Doctors Advised Abortion Five Times. Parents Said No. Look What Happened


“The Boy Without a Brain”.


Awesome!!! :slight_smile: :heart:


Wonderful! He is such a cutie pie!


He is a beautiful child, and a miracle, too.

What an awesome story! :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting. Beautiful story.


Beautiful. Thanks for the link.


And THIS is one key reason why abortion is wrong; doctors don’t know Jack when it comes to God’s will!! God bless that kid, and his family, and those doctors too! Please, Father, let them see that Your Plan is the best plan!


“Noah proves abortion is never the answer.”


Thank you so much for this beautiful and compelling article! :slight_smile:


And thank God for REAL doctors … who performed the operations which helped Noah to heal and prosper.

Abortion “doctors” aren’t even as “good” as athletes who lose games to benefit gamblers … or most other criminals < even if abortion isn’t CALLED a crime anymore … in MOST cases.


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