Do you wear a veil?

I was at mass the other day and a young woman in front of me was wearing a white veil. She was dressed like an 80’s punk in every other way but she had a veil on!

Do you wear a veil to mass? What is the significance of the veil? Why do they come in different colors?

If I was a woman, yes.

*]A way to express reverence and surrender to the Holy will of God.
*]Imitation of Blessed Mother who was one of the greatest role models for chastity and purity.
*]1 Corinthians 11:4-10
*]A testament of womens role as a life bearing vessel. Other life bearing vessels that are veild are the tabernacle and the chalice.

OP: Except many, many reasons NOT to wear the veil in this thread. Some people absolutely hate the veil.

And to Credo in Deum… lovely response. :slight_smile:

About 80% of the women at my FSSP church wear veils

There is a CAF group called Veiled in Grace. There all of your veiling questions can be answered.:slight_smile:


I’d imagine the OP is her own source… having attended and seen the crowd?

I wear a modest hat to mass mostly except at adoration sometimes a veil because I usually have it handy in my purse ( can’t stuff a hat in my purse:D).

Head covering is a personal devotion that I ( and many Christian women these days, not just Catholic) have felt called to in varying degrees AND struggled with, questioned and fought against, and sometimes treated quite rudely for …trust me.

I once asked a priest at a women’s conference where on earth this urge was coming from since I am not a cradle Catholic nor do I or have I ever had anyone suggest it to me, and there are perhaps only 3 people in my parish of 2000 families that wear a veil. He said it was a good thing and not to be afraid of it. That I should get to know Mary better.

For me the explanation that I heard about something to do with the mass, that did not even address women’s head coverings, sealed the deal for me.

The cliff notes are : All glory is given to God and focused on God at mass, we should attend mass with a humble heart. Hence if women’s glory is their hair ( no wonder we spend so much money and time on it!) and the glory of a man is his wife then in order for the woman AND man to not have anything to ‘boast’ about as they participate at mass , a woman - out of respect and honour for God , should cover her head (or shave it I guess!) .

Sorry I am lousy with the scripture references but the revelation came to me while I was doing a Scott Hahn, St Paul’s Center for Biblical Theology study ; either A Father who keeps His promises or The Lamb’s Supper. Let me make it VERY clear - no where in this study did they say women HAD to cover their head , nor did they even say they should- if they even mentioned it at all.

This is a private devotion in a sense.

Since this revelation I have realized how ironic it is that women in society usually cover their heads when they loose their hair…makes you wonder if that isn’t because of the ancient connotation of a woman with no hair?

Hope this helps.
The different colors really mean nothing any more in the old days I think that black was for married women and white for un-married for obvious reasons.

I have worn a veil for a number of years but not currently.
I am Eastern Rite. The deacon incenses the tabernacle, the icons, the priest, and then incenses the people in the pews. It reminds us that we are earthen vessels, holding the treasure of Christ. In a similar vein, putting a veil on reminded me that Christ was about to come ‘under my roof’ when I receive Him, like a tabernacle. Putting on a veil is sobering, distractions of the day fly away, and it helps me to focus on the task at hand. It reminded me of the women standing beneath the Cross while Christ hung on it. They would have been veiled, from what I understand, and when we enter the Mass/Divine Liturgy, we are outside of time, with our turn now to stand beneath the Cross and witness our redemption. It reminded others too of this great and holy mystery, and encourages our priests. For me, it was Eucharist centered.

I wanted to add that the pious devotion of remembering Veronica’s veil, that bore the image of Christ. (phrase vera icon meaning “true image”.) The story goes that as Christ carried the heavy Cross, a woman stepped from the crowd, and in an act of compassion, wiped the blood, sweat, and tears from the Saviour’s face. She later discovered the imprint of the Saviour’s face on her veil. If that moment grabs your heart, we too can offer Christ* our veil* as an act of compassion and reparation for all the sins committed against this most august sacrament.

I have been wearing a chapel veil, or some type of headcovering (eg, in wintertime, occasionally a fleece hat), to Mass since 2007. I had been to Latin Masses a few times, but I have always been (and remain) primarily a Novus Ordo/OF person. My reason for wearing a veil is that it just seems more reverent in the presence of the Eucharist. It’s not really about a woman’s hair being her “glory” or a distraction or whatever. There was also a priest at the parish I was attending who was SO reverent (and kind of old-fashioned) about everything, I think his example prompted me to think about covering my head.

When I first started wearing a veil, I was very self-conscious. I had never seen any woman wear a chapel veil outside the Latin Mass. I expected some negative feedback, but I never got any, at least directly. I was at a church wedding last year with some work friends (mostly inactive Catholics) and they had been astounded to see “some woman” in the communion line in a veil - they hadn’t realized it was me! Afterwards, someone said, “That was you??” However - the feedback I have received directly has been pretty positive, especially from men. The parish I go mostly to now is EF/OF and even at the OF, there are always a handful of women who wear veils to Mass.

I recommend that if you are a woman who is thinking about wearing a chapel veil, just to do it. You will probably feel self-consciousness at first, but that will go away over time. It has for me, anyways. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you started to see other women follow suit. Most of my veils I have purchased from “Headcoverings by Devorah,” which you can find easily via internet search. I have also purchased some pretty ones on!

I wear either some time of scarf, veil or mantilla to Mass and other things when in a church like Adoration or Confession. At first I did so rarely, then I believe the Holy Spirit inspired me to cover my head when I returned to regular Mass going a few years ago when I was not going as often as I should have been going. I do so for both Mass forms now, and I am not hesitant to do so & stopped worrying about what others think around me. I make sure I have something in my car at all times too. If I am traveling, I do carry some kind of a long sheer type scarf with me if I attend Mass or visit a historical church. I do so out of respect and personal devotion.

I wear either a veil, a beret, scarf or large headband type of covering. I have seen a couple of others wearing something. I attend the OF, because there isn’t an EF near me, so I think that is why I don’t see it as much as if I attended an EF, though I wish more would.

Errm… Amen to that!:o:blush:

Do you wear a veil to mass?


Oh and I wear hats too. I keep my head covered somehow.

What is the significance of the veil?

Personally it keeps me humble and focused.

I was at mass the other day and a young woman in front of me was wearing a white veil. She was dressed like an 80’s punk in every other way but she had a veil on!

I wear a veil even when I’m wearing pants during weekday mass. I know some folks don’t think veils and pants go together :stuck_out_tongue:

**I recently seen a woman at Mass in a short white mini dress but she had her head and neck veiled. :wink:

I wear the veil, full time, since 2006 when the LORD showed me plain as day the meaning of 1 Cor. 11. :smiley:

Keeping wearing your veils, hats, scarves, mantillas with humbleness sisters and be a witness to those around you. Remember, you aren’t wearing it for yourself or for anyone else, you’re wearing it for Him. It’s time to bring some modesty back in to the church and ESPECIALLY before going to the Lord’s table to sup with Him. :)**

Yes, I do.


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