Doctor Who

I’m obsessed!! Who’s with me? Favorite Season? Favorite Companion? Favorite Doctor? Sadly I haven’t watched many of the old old seasons. I’ve seen a few with the 4th or 5th Doctor, can’t remember now.

I love Donna and David Tennant. Definitely my favorite season with them. I’ll always love Rose though :smiley: I’m looking forward to the new season and finding out more about that new brunette companion!!

I’m not mad on it but David Tennant is awesome and Catherine Tate is f4#@¥%g hillarious!

There are other doctors besides David Tennant? :wink:

Best companion was Rose, although I do also like Roary… The worst by far of the revival is River (who is Moffat’s Mary Sue character who I can’t wait to never ever see again).

I came to the show with the arrival of Matt Smith, so he’s sort of “my doctor” per say, but I must agree, up until the time lord victorious during waters of mars, Tennant was the best doctor.

Oh! I LOVE Rory! I never really liked Amy… I have mixed feelings. I think she’s super cute and the actress seems really cool, but I don’t care for the characters personality. Though I like her with Rory. I’d find her unbearable if he wasn’t part of the cast too.

I hated River at first! I used to watch her in General Hospital so the actress left a bad taste in my mouth. =P I’ll always love the doctor and Rose together though. They could totally bring back Tennant AND billie piper since their both on a paralel universe now! it’d be cool to see them meet Matt smith. Haha.

My friends at college got me into Doctor Who this past year. I had seen a few episodes of it with them once from Season 5 of the “New Who,” but since I didn’t know anything about the show, I was thoroughly confused. Then I went back and started with Christopher Eccleston, and now I’ve come to really enjoy the show. Matt Smith is my favorite (I think he plays the “old mind/soul in a young body” concept very well), but I have liked each of the Doctors…they all brought something different to the table. David Tennant was brilliant as well.

Rose did nothing for me. Catherine Tate, on the other hand, stole the show from Tenant.

I kind of liked Martha Jones. Bernard Cribbins stole the episodes he was in during the Catherine Tate season.

Been watching since the Pertwee years. My favorites Doctors probably are still Pertwee and Tom Baker. I met Tom Baker at a fan convention in 1984. My favorite companions are Sarah Jane (R.I.P. Liz Sladen) and Rose. Favorite villain is a tougher question – I suppose the Master (old-school version).

I’d be willing to bet that I’m pretty much the most Doctor Who obsessed person on the boards. In fact, I just finished watching the episode “Nightmare of Eden” (Fourth Doctor) with my wife tonight. I started watching when I was in sixth grade, back around 1982. My favorite Doctor would be Tom Baker, and my favorite companions would be Sarah Jane, the second Romana, and Nyssa. I was lucky enough to go to two different conventions in the 80s, and I got to meet Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor), Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor), and Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor). At the convention, I also got to see the original K9 prop, the Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS console, and sit in Bessie, the car made famous by the Third Doctor. In the new series, I liked David Tennant and Rose the best. I also own virtually every episode of the original and new series, including spinoffs and the audio tracks of the missing episodes.

Such a shame that Lalla Ward is married to Richard Dawkins. :frowning:

My favorite is my first Doctor, Jon Pertwee (the third). Love them all. Absolutely. Have a great fondness for Troughton, Colin Baker (though his seasons were poorly executed), and Eccleston. My sister’s favorite is the fifth (Peter Davison).

My family and I have met several cast members, including Pertwee and Davison. Everyone has been a sweetheart and a pleasure to meet.

Growing up, Barbara, Jamie, Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane, and the two Romanas were my favorite companions. I really had no use for Peri or Melanie. Ace was the bomb though. :wink: My favorite of the new “Who” has been Catherine Tate (“Donna Noble”).

Been a fan for over 30 years. :thumbsup:

I really feel that David Tennant is the best Doctor and Rose is the best companion. I really enjoyed series 5 (our British friends call seasons series) and was amazed at how well the writing was, especially with the final episodes of the series

I don’t get all the River dislike, but I am generally a fan of Alex Kingston. When was she on General Hospital? I remember her stint on ER quite well, but can’t remember her being associated with any American soap?

I also have to declare my preference for Nine. Something about the ears.

It might be worth pointing out for those that haven’t seen it that the 1996 TV movie is on Youtube in it’s entirety, if anyone feels like knocking out an entire Doctor in one sitting!

I’m with you, love Amy and really love River. Now Rose was a Mary-Sue if I ever saw one. Or a Chav-Sue as I like to call her. She was just so consistently selfish and spoiled and awful, perfectly willing to let universes collapse provided she got her own way. Definitely my least favorite companion. I didn’t think 11 would ever be able to live up to 10 but I think Matt Smith has done a fantastic job. Most of the time I like the Summer Olympics but I’m only now getting over my irritation that the London Games are causing a truncated and delayed season.

The Olympics has nothing to do with it. It’s being split into parts in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the series next year. There’s actually going to be MORE Doctor Who than normal over the next 12 months. It’ll just be spaced out a bit.

I’ve always been partial to Tom Baker. Although David Tennant has a certain boyish charm.

I wonder what people who know the show primarily through the recent “rebooted” series make of the classic episodes with their shoe-string budget special effects?

As for his side-kicks, they all seem pretty interchangeable to me. For the recent ones, I’ll go with Martha. For the old ones – dunno, Aldric?

That was ‘Alec’ wasn’t it? (Had to get my geek cred in…) (SPOILER!) Wasn’t he the only longtime companion to be killed off?

Another Doctor Who fan here - has been part of my life since I was a child.

I have enjoyed all the doctors and they all bring something different to the character. If I had to pick a favourite I think it’d be Tom Baker or Christopher Eccleston. But then, I loved David Tennant too. Took a while to get used to Matt Smith but I’m a fan now.

I think Catherine Tate as Donna Noble stands head and shoulders above any of the other companions. She was hilarious, smart, deep, loud and outspoken yet vulnerable all at once. A lot of sort of innate wisdom that can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. So sad when she had her doctor memories wiped.

I don’t get the dislike of River Song either - she’s a strong character. Amy was a bit anaemic I thought.

Sorry guys… both wrong. It’s ‘Adric’, played by Matthew Waterhouse. In addition to Adric, Katarina, Sara Kingdom, and Kamelion were killed in the original series, although Adric was by far the highest profile companion.

As another interesting aside, Jean Marsh, who played Sara Kingdom, was married to Jon Pertwee for a while.

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