Do Zionists think they can fool God?


Zionist Protestants support Israel because they believe that by supporting Israel it will force God to bring about the end times quicker.

This idea seems very blasphemous to me. How dare they try and force God into acting? It is written in scripture “You shall not test the Lord thy God”.

Christians should leave the end times to God and instead focus on following His Commandments and rules that He gave directly to us. Jesus never said in the Bible “Amen, you shall all support Israel unconditionally to force thy Lord to bring about the end times.”

If anyone deserves the Holy Land it is the Catholics, since the Moslems and Jews have been both acting like savages towards each other and causing massive amounts of death.


In all due respect, Protestants by and large support Israel not for religious reasons.


All the big time Protestant ministers and most of the Protestants that I have spoken to do indeed support Israel for religious reasons.

I support the right of Israel to exist in peace and I support the Palestinian right to a homeland. I support a resolution that will make peace in the Holy Land, as I think that is what Christ wants. Not ultra-Zionism, not war, but peace.


That’s why the Palestinians were given Jordan. By the way, Israel has allowed land from time to time to the Palestinians. If the Palestinians had proven peaceful, Israel would have given more.


The Palestinians do indeed have many savges in their ranks. Their Moslem religion has turned many into killing machines.

The fact is that there are bad Israelis and bad Palestinians. I don’t support one side over the other. I want peace for both groups.


But does God take sides with nations? I want peace for both sides too, but only the Israelis have proven reliable.


Some misguided individuals might think this, but the Protestants I know support Israel for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is respect for the Jews as God’s Chosen People. I don’t think many Christians really believe that they can force God to do anything. They might believe that their actions are a part of God’s plan for Israel and the end times, but rational people don’t believe they can cause God to act.


My thought exactgly… Except I would have left out the “with all due respect” part.


Many of the United Methodists I know would as soon see Israel disappear. They aren’t really too concerned with whether Jews survive or not. In fact, I don’t know very many Protestants who take a stand on the question of Israel but those I do know would like to see it collapse.



As a non-catholic–I believe this to be true. :thumbsup:


WOW!!:eek: REALLY? That is so sad:( Whether we like it or not the Jews are God’s chosen people and Israel is their land. I do take a stand for the Jews because it is their Holy land. Us gentiles were allowed to be adopted into God’s family because the Jews rejected Jesus. I do not believe any gentile will be given the Holy land. We however to get to go to heaven:D The Jews are on hold right now(hence all the turmoil against the jews) but will be reunited with God in the end. :thumbsup:


What is a zionist? And the only ones who do deserve the Holy Land are the Jews. :smiley:


I support Israel for political reasons. They are the only real democracy in the Middle East. They are a friend and ally of the United States. They are a bulwark against Islamic terrorism. They need and deserve our support.


I support Israel because the Jews are God’s chosen people.

Maybe that’s a leftover view from my Protestant days… but it’s not one I’m giving up.


Well most Protestants I know support Isreal for religious reasons. Now maybe not all for the end of times scenario. Many believe that the old covenant still gives them rights too the land (Probably the majority that I know believe this). There are some who want them there as it represents a sign of the end times (though these are extreme to be sure). I’ve met many who want them too rebuild the temple as that would be another sign. I’m not saying that’s the majority I’m just saying I’ve known many who think that way.

I support their right to be there because they have fought for it and held it against great odds. They have also improved it. They’ve made it their land.

I get nervous about the trying to judge “who the land belongs too”. That land has belonged to so many people. The Isrealites, Asyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Muslim Empire and the UK. The only thing that has remained consistant in that land is that it has always been payed for in blood.


:confused: :confused:
Well…I say if ANYONE deserves the Holy Land it is a coalition ScotWatch International/Jefferson Republican Party government headed by myself and my Minister of Information, D. Ray Perdue Jr.
We deserve it because we love freedom more than anyone else in the world:)

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