Do you/would you carry a concealed firearm to Mass?


Sure there are. Those adjudicated to be mentally incompetent cannot legally own firearms in the USA.

Do you think current laws keep criminals from bringing firearms into churches (and many other places)?

Concealed firearms carry permit requirements different from state to state.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.


It was your post I quoted.
We may not be citizens but be law abiding,and that we are impeded to own guns,( as residents for years,for example)doesn’t mean any special disregard for life on the American side.

I agreed with FollowChrist that Mass is no place for firearms to begin with .
Criminals do not go by the law.
Carrying a gun concealed in a Church is too much.And a danger for the rest of the people.

Thanks for your explanation about different state requirements.



So what? Until criminals do, who cares?

By their very definition…

So you say.

That’s simply your opinion.


Yes,it is opinion.
The topic of the thread asks for it.


You certainly didn’t offer the following as an “opinion.” It sounds like you thought you were noting a fact:


I don’t think anyone ever did comment on my “air marshall” type strategy. :cowboy_hat_face:

On another note, I would be curious to know if anything has happened as far as having means of self-defense in the Chaldean Catholic Churches. There was a substantial amount of carnage for a fair amount of time there, but perhaps the attacks have stopped. But for awhile, there was a lot of blood shed in our Catholic Churches in Iraq.


Most people who carry do not have obsessive fear.

Incorrect. It would be safer than what happened in Texas.


That is a problem for me.
I try and write briefly and to the point. I am sorry.
I am used to speaking freely among people who know me,as thinking aloud ,and my body language accompanies.
I 've got to learn …Sorry ,Duesenberg…


I did not say that. I was quoting someone.


On the other hand, we tend to overlook the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi who have been killed, due to looking for invisible WMDs.

How many of these Iraqi dead or wounded had anything to do with WMDs?

If you are searching for true justice, then we should also consider all the innocent Muslims who have suffered. I believe they have suffered more than the Christians have in Iraq.


As I said in my post above which seems to have been overlooked, there are alternatives to guns, if we are truly seeking long term peaceful solutions.


Please share your empirical evidence. The few studies that I’m aware of who have come to those conclusions were grotesquely flawed.


How are you determining a ‘gun culture’? South and Central have lots of guns. Taurus is a big Brazilian manufacturer of guns. I myself have an Argentinian firearm. They make guns down in those countries too.

I really don’t think you have grounds for establishing the US has a unique attitude towards guns. What you might say is many, maybe most, countries have heavy restrictions on guns. But this would be a recent development along with the creation of modern all powerful central governments. Governments have always wanted a disarmed populace.


On a Catholic forum, the words of Jesus should carry more weight than our own.

It is not the firearms people hate, but the death that comes from them. It is called being pro-life. There is a lot of room for debate as to what makes society safer, but all Christians must consider for themselves whether they are putting the value of life over their own convenience (making firearm purchased easier), their own enjoyment (collecting and shooting), and their own faith (fear of government conspiracies to confiscate all guns).

For me, I am for allowing people to conceal and carry. However, I blame the NRA for a lot of gun violence, especially this most recent shooting. Driven by funding from gun manufacturers to keep the money flowing, they have opposed any move to make the country safer, if it affected profits. They have fooled many into thinking they stand for rights and built fear of the government when common sense should say, “Follow the money.” I place them among the ranks of illegal arms dealers in their responsibility for promoting death.

I consider it just another extension of our culture of death.


But what is gun culture? And why do you think whatever it is is an extension of the culture of death?


No, there actually is a brand of ammunition named “Double Tap.” They got their name loading very “hot” 10mm ammunition among other “hot” loads. They now have lines like DT Defense, DT hunting, etc.

I know what a “double tap” is. That’s why I think the naming of the ammo was/is a bad idea.

TK: If weapons caused militarization of the criminal element and an increase in violence from them, why is it that North Dakota, a state with large numbers of firearms was the safest, or one of the safest states to live in in the US for years prior to folks coming in from other locations? Of the murders that happened in the area since I moved out here, only one of them was done by a native, or even a very long-term resident. So, shouldn’t all of North Dakota have died off in an orgy or self-inflicted gun violence long before the gang-bangers arrived under your theory?


I know. For some reason, it keeps doing that. :roll_eyes:

I’ll fix it.


Not if they lead to a fallacious argument.


please explain the nra’s role in the most recent shooting?

do you blame planned parenthood for the number of abortions in this country? do you place them among the illegal abortion providers?

i keep hearing this. please link to the data so i can see how much each gun manufacturer is giving to the nra? i don’t doubt they donate to the cause but i would like to see the amounts.

i don’t find this to be accurate. they push fear of the gun control lobby but that is due to the mission of the lobby to ban guns which has been posted above or on other gun threads. there are statements back to the brady days of pushing small wins until the big one.


Absolutely, and for the same reason. I also place them and the pro-abortion Democrats, Catholics and just people in general, among those who condoned the murder of people through the ages, from the Jewish people at Pilate’s house, to the Germans who helped usher in the Nazi regime.

If one lobbies to keep guns flowing freely, one bears responsibility for the deaths facilitated by those policies.

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