Do you wear a brown scapular?


Just wondering -

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Oops - I didn’t include the option of “No, because I was never enrolled.” But I will assume that all who desire to be enrolled have taken the steps to become enrolled, or are wearing one without being enrolled.

Also, I only mentioned the brown scapular, not the many other types. That’s because the brown is the mostly widely known and familiar. If you are devotely wearing another type of scapular, please resond to the post below, and accept my apologies.


Yes, I have worn the Brown Scapular… continuously… for over 4 years. In fact, just yesterday… our priest “enrolled” my mother and I in the Brown Scapular (link to follow). I asked for a renewal of our “enrollment” because I had no memory of having it done, as a child. And I had no way of knowing if my mother had EVER been “enrolled”.

I credit Our Lady of Mount Carmel, with my return to the Catholic Church… after a 10 year absence; and also, more recently… with the return of my sister (this past Easter); she had been out of the Church for over 30 years.

I would recommend this devotion to EVERYONE. And I encourage all of you, who are not “enrolled” to ask for enrollment. It is super easy, and takes only a few minutes. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

God bless.


Yes, I’ve been wearing one since February 2009, and wore one until it fell apart following my First Communion year ago. I have received so many spiritual blessings since starting to wear it again. Before wearing it though, I had started saying the rosary daily and making the Divine Mercy chaplet most every day. It seem like beginning one good spiritual habit leads to another.


I love the Brown scapular. In 1994, when my son who was 7 years old he won the Fatima statue at school and he brought it home in a big blue bag loaded with Rosaries and scapulars. We got to keep the Statue for one week and then it was returned to the next family to win it. That is when we Consecrated our family to Mary’s Immaculate Heart and I began to wear the Brown scapular. My son, now 20 years old still wears it. I see him kiss it and put it over his head and it gives me such solace. Its a beautiful and humble devotion.


I was enrolled in the Brown Scapular, then later replaced it with a Scapular medal, which carries the same promises…I rarely ever take it off.


how exactly do get enrolled? Do you have to make an appointment?


Hi TinaLewis,
You also left out “Yes, wearing it continuously after Confirmation”
“Yes, wearing it on and off after Confirmation"
Yes, wearing it continuously after coming to know of its wonders no matter what age”!

That’s where I fit in. I wear it continuously since the day of my enrollment… close to 7 years; i.e after 7 years after marriage!!! I am married for 14 years now!


I know I was enrolled at First Communion because everyone was at that time. However, I began wearing one many years ago and I wear it 24/7 - only “remove” it when it falls apart and then I replace it. I wear the shorter simple 1x1 wool “crusader” brown scapular. I have seen some people wear the even smaller one however I have never found it to buy. The brown scapular is a great reminder to me many times during the day of my hearts desire to grow in holiness and attain heaven.


The website said this. I thought you might be interested.

Many Catholics may not know it is the wish of the Holy Father that the Scapular Medal should not be worn in place of the cloth Scapular without sufficient reason. Mary cannot be pleased with anyone who substitutes the medal out of vanity, or out of fear of making an open profession of faith. The medal has never been noted for any of the miraculous preservations attributed to the brown cloth Scapular.
(”Garment of Grace” Imprimatur: Most Rev. Timothy Harrington, March 9, 1990)


I voted for the 2nd option although I wouldn’t say that I have worn the brown scapular for “many years”. I was invested in the brown scapular a month or so ago though I had previously received some sort of blessing for the brown scapular but I didn’t think it was the official investment prayer so I had my priest read from this letter I found with the official investment prayers on it and this happened a month or so ago. I received the other blessing for it about a year or two ago. :slight_smile:


“kev” That’s how we did it, yes. We made an appointment with our priest during the week. He met us outside, after Mass on Sunday… and the “enrollment” only took a couple of minutes.

It’s a good idea to make an appointment with our priests for these things… since they are usually mega busy and over-worked. May God bless them all… and give them strength.


I voted the first options, but it’s somewhere between 1 and 2. I had it over 10 years before becoming Catholic (my parents didn’t allow me to become Catholic back in the 90s), but that was before I really knew about being enrolled in the scapular. At first, I though a scapular was this big cloak that Monks wore. :smiley: I saw there was a scapular for lay people, and decided to get one, but had this thought in the back of my head, “What if this big package comes in the mail and it’s a cloak!?”. I stopped wearing it after my parents refused to let me join the Catholic Church. I started wearing it again around when I started RCIA. I had it blessed (didn’t think it was the enrollment prayer, though) during RCIA. I’m getting it officially enrolled this Saturday. I have a new scapular that I’m going to use, since this one is at least a decade old, and has seen its’ better day…


I’ll second the previous response “Yes”. In my parish the RCIA folks aren’t offered the option of enrolling in the Brown Scapular and neither are the 7 year-old First Communicants. So I made an appt. with our priest and we had a nice ceremony that took about 10 minutes.


A person must be enrolled/installed using the cloth version of the Brown Scapular. However, after being installed the cloth version can be replaced with a properly blessed scapular medal, and all of the same blessings and promises then extend to the wearing of the medal.


I wear one and have done so (consistently) for about 6 mos. Before that I never did or even thought about it. Since there wasn’t an option for that I answered #2

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