Doctors & nurses need heart surgery, we are the surgeons


Sadly, the medical field has become a lot more head, and little heart. In order to get proper care, our families need the reverse to be true. If doctors & nurses have more love for us, they will share more love & study harder for us to make better decisions regarding our care. More intelligence & better attention will come if their hearts are more into their work than their heads.

Periodically, send your doctor, nurse, specialist, aide (especially those of your kids and those who care for your loved ones in nursing homes) flowers. Ask their staff what their favorite food is for lunch and buy them a pizza or whatever.

Let them know you appreciate them. Let them know what love is. Let them see firsthand, your love for them, your care for them. Who wouldn’t want to return love to someone who brings so much more joy to their profession? It is worth every penny. It is our duty as Christians to love. Helping our doctors, nurses, & their staff not feel abandoned or neglected by us, helps us not be abandoned, neglected, and unloved by them.


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