Do you/would you carry a concealed firearm to Mass?


Always remember:

God made man…

Samuel Colt made all men equal…


On campus, we have these emergency buttons all over where you press and a campus police is supposed to be there in, I believe, less than a minute. They actually are that quick: people who tour the campus sometimes test them out to see if cops usually do come on time and get slapped with a fine. I just checked my school’s policy and, I don’t think I’m even allowed to have pepper spray.


What does that have to do with anything in all sincerity?


Good. Don’t skimp on the training/practice.

When I was in graduate school, there was an incident – some guy shot himself when the professor would not raise his grade. The next day my G17L pistol was in my backpack. No one would ever know unless I drew it, and if I drew it, it would be a matter of life and death. In such a case I couldn’t care less about being cited for a misdemeanor.


Okay, that’s good then.

I wouldn’t be too concerned since if someone is out of control, there should be a couple people there to subdue the person without you necessarily needing pepper spray. Pepper spray would just make it a little easier, but it’s certainly possible without it too.

God Bless You

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No. I don’t think it should be legal to own handguns.

Eventually, over time, police should also be disarmed except in circumstantial situations.


I would straiten out my folding cane and give them a good knock on the head if I was close enough or throw a hymnal book and try to knock him out ! But let us pray that never happens again .


What do criminals do when it comes to doing things legally?

Those kind of response times are pie in the sky.


I don’t have to conceal a firearm where I live. I saw a guy in the grocery store with a gun in his holster. It’s allowed, and my daughter has 3 guns, one of which I believe she keeps with her. If I knew a little more about guns,I would consider having one around. I was attacked once, and if I would have had a weapon, he probably would have gotten out of my house right away or I would have shot him in the leg, or something. He had no right to be in my house, and if it were a case of church I don’t think I would hesitate, especially if it were some screwball shooting at everyone.


Wow, that really is excellent. There’s an old saying – “when seconds county, the police are only minutes away.”


Always aim for center of mass (chest) if possible. I hope one day you are exposed to some good gun safety and defense training.




God Bless You


I could never enter a house of God armed - unless I join ISIS that is. No immediate plans to do that. I go to Church to be in the presence of Jesus Christ.



True on the federal building thing. Forgot about that, as I have never had any reason to go to one.

How is the G40? Wanted to get one, but 10mm ammo is a serious PITA to find at times. Federal makes a nasty 10mm bonded hunting load. Waiting on a potent Barnes load that isn’t as ridiculously pressured as Buffalo Bore, Underwood, etc. Barnes’ Vortex in 10mm is less than impressive. I refuse to load ammunition named “Double Tap,” it just “sounds bad”.

TK: Disarming police doesn’t do anything beneficial to society. Are there bad shoots, yes. Are there good shoots, yes. Ask the RCMP about not carrying long-guns for decades… now they carry them again. It’s winter time in North Dakota. Tasers don’t do squat against heavy clothing, or against meth’ed up folks.

John Moses Browning made all men civil :slight_smile:


Nope. I can’t think of a better place to meet Our Lord for my individual judgement than at Mass.

Wow. What an incredible opportunity. No, on second thought, perhaps similar in ranking would be to be in confession when a mad bomber shows up.

Pepper spray? Nah, I’m clumsy enough I’d likely spray me as anyone else. Of course, it probably wouldn’t hurt me, I’ve been known to eat those hot peppers just to annoy people.



Not 1,400FPS out of that gun :slight_smile: That would have to be a 110 grain load I’m guessing.

I’d take a 120ish grain Barnes XP load at a bit more sedate pace thank you very much. Or, a 110 grain Barnes XP .38Sp+P load, and much less recoil.

Nice S&W though :slight_smile:


Christian martyrs are martyrs for a reason. I mean what a dunce St. Paul was, right? All those dunces in there with the lions. Wusses.


I really like it – especially since I don’t CC on my body. I like the size of it, the limited recoil due to the weight of the slide and particularly its long sight radius. 10 mil ammo can indeed be a pain to find. A friend of mine loads for the 10 which makes things much easier/cheaper. My carry ammo is Hornady Critical Duty Ammo or their XTP.


I think God would be most pleased if one was able to intercede and save the life/lives of one of more of His people…

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