Doctor Who and Catholic teaching

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Also the office was historically used in the Catholic Church as well.


Interesting. Learn something new every day.

It has dissapeared for all practical purposes but it could re-emerge and since that episode was set three thousand years in the future that's plenty of time for that happen to in.

More trivia for you my avatar and signature pic are from a programme created by Terry Nation who created the Daleks.

I just read an article that puts Dr. Who in a very good light:

As he puts it, Doctor Who may not be a typical Christian show, but it has Catholic cravings, just as we all do. If anything, I think it should be praised for trying to be honest. If an author is honest, Christian ideals spring from the page, or in this case the screen. Do we realize how much of a Christ-figure the Doctor is?
The 6th season episode “The Doctor’s Wife” did not detail River Song, after all, but an “always ancient, always new”, “bigger on the inside”, eternal and universal TARDIS in a body. As the Doctor said “She’s my TARDIS, and she’s also a woman.” So, just as Christ is married to the Church, and as the Church is both a body and an institution, and as Christ works through the Church to save mankind, so is the Doctor married to the TARDIS, so does the TARDIS have both a body and a structure, and so does the Doctor work within the TARDIS to save mankind. It’s beautiful, really. :rolleyes:

“A Good Man Goes to War” explicitly spells out that they are, in fact, Anglican: “We’re the thin/fat gay married Anglican marines. Why would we need names as well?”

Can’t say, I’ve only watched series 5 although I do enjoy it and it’s definitely not as problematic as many other TV programmings.

I’d like to watch more of it, but the weeping angels scare me to death.

Like, I’d rather watch all episodes of the Walking Dead than watch a Dr. Who episode with a weeping angel in it. That’s how much they scare me.

I think it’s because angels are really good beings, and them being portrayed as monstrous is just so… scary. But when zombies are portrayed as evil, I mean… zombies aren’t real and they’re basically lifeless so it’s not as scary.
Also ever since I was young I’ve always had this fear of inanimate but lifelike statues/pictures. I was always scared they would move behind my back (I knew that wouldn’t happen but that didn’t stop my imagination). Dr. Who’s weeping angels pretty much embody that fear.

Sorry for being off-topic, sort of…

Remember - Lucifer was an angel, too.

Don’t blink. :smiley:

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