about it for a few months (or years).

I’m glad I don’t live in Soap Opera land. It would be too weird!:smiley:

Never have. Now age 62, and without a TV set since the year 1985:coffee:

I do watch General Hospital once in a while. Nowadays, the soaps aren’t so weird, compared to some of the prime time shows, such as the “reality” shows, and some of the many detective, cop, and hospital shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, CSI, etc, etc. I will not watch any of the above.

me, too…when i was home with my kids when they were babies…toddlers…yes, i liked them …but, if i am off from work during the week, and click on one of them now…i think to myself…what did i see in this junk???:blush:

my grandmother would kill me with them. Holy cow… she had such a schedule during the week… get up, make breakfast, do her morning chores, etc…starting at 11am you’d find her going in and out of her living room. She was watching The Price is Right. Then we’d have lunch and right after that we got kicked out of the house and our butts whipped if we came running through the house while her “stories” where on. When I was 16, I tried to watch them with her but I just couldn’t. I ended up making fun of it all (which I learned a few Polish words at that point because she’d yell at me and I’m pretty certain is was “shut up, will ya?”)

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t even think about them. There’s enough trash on TV during the day I don’t even want to bother with that stuff. I’m guilty as charged for watching TV at night though with all the CSI’s, Criminal Mind, House, American I"dull", and a few reruns here and there.

But no… I don’t watch soaps. :blush:

No offense, but I hope this thread is not as long as a soap. :rotfl:

No I don’t like to watch it. no interest. Not my thing. If it was Star Trek, well yes. That is not a soap and is different:thumbsup:

Oh, but we’ve just gotten started. This thread will go on for weeks before we move on to a different topic.:smiley:

I used to watch All My Children, but the recent story they have with a character Zarf/Zoey (a woman trapped in a man body but he/she is a lesbian):whacky: made me sick and I have not watch it since. This tall man dressed in womens clothes and makeup was just a little to much.
The character of Bianca (a lesbian) was somewhat (not much though) redeemed a bit when she choosed life when she became pregnant following her rape, although her on screen life is immoral, the bravery she shown in bringing her baby daughter into the world was refreshing. But when they brought this SICK story into the mix that was it for me NO MORE even if this “person” gets written off in the future (mystery illness, gunshot or the famous “Presumed Dead” :banghead: or whatever happens.
In a way I am thankful because it help me break a bad habit.:wink:

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