Do you/would you carry a concealed firearm to Mass?


what is lobbying? isn’t it interest representation.

when we vote we vote for people that represent our interest. to a degree we are all lobbyist. are pro-gun voters also responsible for these deaths?

what if we voted for a pro-gun politician because he was anti-abortion are we still responsible for these deaths?

what about voters who vote for pro-abortion politicians for other reasons are they now responsible for the abortions performed because of their vote, because of their lobbying effort?


Was the shooter a member of the NRA? I don’t think he was, but I know the guy who stopped him was.

I remember the NRA advocating for the release of violent criminals so they could get illegal guns and commit more crimes. No wait, the NRA advocates locking up violent criminals with longer sentences for armed criminals.

How is advocating for a meaningful right to self defense contributing to a “culture of death”?


Researching Atlas and Boots,they have Mideast countries as most violent. SYRIA, AFGHANISTAN,IRAQ, SOUTH SEDAN, YEMEN.
In Christ’s love


The shooting that recently happened in a church was stopped by an NRA instructor with the same gun the shooter was using. He was a member of the church, ran to his truck and got his gun and stopped the shooter. Guns in the hands of the decent save lives. Guns in the hands of the wicked sinfully murder people.


My statement was completely accurate. I do consider it so.


Re-read your own if you want to see ugly. At least I did not make personal attacks like you did. But by all means, call me the ugly one. For the record, I seldom watch CNN and have never watched MSNBC. But by all means, make all conversations personal and use your efforts in colorful and meaningless insults, if that what makes you feel better.


Please stop personally attacking me. Please stop bearing false witness against me.

I don’t care how long “pnewtown” has been on these forums. pnewton has absolutely no proof that major funding for the NRA come from gun manufacturers. None. He couldn’t because that’s not where the NRA’s funding comes from. pnewton is merely parroting the MSNBC/CNN/HuffPost line which is an out-and-out lie. I challenge either you or pnewton to prove that the NRA’s funding largely comes from firearms manufacturers.

The NRA is a convenient scapegoat for the anti-gun camp. It gets old after awhile.

In all sincerity if the NRA’s mission was to prop-up gun sales in the USA, it would have strongly supported hillary clinton. It did not. It was one of the first to support Donald Trump.


“Major” is your word, not mine.

Whether someone is new, or old, here, there is still no cause for insults and personal attacks.

I can’t stand the work of the NRA for its own sake, not for how much whoever pays. Its work made it so a mental hospital escapee, wife beater, child-beater could walk into and Academy and walk out with and AR-15.

I wish there was a sporting good stores that did not sell fire arms. They would always have my business. As it is, I will still move as much as I can elsewhere.


Is carrying a handgun in Canada illegal? If so, no wonder you don’t know of anyone who carries a gun.
And as for homicide rate in Canada, they do not have the diverse population that we do.


With all due respect to your opinion, not fact, opinion, that is quite a stretch. The NRA had nothing to do with the AF failing to report the shooter to the proper registrating organization.


Here is what you wrote. I would challenge you to prove your assertion but I know you cannot.

A few quick points to consider:

  • The man who shot the Texas church killer and stopped him from killing more people is an NRA life member.
  • This same man is also an NRA certified firearms instructor.
  • He used an AR15 pattern rifle (the current boogieman of the gun-banners) to neutralize the killer.
  • You’ll never hear these three facts on mainstream media.
  • The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the organization tasked with selling the gun makers wares in the USA. The NRA is a civil rights organization – the US’s oldest. Go Google the NSSF. Learn.
  • You simply cannot prove your assertion about the NRA.

I didn’t personally attack you.

Your comment is false. I don’t know why you would post such erroneous information, but it’s wrong to do so. The US Air Force and the county this man lived in did not report his arrests to the FBI as they are legally required to do! The NRA has nothing to do with that! Because the agencies did not report this information (any of which would have disqualified the shooter from legally buying ANY firearm), he passed the NICS instant background check more than once, and was allowed to purchase firearms. Once more, the NRA has absolutely nothing to do with this!

The reason I am so direct about this issue is that anti-gun people repeat this lie again and again until they influence the beliefs of others. I don’t care for the “face” of the NRA. But I thank God for their existence. As the US’s oldest civil rights association, the NRA is largely what keeps vote-hungry politicians from banning firearms DESPITE the Second Amendment.


Seems a bit disingenuous to me.


You are entitled to your opinion. I at least appreciate you phrasing you doubts nicely. I know my dislike for the work of the NRA is very unpopular here.


I wouldn’t dream of carrying a concealed (or unconcealed) weapon to mass. Why would I need to?


No, no, no. No sale! It’s not my opinion. It’s been stated more than once by the NRA itself. As a non-profit, the NRA’s finances are open to the public. Those claiming the NRA is “Driven by funding from gun manufacturers to keep the money flowing” should be able to easily back-up their assertions on this matter with fact.

I am certain you cannot, because they’re simply are not accurate.


I’m just letting your own words speak for themselves. I don’t know how else to read that.

false/misleadings statements + appeals to emotion = what really bothers me


It’s not your dislike of the NRA that’s troublesome. It’s the fact you tell non-truths about the organization. Huge difference.


I am not completely sure of the regulations. Rural areas may be more “gun inclined” for sporting reasons… people in cities not so much. I’ve never had an interest to look into it and as I said I don’t know anyone who does.
I’m not sure what you mean by diversity. Rural areas and small cities may not be overly diverse, but major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal certainly are. If I recall correctly, 50% of the people in Toronto were born outside of Canada. My own city (Burnaby in the Greater Vancouver area) is 40% white, 30% Chinese-Canadian, and 30% a mixed bag of pretty much everything.


Yeah, except this “good guy with a gun” didn’t stop the shootings at the church, did he? He only accosted and shot at the suspect after the damage was done.


Here’s a truth about the NRA:

They promote fear and division and hatred in our society to further their evil agenda.

You don’t believe me? Watch this video. This is the NRA.

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