Doctor Who. Is it a good show?

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I’m not sure if this was the place to post this but I think it is. If not, sorry!

So, lately I’ve been thinking about watching Doctor Who. Heard a lot about it and an actor that I like played one of the doctors :slight_smile: I’m 16 and I like watching TV shows with my parents and I wanted to know if Doctor Who is an appropriate show. Like it doesn’t have things against the church or anything immoral that I shouldn’t see.

I’ve seen the Christmas Invasion episode and I LOVED it, didn’t seem to be anything bad in it. I’ve read a lot about Dr. Who online and it seems to be a good show, and the doctor seems to be a great guy. But I’d just like to make sure so I don’t end up watching a show that might have bad stuff in it. At the moment I want to see all the 10th Doctor episodes :slight_smile: So, hopefully if theres some Doctor Who fans here they can tell me if its okay :slight_smile: I think it is but like I said I wanna make sure. Sometimes a show can seem awesome and then they throw some junk in it :confused:

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Hi There,

BIG sci-fi & Doctor Who fan here!!

The answer to your question is a definite YES!

I would actually go a step farther - even though the show is not actually catholic or christian…I do think the Doctor represents & embodies much of what is good and just about humanity and I would recommend it as an excellent choice to any Catholic.

I often enjoy this show with my sisters, who are 10 and 12…

God Bless


I’ve watched multiple seasons, and am also a fan, I really don’t remember anything innapropriate in what I’ve seen so far. I would say go ahead and watch it. Its a great Sci-Fi show. :slight_smile:

Is Dr. Who a good show? Yes, absolutely!

And just for the record, David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) is clearly the best one :smiley: (out of 9 to 11, I haven’t watched enough classic to rank the others). I don’t like Matt Smith’s (11th Doctor) portrayal as much.

Watched all the recent episodes (and most of the 80’s and older ones). Love them, BUT do watch with your catholic filters up. There is a tremendous amount of creative, fun and even moral messages in these shows. But there is also the agenda of the current world culture to get you to uncritically adopt their mindset via osmosis. Until just this past season, the main producer and writer of the shows was a militant gay activist and his sexual worldview is quite clear to see in the show. It’s a minor irritant in an otherwise brilliant work of Sci Fi. Who is, IMO, the most upbeat fun scifi series ever. Stargate SG1 has it beat on the action, effects and basic concept though. Just not as much sheer fun.

I decided to start from the beginning! I’ve seen a few episodes from later seasons/series. Can’t wait til I get to David Tennant!

I’m just curious… do you have any particular examples or seasons in mind? I tend to gloss out bad scenes/references when I watch movies/tv and so often don’t remember when people ask me about it. Did you notice particular immodest sscenes? Or was it more a matter of comments here and there having a slight bias to them?

There are no sex scenes in the series.

As for the gay undertones…they don’t really appear often and are not really an irritant unless you let them bother you. I would say it was more a matter of comments here & there. I really didn’t get any overall idea of gay undertones from the series.

Also the series is written by a panel of writers…so there would be varied input on the characters and worldviews going into the final episodes.

That makes more sense to me. I honestly didn’t notice any undercurrents in it, but if it was just comments here and there I could easily have missed them.

No problem…

Oh…by the way the Doctor is always travelling the universe with his female companion.

The only other companion I remember was K-9, a cybernetic dog.


Except for the episodes featuring Captain Jack (maybe just Empty Child/Doctor Dances, and a little in End of Time really). It is really just fleeting comments though.


I think the writers see Captain Jack as somone they might call an “omnisexual” and that’s portrayed in quite an approving manner. He’s a bit player overall, but I don’t think it is a coincidence that he (SPOILER ALERT! Newbies read no further!) ends up being the ‘Face of Bo’, one of the most wise and benevolent remaining influences on humanity in its final stages. Like I said, they are minor agenda intrusions easily caught with a properly functioning catholic moral filter.

I think you’ve read waaay to much into that. There were like…maybe three comments referencing sexuality in the whole of Doctor Who…


Most of the Doctor’s companions were female but a few were male. If one companion was male there was generally a female companion too.:popcorn::nerd:

Dr. Who is probably the best example of British ‘family’ entertainment. The series began back in '63, and has had an on again, off again existence. I have watched Dr. Who periodically since '83, and it is one of my all-time favorite shows-remarkably devoid of sleaze and promoting good as being superior to evil. in short, I would highly recommend it, but keep in mind that it is speculative fiction, and not to be taken seriously. Enjoy!

Not sure if the writers were serious about the connection between Captain Jack and The Face of Boe. In the Doctor Who episodes he is portray as con man who is redeemed by his association with The Doctor. He is not really a bit player as he transitions into the series Torchwood – which has it’s origins in Doctor Who.

He has had male companions. Adric is the only one who comes to mind. (I hope I’m spelling that correctly.)

I was speaking about the companions in the new series - Since Christopher Eccelston began as the Doctor in BBC’s revived series.

He has had one two male companions during this time - Mickey: who was the boyfriend of Rose. Also Amy Pond’s husband in the latest series with Matt Smith (I love Matt as the Doctor). :thumbsup:

I’ve watched it since 1966, when we got a telly for the first time and have loved it ever since!

When I heard they were reviving it I was a bit sceptical, but Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith have all been excellent, and the script writers too.

I’m now in my 50s and still look forward to watching it!

Amy’s boyfriend/later-husband (maybe that’s a spoiler? Oh well) Rory was pretty cool actually. He was much more interesting then Amy.

Don’t get me started on River though. I’m pretty sure she’s just Moffat’s Mary Sue character. I hope she doesn’t have to come back anymore (ever preferably).

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