Doctor Who episode"Blink"

This weekend I saw one of the best Doctor Who episodes I’ve ever seen: “Blink.” (This was its first broadcast in the U.S.). Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw this awesome episode!

my husband and I are still talking about it and he keeps pointing out statues in peoples’ yards and telling me not to blink. (the neighbor does have 2 lions on each side of the drive and last night there was an ominous breaking of branches as he went out to go to work–night shift–and I slept with the portable phone!):eek: :eek: :eek:

Yes, it was a brilliant episode, well written, and the statues were very good, wonderfully scary even to this 48 year old. There have been some cracking storylines in this season, but this is one of my favourites.
The next three episodes are amazing! Don’t forget to watch!

It was on here in Canada last week, I think. I really enjoyed that episode, as well - lots of interesting twists and different ideas in that one. :slight_smile:

We saw it! It was an excellent episode.

I’ve got an all white angel statue (it’s a candle holder) that used to be in my room. Now I’m glad I moved it into the living room!:eek: It would probably give me the creeps if I looked up and saw it at night. (Of course it’s not nearly so big as the ones on Doctor Who.)

Blink is indeed a very good episode. Living in the UK, I’ve seen all the episodes of the current series. Which makes a change as usually I get all my programs months after the Americans!

Just make sure you don’t miss the last three episodes!

I did not know the show was still around. I used to watch it maybe 20 years ago? I assume it’s a different Doctor?

What channel?

oh you are in for a treat! it is on Sci-Fi channel here on cable or satellite. It is already in the third season and the first two are MUSTS! and available on DVD! The kept all the good things of the past—same Tardis and sound effects, same Daleks, new Doctors(already on our second one) and companions (second one too). Connecting with all the old episodes—it is the BEST show ever on TV! do a Google and get the DVDs!

The show was revived a couple of years ago, with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. He only did one season and was replaced by David Tennant, a young Scottish actor (not doing a Scottish accent though). He has done the last two seasons and is currently filming for his third. He’ll be taking a break next year to do Hamlet at Stratford on Avon, and is hopefully coming back after that.
The big difference between these recent seasons and the “old” Doctor Who is that the effects are so much better, using CGI, better prosthetics etc. The scripts are excellent too.
Don’t know when they’re on American telly, but I’m sure you can find out on the internet.
Happy viewing!

Friday evening at 8. This was the first one I have watched all the way through this season (I saw a large part of “The Lazarus Effect” or whatever it’s called but was interrupted part way through, and I didn’t think it was that great anyway). I agree that it was great–one of the best episodes of horror I have ever seen in my life, with metaphysical subtleties and a particularly moving love scene of the kind you can only get in science fiction.


You forgot to mention it’s on the SCI-FI Channel in the United States. Again, that’s 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central.

You may also be interested in the spin-off of Dr. Who called Torchwood. It’s a much more adult show featuring one of the companions of the new series fighting aliens on Earth. It’s on BBC America, but I’m not sure what time. Season 1 has aired in the UK, and Season 2 is in production. There is yet ANOTHER spinoff, the Sarah Jane Adventures that has aired a pilot in the UK, and starts season 1 next week. It’s geared a bit more for children. No word if it will be available in the US yet.

If anyone has any questions about the series, old or new, I’m about the biggest fan there is, so I’m happy to fill people in…

I’ve loved Doctor Who since the early 80’s and even used to buy the Doctor Who Magazine, novels, and coffee table books in a comic book store where people would look at me like what was a 20 something girl doing with that stuff. When I was bored in work, I’d write down the companions in time-line order. Eric, on the NJ Network, was a Doctor Who geek, who would do interview specials and when the show ended way back when I was so bummed out especially since Ace had asked the Doctor “Who are you?” and it finally seemed like we would get some backstory.

With the new series, I was actually crying when Rose was first shown on Sci-Fi and the familiar theme song began. I’ve since been watching ahead of the US curve on youtube when I can and our local PBS station has been showing the first series over and over again on Sundays which is great because it is the un-cut-for-commercials version…I hope they decide to show series two. I love the update but am kind of wary of Russell T. Davies’ world-view creeping in…but if it wasn’t for him, would the new series be so compelling? It’s just good to have the Doctor back in our universe!

