Doc on using Pill for medical reasons while married

I read an article that said one could not have marital relations while using the Pill. Since I have aften heard the opposite here, I wondered if a definitive statement had been made…

The article said that since the Pill is an abortifacient form of abc, it is intrinsically evil to use while married.

Others point to paragraph 15 in Humanae Vitae: “On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result there from—provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever.”

I am only asking for the sake of clarity, not because I have to make a decision about this.


“an article”?

Anyone can write an article. You are best lead by qualified moral theologians and apologists, who *mostly *(from my reading) hold that a married couple may have relations while the woman is receiving medical treatment that may negatively affect her fertility (including various hormonal treatments that are often used as contraceptives).

Yes…the definitive statement is the one you quoted from Humanae Vitae. :wink:

Now, I said *mostly *above…it is true that some theologians hold the opposite position, that the potential abortifacient affect of hormonal treatments does not pass an analysis of double effect due to proportionality of the bad effect. But the majority opinion, from what I have found, is that a couple is not bound to abstain from sex even if such a risk (of miscarriage) exists. On this specific point, no, there is no definitive statement.

You can find more about this by using the search function on this forum, including searching the “ask an apologist” section. The consistent advice they give is that a couple is not required to abstain from sex in such circumstances, and I for one find their reasoning impecable…with regard to the principles, but each case needs to be weighed on its own merits of course.

Thank you, Underacloud :slight_smile: You explained precisely what I needed to know!

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