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Therese of Lisieux was a French Carmelite nun.
She died of tuberculosis at the age of 24.
The last eighteen months in Carmel in a night of faith she spent.
She lived a hidden life, and wanted to be unknown.
Through her spiritual autobiography after the death she become popular.
She left letters, poem, religious plays, prayers and her last conversations were recorded by sisters.
She said that she loves only simplicity.
She said that her way is confidence and love.
Both her parents were devout Catholics.
All her sisters became nuns.
She smiled at the sisters who were unpleasant to her.
She saw the limitations of all her efforts.

Saint Therese is a great source of inspiration, Marica, but what is your question? :slight_smile:

I forget to write the question.
Does anyone try to ask of her ,in prayer,that she pray for your needs, and how is that passed?

I have a framed photo of her handing up beside my bedroom crucifix. After night prayer and before I retire I make the sign of the cross before the crucifix and just glance at her photo with a slight bow. The glance is my devotion so to speak.

I have but a passing knowledge of her and her life. Perhaps I should include her in my devotions and read some of her writings! Thanks for the post!

Read her biography. ’ The Story of a Soul’ - great read! Beautiful writing.

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