Do you/would you carry a concealed firearm to Mass?


Do you, or would you carry a concealed firearm to Mass? Given all the crazies in this world should parishes have safety plans where certain members who are properly trained (some ushers?) carry firearms and perhaps pepper spray at Mass?

How does the killing of 26+ innocent people at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday, November 5, impact your answer?

‘Mass shooting' reported at Sutherland Springs church in Texas

If we had the same gun laws as the USA, yes, I would carry one with me every time I left the house. I understand why the USA has it’s gun laws, but I also like that in Australia I don’t really need to worry about it, since there has not been a massacre here since the Port Arthur massacre.

Pepper spray isn’t going to do anything. Perhaps a couple fellow trained parishioners (ushers) would make me feel a lot safer, they might not be able to help much against someone with an Assault Rifle hell bent on a massacre, but they will act as a good deterrent if the perpetrator sees them.

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I wouldn’t. No. To me it sends the wrong signal upon entering the temple of the Most High.


What “signal”? How would anyone know you are carrying a concealed firearm?


I mean the principal of it… the symbolism of approaching the Holy of Holies ready to kill… even if for a just cause.


If my bishop were to allow it, and I went through the proper channels in my local jurisdiction, yes. But, I’d honestly rather just take a bullet or twenty trying to save lives.


People are murdered/attacked daily in AU.

Tell the ushers about the inefficacy of pepper spray when some wild guy (with or without a knife, club, etc.) goes on a rampage in their church.


In light of recent events, if I were in the USA, I would think that a bit crazy to be honest.

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Not with an Assault Rifle though, if they want to attack us, they have to get close and personal, I would get plenty of warning (unless I was their first victim) and with them outnumbered, there is a good chance they can be taken down without a firearm.

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Good point, I take that back then.

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Unfortunately, they would probably have plenty of bullets to go around.

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Does your diocese have a policy against allowing parishioners (licensed if need be by the requirements of their respective state) carrying concealed firearms at Mass?


There are still plenty of firearms in AU…


I would just think of communion for the Allies in WWII or the knights of old with their armor etc.

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Yes, but most of them are shotguns, bolt actions etc. Anyway, I know where this will go, mainly I think the USA probably needs their 2nd amendment because it is a great deterrent against any would be invading Country and Australia relies heavily on the USA for our defense.

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Yes. By statute I am authorized to carry into any public building. Unless they wanted to ban me from the structure, they can’t keep me from it.

Out of curtesy I asked for permission from the priest.

Unfortunately, last time I shot the police dept. qualifying course, I only had time to complete the course with 2x pistols. One of which wasn’t really what I planned to carry (Glock G17L is a bit bulky), but planned to keep at the office or bring back and forth from office to home. The other, a Sig P938 was the carry one, but having mechanical issues with it:/ I guess it’s time to figure out how to conceal a full-frame 6" barrel Glock… At least it gives 17+1 instead of 7+1.



No I would not. Sorry, not with you on this one. It is holy ground.


I’m a student living on my school’s campus, so I can’t have a firearm on me now. But, on the advice of my police officer brother, I’m planning on getting one and getting trained to shoot as soon as I can. I’d conceal carry to Mass if I could. Usually after terror attacks, I have been not focusing on Mass and just looking around and think where would I run in the event of an attack. This most recent church attack has got me even more worried. I half expect an incident at my school to happen any day now.




It’s probably best not to be too preoccupied with that sort of thing, but if campus doesn’t allow you to carry, there should be trained teachers who are visibly carrying, otherwise that would really bug me.

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Except for federal buildings and the like, even if you are a LEO.

Fascinating comment! I thought I was the only G17L fan left. It has LONG been on my CCW card – until it was replaced by a G40. I use a “murse.”

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