Doctor is advising to terminate troubled pregnancy

Hello. Relative is 6 mos pregnant. She is having issues with the pregnancy- unborn baby has been having blood transfusions. Doctor is advising to terminate pregnancy-as baby is not responding.

Need advice on practical medical arguements to make and questions to ask. Also want to make sure our course of action is line with our moral teachings of the catholic church.

I do not believe that my relative is in danger-so I don’t understand arguement of not taking the baby to term (or as far as possible) and hoping for a miracle.


My baby was 6 months old at his birth…he weighed 2 pounds 13 ounces. He is wonderfully healthy now at 18 months.

Why do they not want to induce labor? 6 months is risky but baby can survive, my little guy is proof.

One must take the child to term…one may never for any reason “terminate a troubled pregnancy” …such would be an abortion and murder…a mortal sin.

Each child is a person …

and this child is “a patient” for the doctor.

Does he kill the other patients he is having trouble treating??

Strange way to practice medicine…

(Granted in the culture of death atmosphere…some doctors have learned a new way to see such questions…and there may be much on him that mitigates the guilt perhaps…but really this is how it is).

Now if the child can not be helped really…and is “dying” and there are questions as to what has to be done or not be done. (certainly never an abortion!)…these are the guys to call: as recommended by Catholic Answers…they are the experts.

Giving medical advice is against the rules of the forum. Your best course of action is to talk to a priest. Terminating a pregnancy (live fetus) for any reason is against the rules of the Catholic Church. However, you’d have to consult a priest about the moral ramifications of continuing treating the unborn baby vs ceasing treatments to let nature take its course. A priest would help you to decide if the treatments are above and beyond “reasonable”, rather than helping the baby die faster if the treatments are ceased. We, on the forum, are not qualified to give medical advise. But we can tell you that abortion is forbidden, and not in line with the Catholic Church. By getting a priest involved, you’ll get the correct answers.

It is not medical advice to let this person know that a 6 month fetus is viable.

Thank you. We’ll get in contact with a priest.

Its crazy/sickening/shocking to me too- for the Doctor to advise such things.

Please pray for this baby for us…

These are they guys to contact…not all priests are up on every bioethics question (too much to know):

this is who Catholic Answers recommends…

Perhaps it is too direct…but perhaps if it comes to it …you can privately ask the doctor …I leave that for you to think and pray about…but perhaps a it would be a wake up call…who knows…

“This baby is your patient too…do you seek to kill all the patients you are having trouble treating?”



go to this website" Hopefully a doctor near you is on the list. Have your relative get a second opinion.

you could simply use logic. what would she react to a doctor treating her 6 year old child who was not responding to treatment if that doctor told her it would be best to just kill the child. A doctor’s duty is to do everything in his power to save his patient. In the case of pregnancy he has two patients and absolutely nothing in medical ethics or proper medical procedure includes directly killing a patient as a treatment option.

Yes, that’s right. We were taught 20 weeks in school. :slight_smile:

I’d like to reiterate what mary said. before doing anything get a second MEDICAL opinion.

Talk to a pro-life doctor. If you can’t find one contact the archdiocese and ask for their help in locating one. You’d be suprised that someone who is trulely interested in protecting both lives might be motivated to find an answer.

Perhaps this one, because of circumstances, is not. The Dr. would know that better than we.

It sounds as though they have been treating the baby In utero. Do they want to discontinue that? Because it’s not working? Insurance doesn’t want to pay for another treatment? etc.

This must be so heart breaking for mom, dad and family

I have NO idea how to medically approach this situation.

If it were me. I would want to try to continue treatment. If treatment for whatever reason is no longer medically sound, I would hope that I would continue to carry my baby. Whether that was to a natural end or carry as long as I could with a delivery room full of specilists… I would not kill my baby. In the same way we didn’t kill grandma when she no longer was responding to her treatments. We allowed nature to take it’s course. And held her to the end.

It sounds as though she may lose her baby, and the doctors just don’t see a reason to put off the evitable. But we just don’t do that with humans. We’re ALL going to die. I realize that stats might suggest a certain outcome. It’s just that miracles happen all the time. If they were statistically possible, they wouldn’t be miracles.

She & baby are in my prayers…

Then the correct/moral course of action is to deliver. If the baby cannot survive because of his illness is one thing. It is another to kill him because he cannot survive his illness. :frowning:


I’ll keep your relative and her baby in my prayers.

If it was my relative, I’d advise her to carry the baby to term (or as long as she is able). Not only is there a chance that a miracle could occur, but she also has the opportunity to baptize her child.

I was googling a bit and I found a site that supports women who, despite a bad prenatal diagnosis, decide to carry to term. I don’t know if it’s Catholic or not, but maybe it would help your relative.


Prayers offered.

Please keep the prayers coming. We heard good news today that the baby’s improved dramatically(over night!!!). Some of the conditions which were there yesterday seemed to have disappeared overnight. The doctors were very shocked/surprised!!!

Praise Jesus, and thanks to you all.

This is wonderful news!!!

Your family and precious little baby will continue to be in my prayers.

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