Do you/would you carry a concealed firearm to Mass?


Jesus showing a child how to use a gun isn’t disturbing to you?


Yes, I mean her attacker. While it is horrible that she suffered an awful death, one result of it was that her attacker repented.


Boat shows, Monster Truck Rallies, Bookseller conventions, KC conventions, fall craft fairs…etc.


It is disturbing that anyone would be sick enough to photo shop such a portrayal.


He may well have saved more than 26. Possibly multiples of 26.


Wait, wait… Are you really going to try this as an argument against legally bringing concealed firearms into a church? My goodness. Why didn’t you use parking one’s Harley in the sanctuary or taking a sitz bath in the pews during the Liturgy of the Eucharist? How about nipping away on a bottle of brandy during the Mass or dancing the hula in the nave?

The capacity to astonish…


I am sure it is disturbing when someone shows you the stupidity of your argument–you try to distance yourself from the moral crassness your position supports.


I’ve actually seen somebody doing that . . . hope he wasn’t “packing”, might lead to poor decision making. Speaking of poor decision making, let’s see–was that a firecracker or a gun shot? He looks like the one who did it, I better shoot him. The guy under the pew, is he trying to get away or is he trying to get a better shot? Good guys, bad guys, parishioners, victims–could get complicated. Real life situations are little different than shoot 'em up video games.


did anyone in the church have a gun? the good guy came from outside. if there was a good guy inside the church the story may have ended differently.


why is it hate filled when the nra puts it out but news when mainstream media puts it out?


The “mainstream media” didn’t put out that video (and others like it). The NRA did.

You may disapprove of the way the “mainstream media” covers issues, but they’re not threatening anyone.


MSM covered many of the same conflicts presented in the nra video. MSM is as threatening as the nra. they both have an agenda,


The Sutherland Springs incident was pretty straightforward.


What are you talking about? Don’t get your point.


I understand the concern, especially in light of recent events in the United States (Las Vegas and Texas).

Question: if you’re in a bigger parish, how do you know that Johnny Gun-carrier isn’t one of those crazies? That’s what gets me. I keep reading one side arguing about whether gun control is the answer, but they keep agreeing about the mental health part (or at least they did before Trump started saying it). Why, for goodness’ sake, do we actually agree on something and not do anything about it?

Would I carry a concealed firearm to Mass? No, I don’t like carrying guns; it’s my personal preference, and people do seem to get defensive when I say that. Do I think that people should feel encouraged to arm themselves for Mass? No, I would hope that we could start trying to figure out the problem at the root instead of trimming the twigs off of the top.

Why are people going into crowded areas with high power weapons, and nonchalantly opening fire on them. You know what? I’ve been mad at family members before, I’ve had money troubles, and I have depression. I have never decided that I could solve it by shooting a bunch of random people. Something’s wrong in these peoples’ minds, but we’re not talking about it.

Rant over


Answer: “crazies”/criminals aren’t going to follow the law anyway. Whether carrying a concealed firearm in a given church is legal or not will have absolutely no bearing on if they arm themselves. Does that make sense? Conversely, law-abiding citizens who might just be able to save some lives with the prudent use of their firearm won’t be able to because they follow the law and they won’t have brought one into the church. Does that make sense?

First, there are obviously two sides arguing about gun control – else there wouldn’t be an argument. You ask a highly salient about mental health. Mental health (both those that are non-treated and those dangerously doped to the gills) is indeed a HUGE reason for the increase in gun-related violence. Why isn’t gun control a lot more visible? Because doing something about it is extremely difficult, extremely expensive and it takes a long time.

Really digging into the real issues (mental health, drugs, gangs, poverty, etc.) offers no expedient political photo ops. It doesn’t allow politicians to divide and corral voters. That’s why the focus is on “gun control.”


I do not carry a firearm to Mass, but I DO have an emergency plan to personally go after the shooter and lift him up and carry him outside.

If he happens to be focused on shooting someone else in a different direction, I may have three or four seconds to get to him, knock him down or pick him up.


Sounds like some people here expect God to directly intervene to save them from harm.

God gave us free will to use our intellect to figure out how to band together to protect our collective selves from bad people.

OTHERWISE, you will be competing for the Ingersoll Award.


Probably depends on where you are. I go to Mass at a time when an on-duty policeman attends, fully armed. Nobody thinks anything about it. Probably people would think it odd if I carried and anybody saw it. Not threatening, just odd because virtually everybody in the parish has guns, it being a semi-rural parish.

This reminds me when I was a little kid, being trained to be an altar boy. The nuns told us how the original servers were grown men and part of their purpose was to protect the priest and the Eucharist against potential pagan attackers. They told us that was a thing from times past, but it was still our duty if it came to it.

Being young and impressionable, I used to scan the congregation for anybody who looked suspicious. I was pretty suspicious of one particular middle-aged parishioner because he just looked sort of threatening. I worked out in my mind how I would tackle him if he entered the sanctuary. But he never did. :slight_smile:


Wednesday, my wife was with a group of women at their annual luncheon; they were all protestant and they acknowledged that their minister had hired an armed bodyguard to keep an eye on things at their Sunday service.

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