Dobson SpongeBob distortion

Dr. Dobson never said anything to impune SpongeBob’s character.,1299,DRMN_38_3510297,00.html

He’s done some great work with Focus on the Family, and it’s unfortunate that the press felt inclined to pull a Tinky Winky on him…

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thanks Robert!:thumbsup: I posted your link over on the other thread too, maybe it’ll be seen.

From the article…

The We Are Family Foundation claims there is no mention of homosexuality in their materials. But a quick check of their Web site found numerous references to “sexual orientation” and “sexual identity.” These include:

Suggestions on how to persuade school librarians to highlight books that are “representative of all sexual orientations.”

Methods to initiate classroom discussion of “homophobia” and “compulsory heterosexism.”

Instructions on teaching students to construct a “Pyramid of Hate,” a diagram illustrating “acts of genocide” that have been committed against individuals due to (among other things) their sexual orientation.

A section on “appreciating diversity” that encourages kids to consider what might interest them in “other sexual orientations.” (Curiously, a few days after Dobson’s speech was mentioned in The New York Times, the We Are Family Foundation’s Web site was “sanitized” of most references to sexual orientation, and existing links to the nation’s major gay groups were eliminated.)

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