Doctor Who

Our PBS station just started running the 2005 Dr Who series with Christopher Eggleston. The first episode was GREAT and it was nice to see they had more than $1.50 for special effects this time.

Any other fans of The Doctor?

Me too! I’ve seen every Doctor since William Hartnell first played him in black and white. Even with the old, cheesy effects it was always interesting. Although the last guy who played the Doctor in the series (not the TV movie about the millenium) played him as some kind clown. I’ve always had the fun of seeing not only the Eggleston episodes but the latest Doctor, too. The new show is superior to the old ones in many ways, but the same old spirit of irrevent fun, so rare in series sci-fi, is intact, which is what attracted me to the series in the first place.

The latest series of Doctor Who has just started in the UK. I think Episode Three is this coming Saturday. It’s an entertaining show, I like it.


My husband and I are fans. We love Tom Baker and the Lalla Ward Romana.

Thanks for starting this thread!

I missed all the old ones (I’ve seen one or two since, though) but I caught all the Eccleston season. It was great, but for some reason I can’t stand Rose one bit.

The Christmas special and the first episode of the new Doctor with David Tennant were fun too. I’m just too lazy to find more right now :smiley:

I hear the spinoff, Torchwood (starring the fabulous Captain Jack) is worth watching too, but I know next to nothing about it. Anyone?

Torchwood is very good, but definitely for adults only - :blush: the stories are a lot darker.
I’ve been watching Dr Who since I was a child in the 60s, when the doctor was played by the late William Hartnell. the quality of the shows seemed to fall off in the 80s, or may be as a twenty something I was way too sophisticated to be watching a kids’ programme! The latest revival has been excellent though - great Saturday night viewing. I’m 48 now and I still find Daleks scary!

Wasn’t Dr. Who on the Sci-Fi channel? My favorite of all times is still Tom Baker who appeared on PBS. I’ve caught some of the newer ones but not enought to keep track of the plot line.

…Plot line? Trouble happens, the Tardis malfunctions (well, good chance anyway), and either the Doctor’s ingenuity, the Doctor’s sidekick’s ingenuity/naivete, a season extra, or the sonic screwdriver saves the day. It’s really got about the same kind of plot line Scooby-Doo did except with a little less of the ‘you meddling kids’-type lines.

I met Tom Baker at a science fiction convention around 1982. I also saw Nicholas Courtney (“The Brigadier”) at another convention. I still watch old John Pertwee and Tom Baker episodes on tape.

And as an old-time Whovian, let me tell you … the new series rocks! Chris Eccleson is the best Doctor ever.

I’m also a long time fan of the original series when it appeared on PBS here in the U.S., and I also enjoy the new revival series. The sci-Fi channel doesn’t show it much right now, so I got the DVD of the second season with the latest Doctor, David Tennant, who is quite good in the role.

Tom Baker is one my all-time favorites also. Although he was the Fourth Doctor, he was the first one that I saw as a child when they first began airing the show on PBS in 70’s in the States.

I always liked Sarah Jane best as the companion but Romana (both of them) was good too. As a bit of trivia, did you know that Tom Baker and Lalla Ward (Romana II) were married to each other briefly after they left the series? But now she is married to the famous (or infamous) atheist, Richard Dawkins.:eek:

Sarah Jane was easily the best companion on the original series. Rose from the new series is even better, though.

And one of the best things about the new series is that we get to see both Sarah Jane and Rose team up together in the episode “School Reunion”!

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and have been since the mid-1980s. I’ve had the great fortune of being able to meet three of the Doctors and get their autographs at conventions. Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor), Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), and the late Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor). In fact, I believe it was in Atlanta just a few weeks after I met him that Patrick Troughton sadly died.

The new series of Doctor Who, that starred Christopher Eccleston and now David Tennant deliver great entertainment. One of the good things is the series is written by people who are Doctor Who fans, so there are a lot of tie-ins to old episodes, it links in well, rather than glossing over the old history.

