Doctors criticized for 'cannabis can kill' study


UPDATE: German researchers who claimed in a study that cannabis can be deadly have faced criticism for exaggerating the dangers of marijuana.

Researchers in Düsseldorf, North-Rhine Westphalia, claimed to have discovered the first cannabis-related deaths after performing a post-mortem examinations on 15 people whose deaths were linked to the drug.

They believe two of those deaths could not have been caused by anything other than cannabis, according to a study published in Forensic Science International this month under the title “Sudden unexpected death under acute influence of cannabis”.


I believe there are implications though, long term respiratory without a doubt is an issue, and I also think how the wording used in the article is very selective. Many conclusions can be drawn as the article suggests, but its also true the high grade weed is without a doubt capable of rendering and individual incapable of taking care of themselves.

I don’t see any debate for it but in comparing it to alcohol and cigarettes, a rather silly argument in my mind.

And as Sabet stated in his article …Obama’s Justice Department sent out strongly worded letters warning that even medical marijuana was in “violation of federal law regardless of state laws permitting such activities”

Basically we have a double standard and a dangerous one. Then we are contemplating adding this [marijuana] to the other two failures, and using them [booze and cigarettes] to support why the third should be legal.

And the further concern of this social experiment is the overall long term effect 25-50 years. which is when we usually realize we were wrong. Like with the cigarettes, abortion and so forth. This reminds me of all the pill pushing the Government was doing with Oxycontin and other danger opiates for pain management, and now look, we have a major heroin issue televised daily just 10-15 tears later.

The Feds can’t tax and sell the weed cheaper than the crooks. Simple financial factor to consider.

Sorry none of it makes sense to me. :o


We don’t have a homeless problem in America, we have an addiction issue. This issue no doubt is effecting the social behavior, and employment/education become factors.

I really don’t get it, “why” would you want to give them higher grade dope with the Government in charge?

Just saying I see no sense blowing on the fire.


Didn’t know about the potential to kill, but I’m aware of enough anecdotal evidence of a negative effect on teen behavior; and we KNOW they’ll get access just like they now do to alcohol. I just think it’s a bad idea. Already the kids are accepting the line that it’s no worse than alcohol or tobacco and shouldn’t be illegal. What else can happen when it’s legal but that they jump right in? It’s a bad, bad idea to legalize, but the money-making potential is going to make legalization much easier.


Right kill is the key word. It may not kill you.

Here’s what bothered me yesterday. I find this guy does very noble things such as yesterday, which I though was a honest attempt to address very real existing issues, yet I’m confused.

“I didn’t have a dad in the house, and I was angry about it, even though I didn’t necessarily realize it at the time. I made bad choices. I got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. I didn’t always take school as seriously as I should have. I made excuses. Sometimes I sold myself short,” Barrack Obama said.

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life,” Obama said.

“Those who argue that legalizing marijuana is a panacea and it solves all these social problems I think are probably overstating the case,” Obama added.

“I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.” Obama said

He added that he has told his two daughters Sasha and Malia that “it’s a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy.”

“And African-American kids and Latino kids are more likely to be poor and less likely to have the resources and the support to avoid unduly harsh penalties,” he added.

Yet yesterday he sated…“The only difference is that I grew up in an environment that was a little bit more forgiving. So when I made a mistake, the consequences were not as severe,”


“It’s important for society not to have a situation in which a large portion of people have at one time or another broken the law and only a select few get punished,” he said.

Perhaps we are more concerned about these kids than he thinks, they don’t have any problem finding good weed and cheaper than the President can sell it for. The idea is .“I got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. I didn’t always take school as seriously as I should have. I made excuses. Sometimes I sold myself short,”

The support system is always the same…“I had people who encouraged me, not just my mom and grandparents, but wonderful teachers and community leaders. And they pushed me to work hard, and study hard, and make the most of myself. And if I didn’t listen, they said it again. And if I didn’t listen, they said it a third time - and they would give me second chances and third chances.”

None encourage the pot smoking, its flat out discouraged. If he wants to be big Brother he should do the same. And stop sticking the kids in jail for being caught with a pocket full of pot bags.

He confuses me.


I found this article from 2007 about cannabis that is worth reading:

Record numbers of teenagers are requiring drug treatment as a result of smoking skunk, the highly potent cannabis strain that is 25 times stronger than resin sold a decade ago. More than 22,000 people were treated last year for cannabis addiction - and almost half of those affected were under 18. With doctors and drugs experts warning that skunk can be as damaging as cocaine and heroin, leading to mental health problems and psychosis for thousands of teenagers, The Independent on Sunday has today reversed its landmark campaign for cannabis use to be decriminalised.


Something how the Obama administration spun the story.

“I didn’t have a dad in the house. I made bad choices. I got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do,” said Obama.

So the support system was compromised, he was angry and acted off his feelings. Point being he is identifying with the kids, important point in helping others by giving of yourself.

Problem is he knows “marijuana” is an issue and he’s a hypocrite.

Ritchie County resident William McLaughlin said, “He’s supposed to be our leader and he shouldn’t be saying stuff like that in my mind.”

Not really, but a minor issue, his “actions” with cooperating with the dope industry are the problem when he admittedly knows its an issue. Not relating about his feelings which in truth are to discourage use, not promote it which he in fact is doing.

Harrison County resident Linda Carleo said, “I’m very glad that he did come forward because we need a president that’s honest and true about his feelings.”

Talking about your feelings to relate to the kids and what they are going through, is very different than cooperation with a government marijuana industry.

Despicable spin which is Obama self serving


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