They kept the same continuity (everything from the 1963-1987 episodes), but also tweaked the Doctor’s backstory to account for the missing years (from 1987, when the show stopped, to 2003 or whenever it restarted in the UK). During the missing years, the Time Lords and Daleks annihilated each other in a war, leaving the Doctor as the last Time Lord in the universe … although, no suprise, it turns out that a handful of Daleks survived, and the trailer for next week’s episode announces the revival of “another Time Lord,” who I imagine could only be the Master.

One of my favorite bits in the new episodes was Rose and guest-star Sarah Jane comparing war stories of their respective trips with the Doctor, trying to out-outlandish each other. “Well, I saw the Loch Ness Monster!”

I still have all those old Target Doctor Who novels in a box somewhere.

I met Tom Baker (Doctor #4) at a science fiction convention in 1982.

I also saw Nicholas Courtney (the Brigadier) at another convention. Some guy in the audience (not me) stood up and asked Courtney if he still kept in touch with Liz Sladen (Sarah Jane). Courtney said yes, he just talked to her a couple of weeks ago, she and her husband are doing fine. The guy sadly said, “Husband? …” After a pause, he said, “Well, do you have her address?” Courtney, very politely, said, “Yes, I have her address.” As if to say, ‘…but you’re not getting it.’ It was really funny.

I had the great fortune of meeting Peter Davison (Doctor #5) at a convention around 1984, and both Colin Baker (Doctor #6) and Patrick Troughton (Doctor #2) at a convention in honor of the release of the “Two Doctors” episode about a year later. I felt particularly fortunate to meet Patrick Troughton, as he died a few weeks later after a convention appearance in Atlanta.

I saw the episode also, and thought it was very well done, almost like a horror movie (but the good kind of horror, the way it should be done, not all the blood and guts that’s popular now).

I have been a long time fan of Doctor Who too, going back to the days of Tom Baker (I’ve seen the many of the existing older epsiodes with the first 3 Doctors too, when they were shown on PBS in the past).

The New series is great too. David Tennant is excellent as the Doctor. Anyone see the previous two-parter, Human Nature/Family of Blood? The Doctor becomes human for a while in order to hide from evil aliens seeking the secret to his longevity. It was based on a novel originally about the 7th doctor. Also very well done. Tennant essentially plays 2 parts, the human John Smith and the Doctor, showing quite a range of emotion.

I love David Tennant as The Doctor, and I loooooove Martha. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I couldn’t stand Rose, her mother, friends, etc.

Blink scared me half to death…and the season ender was awesome (I gather it hasn’t aired in the US yet? You’re in for a treat) - can’t wait for the Christmas special!

It should be known that the British charity telethon “Children in Need”, which usually airs in November, has aired Dr. Who related comedy skits and special mini-episodes in the past. Most famously, they did the special 7 minute mini-episode that filled in the gap immediately following Eccleston’s regeneration and the time they crashed on Earth during the Christmas episode about the Sycorax. It’s widely available on Youtube, and as an extra on the Season 1 box set.

It has already been announced that there will be another Dr. Who mini episode this November, but there has been no information on how long. It may well be quite a bit longer than 7 minutes, potentially even running a half-hour. What’s important is that the episode will be CANONICAL (meaning it’s officially part of the series, not just a skit), and it will involve Peter Davison (formerly the 5th Doctor) in some way. It hasn’t been confirmed that he’ll be reprising his role as a past Doctor, although speculation is high.

Yeah, sorry, I’m a long-time Whovian and I’ve gotta say that Rose is the best companion ever. Well, okay, it’s between her and Sarah. I do like Martha, though.

I already posted my speculation (not a spoiler, just my guess) about the upcoming episodes and who the “other” Time Lord must be. I mean, really, who else would it be but the Master? What’re they gonna do, dig up Rassilon again? I figured he’d be appearing in the new episodes before much longer. Roger Delgado was playing him when I started watching the show, and to me he’ll always be THE Master, but I’m looking forward to seeing this modern version.

Cool! Davison was one of my favorite Doctors. I hope that gets aired in the U.S. eventually. I would love to see it.

Sadly, as it is done for charity, it cannot (normally) be sold for profit to a TV station. Fear not though, it will probably be available to view on the BBC’s website for a while, and probably on youtube almost immediately. The first one was also included on the official DVD release, and I’m guessing this one will be too.

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