Do you wear medals or scapular for personal protection?


Do you wear metals or scapular for personal protection?

If so has it worked?


I wear them, but not for “personal protection”. This is an incorrect use of a medal or scapular.

My Miraculous Medal and Brown Scapular are worn as visible signs/ reminders of our love and commitment to Our Lady and in order to share in the graces she promised to those who wear them, which is spiritual grace. Since I am committed to wearing them, she continues to give grace even when I have to take them off to shower or because the scapular needs to be laundered or in one case when the medal fell off and I didn’t find it till the next day.

They are not magic charms for “protection”.


Yes, I wear a miraculous medal, our pastor highly recommends wearing something blessed around your neck. Not sure what you mean by, does it work? How do you tell if a sacramental is “working” in general?


I thought they were charms for protection ?
There is some saint on my dashboard of my car. That protects me .hmm
I thought that’s the way it works!


I wear a brown scapular and a cord rosary around my neck. They are not meant to be used like “magic charms”, but they do have the side benefit of scaring away demons, because they’re holy objects that are blessed by a Catholic Priest. The rosary also comes in handy if I stop by a Church and feel the urge to say the rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament, or anywhere else. It’s the same reason that Catholics put a crucifix or statues of various saints in our homes. First of all, these holy objects act as a reminder of Jesus, or Mary, or angels, or the other saints, so when we see them, we’re often reminded to say a quick prayer.


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