In the last episode I’ve seen the Doctor has been told he is not alone… I think this means the Master is going to make an appearance! Two part Dalek episode coming up, with episode one this weekend… Saturday evenings have something worth watching again :slight_smile:

Wait, do you mean on the Sci-Fi Channel? The most recent one I saw there was the season ender where Rose went to live in the alternate reality where her Dad was still alive. Have any newer episodes been shown in the U.S. since then?

That’s probably in the U.K. on the BBC only, so far. The third season began a few weeks ago over there. I don’t think any new episodes have been on Sci-Fi lately, probably not for a while yet.

I’ve heard it said that the Doctor you saw first is usually your favorite Doctor. I saw Tom Baker first, on PBS in North Carolina. I was in Raleigh on an house-hunting trip for my big out-of-college job, flipping through the channels on the hotel TV, and suddenly see this guy in a long coat running down a hill with a scarf trailing in the wind. I was hooked from the start.

I always liked Sarah Jane best as the companion but Romana (both of them) was good too. As a bit of trivia, did you know that Tom Baker and Lalla Ward (Romana II) were married to each other briefly after they left the series? But now she is married to the famous (or infamous) atheist, Richard Dawkins.:eek:

Leela is my favorite companion. I loved the contrast between the scientist and the savage. Favorite scene: Talons of Weng-Chiang, when Leela as a proper British lady explains to a Scotland Yard detective exactly how you would stab someone with a knife, and what kind of wound would result.

I used to love Doctor Who. I think, in my youth, I could seriously lay a claim to being the show’s biggest fan.

But I gave up on the show last year. There were a number of reasons but the main one was how, as I feared would happen, RTD has consistently sold homosexuality through the program. He is an aggressive atheist, practicing homosexual and massively pro-Gay ‘liberation’ agenda. He is using the show and it’s spin offs to normalise homosexuality. The BBC have cut a number of scenes he included in original scripts but Torchwood is all about a totally atheist bi-sexual worldview.

Davies slips things in carefully. Alas, I was trained in film craft and story structure by a film producer and craft teacher. He was a useless producer/director but a brilliant script doctor and teacher. It’s odd, I’ve foud that those that can teach craft tend not to be able to do it. It’s bizarre. I though my calling was script writing but God closed that door just as it seemed to be opening and diverted me into a Filipino Catholic community! Talk about surprises, but I’m very happy and met my fiance through them.

Anyway, I have enough knowledge to see what others miss. There was one story in the series last year that was the end for me. I won’t give spoilers but the subtext was “There are many kinds of relationships, who are we to judge which ones make on happy?” Most peole missed it but I got it. That was it for me. Torchwood I do not want but I have been telling people who the series would go those that watch it have fed back to me that my predictions are 100% right. Doctor Who is RTD’s ‘soft sell’ for homosexuality. Torchwood is the hard sell. He also celebrates the UK’s religious decline and absence of marriage life. RTD feels at home in the UK while I feel alienated now. I’m much more at home among Filipinos!

I’m turning to computer gaming instead of TV as ‘brain relaxation’ because that tends not to sell the homosexual agenda. (Yet)

Shame, I used to love the program but it’s really such a (clever) propaganda tool now.

Enjoy if you can. Alas, I’ve had my fill, not only of the show but the whole UK hedonistic lifestyle that the program celebrates and our media as a whole endorses. I’m off to install ‘Arena’ on a resurrected Pentium 75!

If you doubt RTD’s agenda at first wait for the (alas, extremely good) two part story “The Empty Child” where the bi-sexual Captain Jack is introduced.

Please note the actor is a confirmed homosexual who recently ‘married’ his partner and has gone on record as to how much he hates religion. He is the star of ‘Torchwood.’

Hey, I liked Captain Jack! He was a welcome break from Eccleston’s seriousness (I heard one review describe him as the Doctor-as-angry-divorcee and I really can’t argue with that, no matter how great he was) and Rose’s…well, being Rose. So he’s a spacefaring James Bond – so what? He’s still entertaining and that’s the whole point. The actor’s personal life has no relevance either.

Oh, and Arena was pretty fun, but Daggerfall is where it’s at :wink:

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